Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 23 June 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 23 June 2020

Tuesday Update 23 June 2020 Made For Each Other :Prerna saying you have tried to take your life for my attention, you aren’t the Anurag whom I loved. He says but I have seen my Prerna.

Made For Each Other Monday Update 22 June 2020

She says I will stay with Mr. Bajaj, I m going to him to free him and get him back, I respect him, I will apologize to him, you should also apologize, but you didn’t realize your mistake. He says he won’t get released. She goes. He angrily hits the pillar. Prerna asks driver to take her to the police station. She cries thinking of Anurag and Mr. Bajaj. She thinks how could I believe Mr. Bajaj that time. Shivani says you should have told me before, I would have got him arrested. Anurag says yes, right. Anupam says be serious, Prerna would have scolded you.

Shivani says I can take that scolding, I just want to see Anurag happy.

Anurag asks Shivani why are you worried for me, you are Prerna’s sister. She says I was so worried for you, you deserve this love, you have won our family’s heart, we remember what all you did, you saved me from Ronit and also Komolika, mum loves you a lot, mum wants you to stay happy, I can’t forget that you saved Prerna from Navin, you did a lot for us. He says I couldn’t save Prerna from Bajaj’s trap, I did this to explain Prerna that she loves me, now she will not sit quiet until Bajaj comes home. Prerna says let me meet him, please. Inspector says a girl came before you, sorry I can’t help. She insists. He lets her go. She comes to Mr. Bajaj. He asks are you fine. She says I just got two mins to talk to you.
He asks constable to tell senior to give her more time. He asks why are you so worried. She cries and says I m sorry, I didn’t trust you, I know you didn’t do anything, you didn’t try to kill Anurag intentionally. He says thank you, I was waiting for this time. Anurag says Prerna is angry on me, why did she go to police station, I won’t confess anything. Shivani says no need to say anything. They hear Mohini. Anupam and Shivani hide. Mohini comes to Anurag and asks whom were you talking. Anurag says to myself. Mohini asks are you fine, what’s this. He says nothing, where are you going. She says I m not getting sleep, I m going to library. She goes. Anupam says if Mohini saw Shivani here, her BP would have got high, I didn’t want any late night show and cancelled the film. Anupam says right, go now, its late. Anupam goes to drop Shivani.

Anurag thinks what stories would be Bajaj making there. Mahesh says Shivani isn’t at home. Veena worries. Suman says a car has come outside. They see Shivani coming. Mahesh asks Veena to scold Shivani. Suman asks where did you go. Shekhar says we tried calling you. Shivani says Anurag’s house. Veena asks at this time. Shivani says I was worried for him, Anupam came to drop me. Veena says at least inform us before going. Shivani says my mobile got off. Veena says charge phone when you go out. Suman asks why didn’t you tell us, we didn’t meet him once. Veena says Suman you are right, come we will have food. Shivani says I won’t go without telling you.

Mr. Bajaj asks how did you know this. Prerna says Anurag told this to Anupam, not me, I heard everything, he intentionally came in front of your car, he won’t accept this, he wanted you to stay in jail and get hurt, I m really sorry, Anurag was never like this, its all because of me, I have made him like this. He says its not easy for me to hear this. She cries. He looks at her and says don’t cry, stop blaming yourself for everything. She says you asked me what I want, I told you to get punished, you did that. He says I wanted to tell you something. She recalls. He says I wanted to show you something, I heard Anurag that day.

FB shows Mr. Bajaj hearing Anurag and Anupam talking. Anurag says Mr. Bajaj did a mistake to threaten me, Prerna has to know that she still loves me. Mr. Bajaj records this. Anurag says she can’t understand this until we compel her to realize her love, she will leave everything and come to me, she will be sure that Bajaj wants to harm me, she cares for me. Anupam asks why will Mr. Bajaj harm you. Anurag says he said that and we have to take advantage, two goons will attack me, we will tell them that Mr. Bajaj did this attack, I will get before his car safely and get bit injured, I won’t die, it will be proved that she loves me, she will hate Bajaj and come to me. FB ends.

Prerna asks did you have that recordings, why didn’t you tell me. He says I came to talk to you, you just told me. She recalls. She says if I was wrong, why didn’t you stop me. He says I tried, but you accepted that I m wrong, I was in guilt that I left Anurag on the road, the guilt was bigger, I thought I shouldn’t show the proof, Anurag was critical, I decided not to talk about the recording, I didn’t wish his bitter memories to be with you that time, then Anurag got conscious, he blamed me for attempt to murder,

I tried to make you believe, you said I m a culprit and should get arrested so I just gave up, when I came here, I thought we should have a level of trust, I didn’t make such promise which I can’t keep, I didn’t lie, we have truth and understanding between us, I was silly and adamant that I won’t come out until you believe me, its not imp to prove innocence to others, but family should trust, I had much expectations from you, I always trust you. Prerna says I m telling you now, you shouldn’t be here. He says I did what you wanted, I will do what you want, can you call Mehra. She nods. She goes. He looks on.

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