Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 15 October 2019


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 15 October 2019

Mohini saying Anurag is in problem, something is not right. Navin asks did anyone call you. She says no. He thinks she has a strong connection with Anurag, she will not be quiet if she knows this. He says he called me and said he is fine. She asks why do I feel stressed. He says weather is such, that’s why. Madhuri calls Navin and says I have seen Prerna there. He asks did Anurag die. She says no, he is taken to hospital, I will call you, control your anger. He says call me and inform me that he is dead, be alert. He thinks its better that Anurag dies.

Anurag is in ICU. Prerna comes running to the hospital. Anurag opens eyes. Doctor cleans his wounds. Anurag thinks I won’t come to you Lord, sorry, until I save Prerna. She sees him and cries. She wipes

her tears and goes in. She asks doctor what happened. Doctor says his condition is getting critical, be here, I will call a senior doctor and come. She says you will be fine, after that, I will never talk to you, this is not fair, you don’t know what I m feeling seeing you like this, open your eyes, please. She says you were trying to tell me about Navin, what did you want to tell me.

She sees some paper in his hand and recalls his hands. She tries to get the paper. Doctor comes and asks her to leave the room. She says I won’t disturb. He says its against rules, go out and wiat, do you save him or not. She nods. She leaves. Chahat ke safar mein…plays…. Mohini worries. She gets a call. She says it would be Anurag. She gets shocked and asks which hospital. She drops the phone. Moloy asks what happened.

She says Anurag met with an accident, take me to my son. Navin says I will come along. Madhuri sees Prerna and hides. She thinks how to see if he is alive or not. Doctor asks are you Anurag’s wife. Prerna says no, I m his friend. Doctor says he has internet injuries, his body is behaving strange, it feels like he is desperate to divulge something and he is fighting for something, I haven’t seen such case. Madhuri thinks to go to Anurag’s room. Doctor asks Prerna to just pray for him. Prerna asks Anurag to come back to her, she needs him. Madhuri looks on and thinks Prerna loves him, but haven’t told him, and Anurag is giving his life for her and didn’t realize it, one has to be lucky to get such true love. Mohini and everyone come there. Madhuri sees them and runs out.

Mohini and everyone meet Anurag and cry. Prerna says he will get fine. Mohini asks what are you doing here, did you know about this accident, why didn’t you call us. She scolds Prerna. She asks doctor about her son. Doctor says he is critical. Navin thinks I m sure that Anurag has my marriage certificate in his hand, if Prerna finds out, then I will be in trouble, I have to take it. They talk to doctor. Navin tries to get the paper. Prerna thinks come back for me Anurag. Doctor asks all of them to go out. Mohini and Moloy talk to doctor. Moloy asks her to calm down. Navin prays that Anurag dies. Moloy asks doctor to call senior doctor for consulting. Prerna thinks I can’t leave you alone. Madhuri calls Navin.

Navin and Madhuri arguing. She says you didn’t answer my call. He says you were spying on me, I don’t like it, since when did you turn jealous. She says I m thinking the same about you, we need Prerna for our business, why are you getting personal. He says its not necessary that I just like you always. She says you will regret for this. He asks will you beat me, come on hit me, I gave you a small task to find out if Anurag is alive or dead, you didn’t do it. She says because Prerna isn’t leaving him alone. Nivedita comes to see Anurag. She cries and says mom was telling me that she is worried for Anurag, where is mom. Prerna says she went to meet doctor. Navin says Anurag has our marriage certificate, he is alone, everyone has gone to talk to doctor. Madhuri

says but Prerna is sitting there, how can I go there. He tells some plan.
Prerna sees Anurag and cries. She thinks of him. Main tenu samjhawan …plays… Nivedita comes to Mohini and hugs her. Navin sees Prerna and thinks I won’t let you even take his name now. Prerna hears Anurag and turns to see. She sees a nurse and asks are you going to give medicine to Anurag, his medicines have changed, did you ask the doctor. Madhuri is in disguise, and asks her to ask the doctor. Prerna says you are misbehaving, he is in pain, tell me your name. Navin asks Prerna to talk to Rajesh. He gives the phone and signs Madhuri to go. Madhuri tries to get the paper. Anurag gets conscious. He doesn’t see her face as vision blurs. He tries to hold her. He removes her mask.

She gets worried and wears the mask. She snatches the paper from his and and goes. He gets up and says Prerna… She comes in and hugs him. He says everything is blur, I can’t see you clearly. She makes him sit. She says that woman took the certificate. She says we will see it later, please rest. She asks him to sleep. He says it was in my hand.

Navin says thanks, I feel like shouting in joy, you are a magician, I was worried for this, this won’t remain now. He burns the certificate. Madhuri says its our marriage certificate. He says this is just a piece of paper, we would have got ruined, our problems will be gone. He laughs. He says Anurag thought of ruining us, but we have won. She says Anurag got consciousness. He says let it happen, when I take rounds with Prerna, Anurag will shower flowers on me, I will laughing by my heart, you are happy right, be happy, we won. Anurag says Sid… Prerna says he is fine, close your eyes. He says that paper. She says we will see it later. He holds her hand and says don’t go anywhere, stay near me, promise. She says sleep. Ye kya hua…plays…She sits there.

Anurag wakes up at home. He looks for Prerna. He recalls the happenings. He checks his phone. He sees the date and says its Prerna’s wedding date, no I must tell Prerna that Navin is married, where is the certificate. He recalls Madhuri and says she took it from my hand, I must tell Prerna, she has to believe me. Navin comes and says good morning, you have lost an entire day and night, you have woken up on marriage day, come on, I don’t like it, you don’t need to be upset, cry during Prerna’s vidaai, you were not well, so no one has disturbed you, everyone’s clothes are ready, everything is over for you, time beat you, I will take two mins to get ready, I think Prerna is getting decked up, its for me. Anurag looks on.

Veena asks Prerna to manage her work on own. Prerna asks what happened, do you want to say something. Veena says nothing. Prerna asks why are you worried. Veena says we want you to be happy, you weren’t like this before. Prerna says I m getting married, I m feeling nervous. Veena says I m talking about yesterday, the day you rushed out of house, I m your mum and know you very well, is there anything to say. Prerna says there is nothing to say. Veena hugs her and asks her to get ready for marriage. She goes. Prerna thinks what shall I tell you, my life is having a new start, I m happy that none can snatch happiness from my family.

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