Made For Each Other Tuesday update 14 January 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday update 14 January 2020

Prerna seeing the pillar falling on Anurag. She shouts and runs to hold the structure. She pushes it away. She takes Anurag in lap and asks him to open his eyes.

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Mahesh comes. She asks Anurag to open his eyes for her sake. Anurag gets up. A man sees the fire and calls Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj asks when did the fire break out. The man says some time back, but everything is burnt to ashes. Anurag is sleeping in Prerna’s room. Prerna gets haldi lep and does the aid to him. Jana jogi….plays… He gets up. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She cries. He says you can never hurt me, I m fine. She says please rest.

He asks what if anything happened to you. She says you are everything for me. He wipes her tears. Tere bin….plays… He asks her to show

her hand. He sees the burn and says it got burnt, are you crazy, you did this for me. She says I would have not stepped back if I got completely burnt to save you. He kisses her hand and applies haldi lep to her hand. Mahesh comes and says police has come downstairs. Anurag and Prerna come downstairs.

Inspector says Anurag you have to come with us, that factory is of Mr. Bajaj, the factory had a blast because of the chemical reactions. Prerna says you should find out about the people there, Anurag is not in a good state. Inspector says you can’t help. Veena scolds inspector for making it a joke and arresting anyone. Inspector says Anurag you are under arrest for burning Mr. Bajaj’s factory. Anurag says it was just an accident, its not my mistake. Inspector says prove this in court. Anurag is arrested. Mohini recalls Prerna’s words. She greets pandit and asks him not to buy the items soon, if marriage doesn’t happen, it will get water. He asks is marriage not happening. She says no, I will give you money, you can buy it later, don’t tell this to Nivedita, else it will be your last Dakshina. Servant says Prerna is on call, she wants to talk to you. Mohini says tell her I m not at home. He says I told her that you are talking to pandit. Pandit goes.

Mohini takes the call and says we have nothing to talk now, just I will win. Prerna cries and says Anurag is arrested. Mohini gets shocked. Prerna says I tried to stop them. Mohini says Anurag is arrested. She falls down. Nivedita takes the call and asks why did they arrest Anurag. Prerna says they blamed him for burning the factory. Anupam and Nivedita take Mohini. Mohini says I will come with you to the police station. She cries. Nivedita says fine, be strong. Prerna thinks I have to stay as Anurag’s shield, he will fall alone if he sees me crying. She comes to Anurag. He says this was just an accident, all this can’t be a coincidence, it was a plan, Ronit went to Mr. Bajaj’s house and then his factory, Ronit is part of Mr. Bajaj’s game, Mr. Bajaj is the mastermind, I saw a file in Mr. Bajaj’s house, there was all business details of Basu publications, our family history, Komolika, you everything, this man is after us, Komolika met Bajaj and gave all the shares to him, he knows us well, he is after us many years. She gets shocked.

Mohini scolds the inspector for arresting Anurag. Inspector says he is in lockup. Mohini says get him out. Inspector says we got habitual to bear this anger, stop the drama, we arrested him as he burnt the chemical factory. Anupam says we will fight in court, he is a responsible citizen. Mohini says we are Basus, we know ACP well. She goes and calls Mr. Roy. He says there is time for Durga puja, how did you call. She says your officer arrested Anurag, ask him to free him. Mr. Roy asks inspector did he lose his mind, accidents happen, free him, he will come to court, he is my friend Moloy’s son, release him in 5mins. Mohini thanks Mr. Roy. He says not to worry, take Anurag home. Another inspector comes and says I m coming from chemical factory, I found a burnt dead body, I think it belongs to Ronit Chobey, watchman told me Anurag was following Ronit and threatened to kill him, I got an iron rod, I think Anurag attacked Ronit by that rod, if I get Anurag’s fingerprints, if it matches, then its a murder case, which is hidden by fire case. Mohini gets shocked. Inspector says fine, collect Anurag’s fingerprints.

Mohini says my son can’t do this. Inspector says call anyone, now I can’t leave Anurag, I will call DCP now, none can help him, we found a dead body there, make strong papers, none can help Anurag. He calls Mr. Roy and says sorry, I can’t leave Anurag, a dead body is found at the factory, watchman said Anurag was threatening someone, its Ronit’s dead body, Ronit is Siddhant Chobey’s son, murder is hidden behind the accident case, now tell me what to do. He puts phone on speaker. Mr. Roy says forget what I said, don’t let Anurag go anywhere. Mohini gets shocked. Anurag’s fingerprints are taken. Prerna asks why are you doing this. Inspector says we suspect that Anurag has done a murder, there was a dead body in factory. She says Ronit was also there, maybe he killed someone. Inspector says the dead body is of Ronit, Anurag and Ronit were there, one is there and other is missing. Anurag says no, this isn’t possible.

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