Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 18 February 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 18 February 2020

Abhay Singh and Babli promoting their movie and making a Jabariya Jodi. Abhay ties up the groom to take him. The men take the groom in the sack. Abhay collides with Mr. Bajaj and introduces himself. Mr. Bajaj looks at the men and says you don’t think like you belong here. Abhay says yes, I m from Patna, I have come to do a good deed. Babli asks Prerna about Abhay.

Prerna says so sorry, I don’t know. Babli asks did you have a love or arranged money, it seems Jabariya. Prerna says it was imp for everything that was imp for me. Babli says I will also have a Jabariya Shaadi, the guy I m finding forces people for marriage, I plan to kidnap him and force him for marriage.

She sees Abhay. Abhay signs the men to go. He says what is Babli doing here. Mehra says Abhay you said you will entertain us. Mr. Bajaj asks where is your son. Abhay says we will come. Babli asks Abhay to come with her. They dance on khadke glassy song. Everyone claps. Abhay sees the groom running. He says you got him free. Babli says you got the wrong guy, we can’t make Jabariya jodi like this. Prerna asks who are you.
Prerna and Mr. Bajaj come home. He says your bags will be taken. Prerna says no thanks, I can manage. He says I know. The servant opens the door. Mr. Bajaj sees his family. He says Tanvi. The lady says make me meet my bahu, I will do her grahpravesh, I m your Maasi also. Mr. Bajaj says she is my Maasi and this is Tanvi. Maasi says she is my adopted daughter, Rishabh you got married, I just went with Tanvi for a month, Prerna welcome in this house, you didn’t wait for our blessings. He says it would be big risk, she would have become of someone else, I would have lost her if I had waited. Maasi says you won’t have your office here. She does their aarti. She asks Prerna to make the kalash down and come in. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna make the kalash fall down and come in. Prerna greets Maasi.

Maasi says she is very pretty. Tanvi gives cash. Maasi wards off their bad sight. She asks servant to give money to pandit and also poor people. She asks the people to play music and dance. The women dance. Mr. Bajaj says sorry I didn’t tell you about Maasi. Prerna says I didn’t ask you, its good to have more people in the house.

Nivedita says you have to forget Prerna, the family is here. Anurag asks will you support me. She says no if its for Prerna’s obsession. He asks what if its obsession to ruin someone, Bajaj….. He ruined me and dad’s company also, won’t you support me. She says fine I promise you I will always be with you. He says deal. She says deal and holds his hand. Anupam looks on and thinks I know you are going to do this to get Prerna back, I m afraid of the result of this obsession. Mr. Bajaj takes a shower. Prerna comes to the room.

Mr Bajaj calls out servant. She hears him and gets his bathrobe She passes it. Some files fall down. She picks the files. She sees Basu but out file and checks. Mr. Bajaj comes and says you. She asks what’s this. He says info about Mr. Basu. She asks why, we had a deal that you won’t harm Basu. He says its not that you are thinking. Servant comes and says your mum has come. Prerna goes. Mr. Bajaj asks servant why didn’t he keep the bathrobe. Servant says sorry, I forgot, but I didn’t give you the bathrobe. He goes.

Nivedita shows her shopping and tells about Zurich. Tapur says I will also come with you next time. Nivedita says I will take you and hugs her. Prerna sees Veena and goes to hug her. Veena says stay away, what did you think, we will forget you, that you are away from us and we will melt down, you thought you did right, but you did wrong to hide your helplessness from me.

Prerna says no, I wanted to marry Mr. Bajaj. Veena says look into my eyes and tell me, be it love or anger, people gets blind, I got angry knowing this, I thought why did you take this step, you are not a betrayer, my children aren’t liars, your dad and I didn’t give you such upbringing, what was the matter, tell me. Prerna cries and says I wanted this marriage.

Veena says I m your mum, I m hearing your heartbeat since you were in my womb, why did you sacrifice your happiness, Anurag, tell me, don’t be quiet today. She hugs Prerna. She says I m with you, sit, everything will get fine, tell me. Prerna thinks if I tell you the truth, you won’t be able to tolerate this. She says Mr. Bajaj is better than Anurag for me. Veena slaps her and says this is a lie. Prerna says no. Veena shouts yes, I know what Mr. Bajaj did with Anurag, why he married you, did he say he loves you. Prerna recalls his words and says I know he will keep his promise.

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