Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 10 March 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 10 March 2020

Maasi asking Tanvi to relax. Tanvi says I love you a lot, I won’t let anything happen to you. Maasi says Mohini would have exposed us if she wanted, I have seen her hatred for Prerna and family, we have sent Veena to jail, Mohini won’t tell anyone, you should be with Rishabh, calm down.

Prerna asks doctor is Mr. Bajaj fine. He says yes, there is small complication, he didn’t get conscious, there is nothing to worry, we have to give him specific medicine, does he have any allergy. She says I don’t know. He says fine, we have to do some tests to know it. She asks how much time will it take. He says I can’t tell this until we get test reports. She asks can I go. He says sure. She cries and thinks of Mr. Bajaj.

She says I have told you so much and misunderstood you, I just have mum, she is my mum and dad now, I can’t see wrong happening with her, like you tried to help her without hurting her esteem, its a big thing. She cries and says I had to leave Anurag, I had to sacrifice my love and marry you, I used to hate you, I won’t be able to hate you. She holds his hand and says get well soon, thanks. Tanvi looks on and thinks why is this happening, Prerna has to get back to Anurag, she can’t be with Rishabh.

Anurag is on the way. He thinks time is with me, it will happen what I want. He gets a call. Anurag says I had booked the tickets. Anupam asks did your meeting get over, I want you to come, but not by leaving things. Anurag says I have postponed the meeting, I should have not come, anyway, Mr. Bajaj is hospitalized, his family had sent Veena to jail. Anupam asks are you worried for Veena, you don’t need to come, I will help Veena. Anurag says I care for Prerna and her family, don’t try to stop me, I m on the way. Tanvi calls Maasi and says Rishabh is fine, Prerna is with him, everything is changing. Maasi says Prerna is his wife. Tanvi says I was so tensed, Prerna felt as if she doesn’t care, but when I came back, I have seen her touching his hand, she was seeing like she has feelings for him. She sees Prerna leaving and says if we don’t do anything, it will be too late. Maasi says don’t worry, that doesn’t matter, Prerna cares for him as he did many favors on her, she will come to us and try to free her mum, I will think what to do. She ends call.

She says Prerna would have known I have lodged complaint, she would ask me to take back complaint, what to do. Mohini says if I was in your place, I would have never taken the complaint back and let Veena be in jail. She goes. Nivedita says what’s going on between them. She comes to Mohini and asks why are you behaving sweet with Maasi. Mohini thinks Nivedita is soft hearted like Anurag, she thinks for Prerna’s family sometimes, I shouldn’t tell her.

Nivedita says you aren’t upset with her, you are advising her, what’s happening. Mohini says I felt if I can talk to her sweetly, it will be good, I don’t like arguing with her. Nivedita asks why do you think that you are talking sweetly as Maasi’s target is Veena. Mohini says so what’s wrong, I don’t know why Veena did this. Nivedita says why would she do this, it was just an accident. Mohini says I m happy, Veena deserves this. Prerna says Maasi, you got Veena arrested for attempt to murder. Maasi cries.

Prerna says mum will be punished, you didn’t think about her. Maasi says I accept to do this, mum is a mum, I m not Rishabh’s mum, Rishabh and Tanvi have no relations, a far relative had sent alliance for him, I regarded Tanvi as my daughter, she isn’t legally adopted, Rishabh respects me a lot, blood relations have rights, our relation is just of love, I know him, when he gets conscious, he will first file case on your mum, he will hire big lawyer. Prerna says no, he was trying to help mum.

Maasi says he isn’t bad until he gets angry, none can handle him, Kuki’s birthday got spoiled because of Veena, he won’t forgive Veena, I hired a lawyer who will prove that Veena is innocent, she just wanted to spoil the party, she will get little punishment and come out of jail, if Rishabh decides to punish her, none can stop him. Tanvi recalls Prerna. She gets a tissue and cleans Mr. Bajaj’s hand where Prerna touched him.

She says mom told me that you married Prerna to help her, don’t think she loves you, just I love you. Doctor comes and says we want to discuss his case, he should have recovered by now, I m going to discuss case with seniors. She asks can I go home, I can’t sleep in hospital. He says he can recover soon, he isn’t critically ill, you can go home. She says thanks. She says Rishabh, don’t die please, I m addicted to luxurious life, I will come to meet you tomorrow. She goes.

Maasi says if I didn’t do this, he would have ousted me and Tanvi, you know how stubborn he is, I hope you will understand my helplessness. Prerna says I can’t see my mum going to court. Maasi says fine, I will take back the case, I love Rishabh and you also, when you understand this later, you will know I did right. She asks Kuki is she getting bad dreams. Kuki hugs Prerna. Prerna says its fine. Maasi says its late, can you put her to sleep, whatever I did for Veena is right, you can go if you want, you won’t get any lawyer, I can give you the best lawyer’s number. Prerna says fine, give me the number, I will put Kuki to sleep. Maasi thinks accusation and lawyer are mind, you will get punishment.

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