Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 August 2020 Prerna is arrested


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 11 August 2020 Prerna is arrested

Komolika seeing Prerna. She calls Ashish and asks do you want to get your salary doubled. He says what, yes. She says come and meet me in my cabin. He goes to her. She asks what can you do to double your salary.

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He says I can be loyal to this company. She asks can you keep a secret. He says yes. She says no one should know about it, throw Prerna out of this company. He says there is a good news, she is leaving the office. She says no, throw her out, so that she doesn’t come back here and in Anurag’s life. He asks how will we do this. She says think about your double salary, you will get the idea. He says we will blame Prerna for selling confidential papers from this company. She says do whatever, I will be happy if she gets arrested, so that she doesn’t get any job. Ashish asks Surbhi about papers. Prerna asks why is he scolding Surbhi in front of everyone. Anurag comes.

He asks what’s happening. Ashish says our confidential papers are missing, Surbhi has resigned, she is leaving, I doubt her. Surbhi says no, I didn’t resign. Ashish says police will be coming now. Anurag asks what, ask police not to come, no police for female employees. Police comes and says we got a call from here. Ashish says yes, we lost original papers, Surbhi or Prerna maybe the culprit, Prerna is also planning to leave the office. He asks Prerna to swear on her mum and say it. Inspector says we will search their workstations. Anurag asks what’s the need to do this. Ashish says maybe more documents are stolen, maybe those two are the culprits. Constable says we didn’t get anything. Inspector asks constable to check their tables.

Anurag says I know them, they are hardworking, they won’t do this. Constable gets the papers. Ashish smiles. Prerna says this can’t happen. Inspector says you have to come with us. She says I didn’t do anything. Anurag says I know her, she didn’t do anything wrong. Inspector says don’t teach my work, prove her innocence and then get her freed. Prerna says this matter shouldn’t reach my family. Ashish says I promise you, you will be with family until dinner time. Prerna is arrested. Ashish says sorry, I didn’t know Prerna is the culprit. Anurag says you are fired.

Ashish worries and calls Komolika. She says Anurag fired me, Prerna got arrested. Komolika says don’t worry, you will get the money into your account every month. He says okay. She sees Prerna taken by the police. Anurag thinks someone here doesn’t like Prerna, but why, I will not spare that person. Komolika says you can’t do anything. He says I promise to get you out of this mess. She says you can’t do anything until I want it, fate is on my side, I got everything and Prerna lost everything. Anurag thinks I have to save Prerna. Komolika comes home. She lies down on bed and laughs. Mohini knocks and comes. She says I got this for my bahu, we are celebrating sindoor khela for Nivedita’s friend, its imp occasion for Bengalis, every suhaagan applies sindoor, I want you to get blessings, I want you to wear this outfit. Komolika says that’s so sweet, I will be ready. Mohini goes.

Anurag says get Prerna’s bail, I know she is innocent. Mala says Prerna can’t steal anything. He says I know. She asks do you know. He says I feel so. She says Ashish always threatens employees, he wasn’t happen with Prerna’s work. He asks why, she is my secretary.

She says sorry I feel Ashish wants to get her out of office. He says no, Prerna came to me and wanted to leave the job. Surbhi says I love my job, don’t know why did Ashish say this. Anurag says I fired him, is he still here. She says he is packing his stuff in cabin. Ashish packs some books. Anurag comes. Ashish says I know you want me to join the company again, right. Anurag says wrong, I want to know what’s your problem with Prerna, Surbhi told me that she didn’t wish to leave the job, did you keep papers in Prerna’s bag, she can’t do this. Ashish says girls always trick, Prerna is one of them. Anurag says enough. He raises hand and says Prerna is my….. He calms down. He says she is my childhood friend. Ashish says sorry, I didn’t know. Anurag says get the cctv footage, come fast. Ashish worries.

Inspector questions Prerna. She says I didn’t steal the papers. He asks her to think and give statement. Anurag and Ashish check the footage. They see someone coming in disguise to keep papers. Ashish recalls going to keep the papers and hiding his face by the cap. Anurag says stop, he is the one, he framed Prerna, find out from where did this man come and make exit, I will free Prerna, I want the footage copy, I m going to police station. Ashish thinks I got stuck, I will tell that Anurag’s wife made me do this.

Inspector asks Prerna again. She says I didn’t steal anything. He asks her to say the truth. Anurag comes and says truth has one face. She says I really didn’t do anything. He says I know, this is proof, some stranger had come and kept papers in her bag. Inspector says we got the footage, we didn’t see anything. Anurag says this is real footage, who gave you edited footage.

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