Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 21 July 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 21 July 2020

Everyone worrying by the stormy winds. Komolika hits Anurag’s car. The car falls down the bridge. Anurag jumps out of the car. Komolika looks on. He falls in the river. Prerna cries and says Anurag. One month later, Prerna does the aarti. She gives aarti to everyone. Prerna asks Nivedita to get Tapur for breakfast. Mohini comes and prays. Moloy says you got late again. Mohini says because Anurag isn’t here, its been one month now, I m going to the temple to make a charity, maybe someone’s blessings help my son, call the police and ask them about him. Moloy agrees. He thinks Prerna acts strong in front of us, we know she is also broken. Prerna asks servant to let her make breakfast for Mohini.

He asks her not to worry, he will do it. She says I like doing this for everyone. He says if Anurag was here, he would have…. She says he will come soon.

Mohini says that’s Anurag’s chair. Tapur says sorry and goes aside. Moloy says we got the location where the car fell down in the river, they said they are finding. Mohini says Anurag is missing, I want to know about him, its been a month now. He says he is my son also, don’t stress, think about Prerna, she is pregnant. Mohini says you don’t worry for me, this happened because of Prerna, she asked him to get chunri, so he went out and didn’t return.

 Nivedita says please don’t repeat it. Someone arrives. Prerna senses Anurag coming. Moloy asks what happened Prerna. Prerna runs and protects the diya. The sindoor falls over her by the wind. Raja ram…plays… Anurag comes there. Prerna sees Anurag and her pic. She cries and hugs pic. Lag jaa gale…plays….

She cleans the sindoor from her face. She asks when will you come back Anurag. The door bell rings. Mohini says Anu….. kabhi khushi kabhi gham….plays… Moloy asks who is it, come in. Moloy hugs Anurag. Mohini and everyone run to him and hug. Prerna cries. Moloy asks where did you go. Anupam says your car fell down the bridge. Mohini says I was going to temple today, where were you, tell me. Anurag says I got conscious some days back, I was at the hospital since a month, accident, I got saved by mum’s blessings, I m very thankful to the girl who saved me, she united me with you all. Mohini asks who saved you. Anurag says I left her outside. Komolika comes and says but I won’t leave you so easily. She walks in.

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