Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 17 March 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 17 March 2020

Anurag saying I have seen how you have hugged Mr. Bajaj in front of everyone, I know you are his wife, I m not habitual to see you with someone else, don’t say that he was dizzy and you were helping him.

She says you want me to come back to you, fine, would you live with such a person who doesn’t love you, who has no feelings for you. He says don’t say this. She says this is the truth. Dadi says we should do some puja for house peace. Suman says Mr. Bajaj’s bad sight fell over our house, he married Prerna, we have to bear this, this is happening with us because of him. Veena says I didn’t like him, I felt Anurag and Prerna will stay together, I believe they are made for each other, I behaved rudely with him, but he came to the court, lawyer wasn’t going

to do anything, it wasn’t Prerna’s mistake, Bajaj has many wrong qualities, but his heart is at the right place.
Mr. Bajaj asks what’s the update, you are smiling, it means… The man says we did it, we cracked the deal. Mr. Bajaj says good job.

The man says Mr. Mehra was going to tell you, we didn’t celebrate as you weren’t with us. Mr. Bajaj says even Nivedita was trying to crack this, we must celebrate, we will have a dinner tonight at my place. He calls Prerna and says I have invited some people for dinner, you can refuse for it if you want. She says its fine. He says thanks and ends call. She thinks to make Anurag feel she moved on. She says yes, I miss you too. Anurag says phone call was already disconnected, it hurts, you intentionally want to hurt me. She says I had to do this for you. Mr. Bajaj invites everyone with their families. She says I have married Mr. Bajaj, I loved you, I realized that, you regarded me a friend, I realized I love Mr. Bajaj, when I married him, I realized I love no one, I just love money, I was with you and now I m with Mr. Bajaj, there are many girls in the world, find someone. He says no, I want only you. She says no, this isn’t possible in this birth. Chahat ke safar mein…plays….

He goes to his room and cries thinking of Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. He takes a fruit knife to cut his wrist. He throws the knife and thinks, I won’t lose easily, I love her, she loves me. Prerna attends guests. The lady praises Prerna. Maasi thanks her. Prerna calls Mr. Bajaj. He answers the call. She says finally you answered. She says its your party, where are you. He says you are Mrs. Bajaj, you should talk to them. She says you should be approachable, I dropped a message also and you didn’t reply, take your time, I will handle the guests. He says I know you are very good at it. She says your guests have come, come fast. He says I was praising you, I m coming. He thinks I don’t like anyone ordering me, she orders me, but I didn’t feel bad.

She says like you all know, this party is for Mr. Verma, he cracked a big deal for us, we should appreciate him. Everyone claps. Nivedita looks on. Maasi thinks Prerna is gaining much importance. Tanvi says yes, she is Mr. Bajaj’s wife. The lady says she is pretty. Nivedita says my work is most imp to me, I lost, you have hurt me, I understand this, you have thrown the past as I lost, I will win and you will lose, your Mr. Bajaj will also lose, I will throw a bigger party.

She goes. Anurag thinks I m not weak, I just lost senses for some time, no… I should have not done that, I love her and I have to live for that, I will make her grow the same feelings again, she would have come back to me if I saved Veena, its good that Veena got saved, this can’t be a coincidence, what if Mr. Bajaj planned all this. Mohini gets water for Nivedita.

Nivedita says stop it, hear me out, Bajaj and Prerna threw the party because I lost the business deal, I m capable, they came to our house on the day of the meeting, I was worried for our house, I made a mistake, my work is imp for me, Prerna has no status, she is throwing a party to humiliate me, not to celebrate their win, this is not done, I don’t like to lose. She cries. Mohini says have water. She thinks Prerna have always made my children cry, its Prerna’s tear to cry, she will long for happiness. Mr. Bajaj hits Anurag’s car. Mr. Bajaj says so sorry.

Anurag gets down and asks what’s your problem, you are after everything that I love. Mr. Bajaj says it was a jerk, not a big deal. Anurag asks really, I will do one thing, I will smash your car and ask you to calm down. Mr. Bajaj says do ahead, if you damage my car, I won’t leave any of your cars, this is not parking area, I was in a hurry and didn’t see your car, I said sorry.

Anurag says you said sorry easily as if nothing happened. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t mix things. Anurag says you acquire things. Mr. Bajaj asks him to come in the party. Anurag says I m thinking of something, your wound on forehead, is this real or did you do this to trouble Prerna and Veena. Mr. Bajaj says Veena is Prerna’s mum, I don’t do anything such with my family, its better you don’t interfere in my family matters else… Anurag looks at him. Mr. Bajaj goes.

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