Made For Each Other Tuesday update 10 December 2019


Made For Each Other Tuesday update 10 December 2019

Anurag asking Vikrant to tell from the start. Vikrant tells everything. Anurag says alright, try to remember it well, did the glass had any design. Prerna says yes, it was crystal glass. The waiter thinks I have kept those glasses outside the hall. He smiles. Anurag asks the servant to get all the glasses.

Servant gets the glasses. Vikrant and Prerna check the design. Anurag asks them to check well. Vikrant shows the design. Anurag asks the servant to arrange all the glasses of that design and not touch it, they may get fingerprints on the glasses. Servant gathers all the glasses. Moloy signs Anurag. Anurag asks Anupam to get the glass from the flower vase, its kept outside. Waiter worries when Anupam gets the glass.

Moloy sees Komolika and smiles. Anurag says the

truth will be out now, just recall the drink and who had served it. Prerna says the waiter had worn glasses. Waiter removes the glasses. Anurag calls all the waiters. He tries to go and is stopped by Anupam. Komolika goes to Moloy. She says I m not stupid to suffocate you here. He thinks you are very coward. She says I m not coward, but super smart, my dad always says that there should always be a backup plan, you are smiling, it angers me. He thinks you can’t wipe off the truth.

 Anurag says Prerna and Vikrant just check well once. Komolika thinks they won’t remember the waiter. Vikrant and Prerna recognize the waiter. Komolika says he served the drink to me also. Nivedita says yes, I m fine, he served the drink to me as well. Anurag says its fine, police is coming to help, we will get fingerprints. He scares the waiter. The waiter says its good, everything will get clear. Anurag says yes, you may leave. He signs Anupam to play the police car siren. The waiter gets worried. Anurag watches him and says you had spiked the drinks, police is coming. Waiter tries to run and pushes Anurag. Anupam catches him. Anurag asks waiter to apologize. The waiter apologizes. Komolika thinks how shall I get saved now.
Anurag asks the guests did they hear, the waiter spiked the drinks, he has done all this. Anupam says I trust you. Everyone trusts Anurag. Vikrant’s mum says we have to find the real culprit. Anurag says yes, real culprit is someone else. He asks the waiter to say. Komolika goes and worries. She thinks what to do now. She calls dad. The man says Chobey is busy, he has come to Delhi to meet the minister. She gets angry and then calms down. She stops a waiter and asks will you do my work. The waiter accepts his crime. Anurag says tell me who has made you do this. Waiter says I did this for money. Anurag says I knew it, who is it. Komolika comes and sees the chandelier moving. The other waiter moves the chandelier by the ropes. Komolika pushes Anurag and says chandelier is falling. Everyone gets back.

Anupam says I will go up and see. The other waiter takes the rope and runs away. Anupam comes and says everything is fine, there is nothing to worry. Komolika asks the waiter to take a knife and save himself. He hides. Anurag asks him to come out. The waiter keeps a knife at Prerna’s neck. Everyone gets shocked. The waiter threatens to kill her and makes an escape. He pushes Prerna and runs. Anurag holds Prerna. Komolika says Anurag shouldn’t get him, else my game is over. The waiter leaves on his scooty. Komolika comes to her room and sees Vikrant. She asks what are you doing here. He says I m waiting for you, I know you well, you had trapped Prerna and me, you did this to win. She says I know the importance of a girl’s respect. He says I know you well, don’t act good in front of me, I know you helped the waiter to run. Vikrant’s mum apologizes to Prerna. Prerna sees Anurag. Sahil’s dad also apologizes. Anurag and Prerna smile.

Vikrant warning Komolika. She says I m Nika, I m not scared of anything, do anything you want, I don’t care. He says you are scared, look at yourself in the mirror, you have lost. Prerna does the aid to her neck. She sees Anurag at the door. He comes to her and does the aid. Hawayein….plays…. She thanks him. He asks why thanks, I have done this for my family, people think you are part of this family, I helped you as you call yourself my wife. He goes. She thinks who are you, you care for me, are you the one whom I hate the most.

Anurag sits outside and talks to the moon. He says its a mess, Prerna and Komolika will think the same, why I helped Prerna. Prerna thinks of Anurag and her love moments. She talks to the moon. She says Anurag broke my trust,

but he always supports me. Komolika thinks of Anurag and says he always supported Prerna, I will end everything now. She calls the lawyer and says I told you to make Anurag’s property and assets papers. The lawyer says its all ready, I can come home to get Anurag’s sign. She says just do what I said, I will decide how to get Anurag’s sign, I m coming to meet you tomorrow.
Nivedita says I m feeling proud that Anurag is my brother, he is a real man, he knows the imp of woman’s respect, he was taking stand for a girl, not just Prerna, I m just very happy. Anupam smiles and thinks she is also understanding that Anurag and Prerna are right. She asks what happened, why are you smiling. He says I feel lucky that you are with me, you get angry but understand things also. She says I also feel that you aren’t so bad, I feel you are lucky to get me, I also feel lucky that you are with me, just sometimes. They smile. She goes to change. He falls on the bed. Anurag asks Moloy to have syrup. Prerna comes. Nurse says Moloy isn’t taking medicines. Anurag says you have to take medicine. Prerna says I have lost my dad, get fine soon and bless me, I want my Kaka Babu and Papa back. She feeds him the syrup. Prerna thanks him. Anurag goes. Nurse says Moloy got rashes on his back. Prerna says I will get water bed for him. She goes.

Anurag sees Komolika and asks where are you going. She says you think I will answer you. She goes. Anurag says I supported Prerna, I m sure Komolika is upset, she will do something. Anupam says she will take revenge, be ready for storm. Prerna goes to storeroom. She gets scared and shouts for help. Anurag hears her scream and comes there. She gets scared and hugs him. He says relax, I m here. She says get me out of here. He asks her to come. He finds the door jammed and says don’t worry, it will open. She gets dizzy. He says we will go out soon. He worries seeing her. Vikrant sees Komolika going to lawyer.

Komolika gets the paper and thinks Anurag didn’t listen to me and supported Prerna. Vikrant comes and says I have come to meet you, how do you get a peaceful sleep, we had professional rivalry, you fell more low, you are a cheap person, you have snatched Anurag’s love and business, your dad had spread the fake news to ruin Basus, he did this with a plan, Anurag was threatened and married you, I also know one thing, your dad was behind Moloy’s accident. She gets shocked. Prerna says I can’t breath. Anurag shouts to everyone. He says I kept phone in room for charging. He hugs her. She gets fainting. Vikrant says tell me, was it your dad or you behind that accident. Komolika says shut up. He says you did this, I really hate you, you wanted Anurag and ruined him, he is helpless, but I m not helpless, I will expose you when I get proof, I will see how Chobey saves you.

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