Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 February 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 February 2020

Prerna thinking of Anurag. She thinks you have to understand that my name is linked to Mr. Bajaj now, don’t know what will he do with you. Prerna goes out. She thinks I have to stop him from madness.

Anurag thinks Prerna would be here, she has seen my love and now she will see my passion, if she doesn’t understand, then I would have to do what she doesn’t like. She thinks what will Anurag get doing this, just pain. They see each other. She thinks I have to forcefully explain him to stop following me. A man hits on her head.

Anurag gets shocked and shouts Prerna. The men lift her to take her in the car. Anurag runs to them. He pushes the men away and beats them. Mr. Bajaj thinks why is Prerna taking so much time. He thinks of Anurag. He thinks Anurag would

have stopped him. Anurag lifts Prerna and takes her in the same black car, belonging of goons. He drives off. Mr. Bajaj sees this. He thinks Anurag you crossed limits and compelled me to cross limits now.

Nivedita gets sad. Anupam comes. She says don’t show me your face. He asks how will we talk, don’t cry. She says you think this is some joke. He says I m agreeing to you.
She says I m breaking this marriage, I m serious, our relation is over, I won’t disturb you, dance with that girl, do anything. He says I wasn’t doing wrong, I hugged that girl thinking its you, I was talking to that girl in hindi, she didn’t understand, what has happened to you. She says I feel bad. He asks what do you want, why is this happening. She says because I love you idiot, but now I hate you, just go, I don’t care. She goes. He says yes, finally she admitted that she loves me.

Prerna holds her head and opens her eyes. Anurag says Prerna, its me…. are you okay. She gets up. He asks are you much hurt. She says I wanted to talk to you, don’t touch me, we aren’t together, I m someone’s wife, stop doing this. He says you were my wife. She says it was incomplete, you removed my sindoor. He says yes I did and said you can marry me, not anyone else. She says its my decision, who are you to tell me anything, I did what I felt right.

He says you are reacting as if there was nothing between us, you couldn’t live without me, listen to me, who are you, answer me, you are running away from my touch. She says you are hurting me. He says no, you are hurting me. She says whatever was between us was past, my present is only Mr. Bajaj, I got married to him, I m Mrs. Bajaj. He says you are Mrs. Basu. She says I don’t care, I care what the society believes.

He says you care for society now, you left everything and entered my house to say that we got married, when I got married to Komolika, none had seen our marriage. She says you can’t get away with it. He says I will take you with me. She asks how, by kidnapping me, you crossed all limits. He smiles. She says Anurag respected women, you kidnapped me. He says I kidnapped you, you can think this about me, if you can change, why can’t I change. She pushes him and slaps.

He says you do anything, you are mine, you are Mrs. Basu. Mr. Bajaj says I m sure, Anurag has been stalking us, this is our second day here, I know him, I assumed he will behave well, that was my mistake, I will handle this my way. Inspector says we can’t allow you to break the law. Mr. Bajaj says my wife has been kidnapped, I will handle this my way. Anupam asks Nivedita what is she doing.

She packs her bags. She says I m changing my room, don’t touch me, don’t try to calm me down, I m very angry. Anupam says okay fine, trust me, you are thinking wrong, I can’t let you go. She says you can flirt and be happy. He says okay I confess, I did this to make you feel jealous, I was dancing, I was focussed on you, I did this to make you realize how much you love me. She says you are cooking up stories. He says I planned everything. She says you aren’t so smart. He says I had seen you, you were watching me secretly.

Anurag goes. Prerna thinks to run away, Anurag has gone mad, I don’t want him to suffer, I have to reach Mr. Bajaj. Anurag looks out and sees goons. He says they have come here. He calls out Prerna and looks for her. He says listen, where are you going. She says you can’t keep me here forcibly.

He says you will put us in trouble, kidnappers have come, I saved you, I didn’t kidnap you. She gets shocked and recalls. Ronit says you check that side, I will check here, both of them must be hiding here. She says its Ronit’s voice. Anurag says yes. They hide. The goon says they aren’t here. Ronit goes to see. She asks why did Ronit kidnap me. Anurag says imagine he has come here to kidnap you, there would be some reason.

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