Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 17 December 2019


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 17 December 2019

Chobey seeing Anurag and Prerna. He thinks Prerna, you killed my Komolika, I won’t spare you. He leaves. Mohini asks what are you doing here at this time. Veena says we had to come to alert you about Komolika. Shivani says I called you but you disconnected, I then tried calling Anurag.

Mohini says you may leave now. Veena says we are happy to see you, if Rajesh was here, don’t know what he would have said. Moloy cries. Veena says get fine soon, get back on your feet. He nods. She cries. Anurag takes Veena and Shivani along.

Veena and Shivani come home. Mahesh says I called Shivani many times. Veena says we went to Prerna’s Sasural, so much happened there. Shivani says Komolika is missing, she fell into the river. He says its good news. Veena says there is

peace. He says a lot of happiness too. Shivani says it was very disturbing. Veena says I want to take rest. Mahesh jokes and says Aryan has come, I called Shivani, he said he want to meet her. Veena says we will call Aryan here, maybe they want to talk about alliance. Shivani thinks Ronit is arrested, why am I scared, its good time for us, Ronit is out of my way and Komolika is out of Prerna’s life. Prerna goes to make haldi milk for Anurag. She asks servant to go and sleep, its Tapur’s mehendi function tomorrow. Anurag goes to kitchen and asks servant to go and sleep, he will manage his work. Servant says their jodi is like Ram and Sita. Anurag says what happened to him… He goes and sees Prerna..

She smiles and turns to him. She says you… He says yes, I had come to take water. She gives him water. He says thanks. She says thanks, you were always with me when I needed you. He says I promised you. She says you are so good, how. He says I m glad to hear good about myself. She says I have hurt you a lot. He says I gave you reasons to hurt me. She says I have made this for you. Ishq di….plays…. He says you can apply the haldi lep. She applies the haldi lep with love. She gives him haldi milk. He says no, I can’t drink it. She says have it. He says I don’t know its good or bad, you check it once. She says yes, its good, fine. She drinks and says have it. He sees the lipstick mark and drinks the haldi milk. She smiles. Its morning, Anupam plays chess.

Anurag asks why do you keep king and queen close. Anupam says they look good together, they should be close, you proposed Prerna right. Anurag says no. Anupam says then go and do it now. Anurag says our bond is very strong, our love would end when we die, so I m waiting for the right moment, I will propose at the perfect moment. Anupam says every moment is perfect to proposal, you should propose her, she would be happy and feel special. Anurag says I will just come. Anupam jokes. Anurag says Anupam is right, what shall I tell Prerna. He breaks his shirt button and smiles. He says she will come to fix this button, I will tell her, I love her. Ronit is in lockup. He recalls Komolika. Mishka comes to meet him and asks are you fine. He says Komolika used to tie me rakhi every day, she held my hand and asked me to save her, I was with her and told her that I will save her, I went to dad’s opposition party, our dad wasn’t ready to save her, he broke Komolika’s heart. Mishka says its not like that. He says they killed Komolika and now we will take revenge. Mishka says calm down. He says I can’t calm down.

Anurag comes to Prerna and says my button broke. She hands over the stitching kit. He says thanks, I wanted this. She says then keep it, its useless for me. He asks will you stitch this. She asks will you keep wearing it. He says no, I can remove it if you want. She says its okay, keep it on. Mai to tere naal…plays… She stitches the button. He gets close to tell her. She says its done. Anupam and Nivedita smile seeing them. Prerna says I had kept the scissor here. Anurag hides the scissor. Prerna cuts the thread by her teeth. Anurag says Prerna…. Mohini comes and sees them. She makes a vase fall and says sorry, it fell down, Anurag give credit card to Prerna, she has to shop for Tapur, she would be knowing what to buy, Navin would have told her. Prerna gets shocked.

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