Made For Each Other Tuesday update 21 January 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday update 21 January 2020

Prerna asking why do you want to marry a girl who loves someone else, not you, you know I love Anurag a lot, I can do anything for him, he is in my heart and breath, we almost got married.

Mr. Bajaj says I know, you love him and claimed to be married to him to break his conventional marriage, unconditional love is rare these days, I have a bad habit to have such rare things in my collection, time is everything, you have less time, if you delay in taking decision, then I can’t save you and Anurag, your fate is in my hands. She says everything is in my hands now. He says I can give you a clue. She says you can’t give anything. She goes. He thinks you don’t know that your life is going to change. Ronit is outside.

He sees Prerna and gets shocked. He turns and

covers his face. He thinks why did she come to meet Mr. Bajaj. He goes to lawyer and says you didn’t tell anything to Prerna. Lawyer says you are dead for the world, don’t act smart. Ronit threatens him. The lawyer says none can handle this case, none can take risk. The other lawyer says I will take the case, I will keep this a secret that you are alive, I will fight the case and win too.


Mahesh asks Prerna to calm down and tell the problem. She says Mr. Bajaj is very clever, Komolika is nothing in front of him, he gave me info so that I use it, he didn’t tell me where is Ronit, Anupam looked for him but didn’t get him, maybe we got the wrong info. Mahesh says I m sure as Shivani tried Ronit’s phone, Ronit disconnected the call, he is alive, his phone is on. Prerna says then Anurag is safe. He asks her not to worry.

Its morning, Prerna says this is our new lawyer, Das has sent him. Everyone gets seated. The hearing begins. Lawyer says Anurag is framed, all the evidences are false. Rohit’s lawyer says the dead body is checked well, it belongs to Ronit, we got the DNA reports, its a match. Prerna says its not matched from our side. Lawyer says the DNA reports are a match, Anurag killed Ronit. Prerna and Mohini get shocked. Judge says DNA match proves that Ronit has died, watchman has given the statement that he heard Anurag threatening Ronit, they had a fight, Anurag is responsible for Ronit’s death. The court is adjourned. Mohini says Anurag didn’t do anything, don’t take him. Prerna cries and runs out. She runs to Mr. Bajaj’s house. She thinks of his words.

Mr. Bajaj says Prerna…. let her come in. She comes to him. He asks what do you want this time. She says you knew everything, that I will call Ronit, Ronit has connection with police, you gave me that clue that I lose, you cheated me, what kind of person are you, you have no humanity, you can’t see anyone’s pain, you made this empire and sold your heart. He asks what do you want. She says how can anyone fall so low, you know you can help Anurag even then you are taking a decision of someone’s life, you are ruining someone’s house and happiness.

He asks what do you want. She says I m ready to marry you, just for Anurag’s sake, I love him a lot, I can’t see him like this, I promised Mohini that I will get Anurag, I love him so much that she is in my heart, heartbeat and breath, you can never get my support and trust. He says congrats, marriage arrangements will begin tomorrow. She says I don’t believe you and your deal, until Anurag comes out of jail, I won’t sit in the jail. He says fair enough, deal, I will give you a last chance to back out, you may regret. She says you will regret this every moment, the one who backs out pays for the loss, you like to crack best deals, this deal will cost you a lot, I m having a secret with me, you will step back. He asks what. She says I m pregnant with Anurag’s child. He gets shocked.

Anurag rests in Mohini’s lap. She cries. He consoles her. She tells about his childhood. She says I can’t see this, I will die. He says nothing will happen, Prerna will find my way, my heart is saying, everything will get fine. Mr. Bajaj gets up and says your secret isn’t a big thing, I accept you along with your child, Anurag will be out of jail tomorrow, our marriage preparations will begin, rest well. He goes. Prerna cries. She comes to meet Anurag and hugs her. They cry. Ishq di….plays….

She says you will be out from here. He says I wanted to hear this, you are my special star. He hugs her. She says we will talk later, I got food for you, can I feed you by my hands. He asks will I refuse to you. She feeds the food. Tere bin…..plays….