Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 24 December 2019


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 24 December 2019

Ronit saying I have a better solution, one who wants to live push the another own, I will count till three, if you don’t push, I will push you. Prerna says push me Anurag. Anurag says you push me. Ronit counts and says when I say three, they will push each other, who doesn’t want to live. He shouts three.

He says tell me who wants to die first, I will push you, I promise to save the second one. Anurag says push me. Prerna says push me. Ronit says I didn’t kill anyone and police is calling, maybe they doubt on us, I will decide who will die first. Prerna says you said you wanted to talk to me.

Anurag says that thing, here, at this time? Look around. She asks what is it. He asks don’t you know it. She says no, say it. He says when you went to mall, I had

booked a ring for you, platinum ring. She smiles and says you got a ring for me. She says yes, how do you know my ring size. He says I know, I held your hand many times and know the perfect size. She says fine, tell me now. He says I actually planned a special moment, a beautiful set up where I finally tell you that I love you. She smiles. O mahi….plays…. He says ya I love you Prerna. Ronit sees them. Prerna says I love you too. Ronit says stop your romance She says I want you to make me wear the ring, I want to tell you that I want to live with you. He says my hands are tied, this isn’t the right time. He opens the ropes. He beats a goon. Ronit says stop right there. Anurag beats the goons. He takes the gun and catches Ronit at gun point. He pushes Ronit and goes out with Prerna. He shuts the door.

Anurag asks Prerna to sit in the car. He looks for the keys. He says key fell somewhere. He throws the gun. They walk on the road. He says we are safe now, no one is coming. O mahi….plays…. She slips in his arms. They smile. Inspector asks Anupam to stay inside the car. Shivani says Ronit didn’t come out. Nivedita says he isn’t at home, inspector will meet Ronit, he will go back to Prerna, we will follow him. Inspector says really good idea. Anupam says yes. Shivani says Ronit has to bear the punishment goon. Goons break the door.

Anurag asks how did you know I will come to save you. She says I just knew it, because there is something between us. He asks what’s that. She says hope will never break in our relation, I thought you are my life’s big mistake, not a feeling, my feeling was right, thanks I felt glad to hear it. He says maybe it was imp to tell you my feelings, I love you. She says I love you too. They hug. Veena comes to meet Mohini. Mohini says Anurag didn’t listen to me for the first time and went to Ronit because of Prerna, why. Veena says I thought you will assure me that Anurag will save Prerna, I was shocked to know about Ronit kidnapping her, I m more shocked that you are angry on Anurag for going to save Prerna, they love each other.

Mohini says shut up, don’t anger me so much that I insult you. Anurag and Prerna come to temple. He looks for water. They drink water. She feeds him water by her hands. Na kuch pucha….plays…. She prays. He prays with her that she gets what she is praying for. Mohini says Prerna trapped Anurag. Veena says you will never understand that its love, you just understand the language of money. Mohini says you haven’t seen money ever, tell me how much money you want, I will give you four times the amount, but you and your daughter will leave from my son’s life. Veena says love is valuable to us, money values to you, love your son, which he got from us, your love faded away, your love is selfish, try to love him unconditionally. She goes. Anurag says we got married unknowingly, I didn’t know when it happened, I think it was destined, I want to fill this kumkum in your maang again, I didn’t apply this kumkum to anyone, not even Komolika, this had your right, it was always have your right, I know this red color is our fate, so that we never unite. He fills sindoor in her maang. They get happy.

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