Made For Each Other Thursday Update 7 November 2019


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 7 November 2019

Prerna crying. Anurag comes to console her. He says like you love your family, Nivedita did the same, you know her mood swings, mum and Nivedita had reacted in emotional way, very soon Nivedita will realize her mistake, its like when you agreed to marry Navin thinking he will support your famiy, you should have told me once, I would have taken care of your family and supported them, but you chose Navin, you liked him right. She says thank God there is much difference in you now, would you say yes that time. He says no, I didn’t see anything in you which Navin had seen. She beats him. He says you got distracted.

She says you have done it, I understood. He wipes her tears. Tum ho paas…plays… He asks her to wash the hanky and give it. He says I already have your old hanky. She asks didn’t you give it to laundryman. He says no, actually…. apart from the hanky, I have kept many other things, your token of love, I will show it to you some time, you will be startled. She says yes. He says it was my heart who kept it. He makes her smile. Komolika sees them. She says Prerna, you have done much wrong, I have to make you realize this. Anurag asks Prerna to meet him at 3. Prerna smiles and goes.
Veena sees Suman working hard and smiles. She hugs Suman and apologizes for scolding her. She says I love you as much I love Prerna and Shivani, I know you love everyone, you are also my daughter, will you forgive me. Suman asks why are you saying this. They hug. Veena says everything will be fine.

Suman thinks let Prerna and Shivani do any mistake, then we will talk, I will never forget my insult. Komolika comes to Mohini and begins her drama. She says my mum had left me in my childhood, I have managed everything on own, it hurts a lot, if anything happened to you then… Mohini asks why are you worried for me.

Komolika says I m seeing my mum’s image in you. Mohini smiles. Komolika says now Mishka and Anurag aren’t together, sorry, I shouldn’t say this. Mohini says yes, I also have this doubt. Komolika says we will always be in touch, all relations don’t have a name, there is a connection between two hearts, I really like you and I love you, please love me as your daughter. Mohini says of course. Komolika says I feel whatever Prerna did today, she did that intentionally. Mohini says I agree, her father has heart issue, she did this intentionally. Komolika says yes, she fed you that halwa, she knows everyone trusts her here, is she scared that her future plans get spoiled because of you. Moloy looks on.

Mohini thinks Komolika is right, Prerna is scared that I won’t accept her with Anurag. Komolika says don’t know why she hates you. Moloy gets the juice and asks Mohini to finish it. He goes and thinks I have to stop this girl else she will fill hatred in everyone for Prerna. Mohini asks Komolika to say truth, what feelings does she have for Anurag. Komolika smiles. Mohini says your face makes it evident. Komolika says I understood that he is sensitive, caring and emotional, he respects all the girls, every girl will like to have a guy like him, he is clean hearted. Mohini says let me recover and then I will make everything fine. Komolika says I wish you recover soon, I wish to become your daughter soon. They hug.

Nivedita scolds servant and asks for her diamond bracelet. Anupam says calm down. Nivedita says stay out of it Anupam. Moloy comes. Nivedita says this maid has taken the bracelet, check her. Moloy says they help us a lot, they do our work, don’t say all this, we will find it out. Nivedita says I want the same bracelet. Moloy says you can’t blame them. He asks maid to calm down, we will find it, go and find it everywhere, go back to work. Anupam says Nivedita won’t let you live until you get same bracelet.

Moloy says I won’t get it. Anupam asks how will I get it. Moloy says I have got CCTV fixed in the house, since Navin had come back, lets go and check who has taken the bracelet. Navin says I m waiting for someone, I m sure she will come for my sake. He sees Prerna and says she has come. He shouts Prerna. He sees Anurag with her. He says this guy is always around her, he is such an insecure man. Anurag greets Navin. Navin asks why are you so scared, Anurag you have done this, she used to smile and dance with me, she has fear on her face now, she is looking so pale. Anurag says yes, she is scared for me, I saw her fighting with you without fear, she got scared for my life, because she is in love with me. Navin says the day I come out of this prison, I will come hunting for you. Prerna says don’t even dare to think this. The man says I think they have confessed their love to each other. Anurag asks Prerna are you fine. She nods. They leave. Navin shouts Prerna listen to me.

Moloy asks the man to show him the footage. Moloy sees Komolika adding something in Mohini’s halwa. He gets shocked. He says it means Komolika has done this, only to frame Prerna.


Prerna and Anurag being on the way. She thinks of Mohini. He pinches her and asks where are you lost, why are you so silent, say something, I m getting bored. He teases her about Navin. She argues. She asks what’s special in me. He says nothing. She asks why did you fall in love with me. He says just like that. She asks him to say else she will go. He asks will you get down the car. She says yes, I will, stop the car. She gets down the car and goes in an auto. He says she has really gone, she is stubborn, its going to rain, its thundering.

Mishka stops Komolika. Komolika asks her not to find happiness in a relation that’s not of her. She tells her everything she did with Mohini to frame Prerna. Mishka gets shocked. She asks what if anything happened to

Mohini. Komolika says you are an emotional fool, Mohini didn’t call you and ask anything about Anurag. Mishka says she liked me, Anurag changed and liked Prerna. Komolika says world is such, I try to explain this to you, I will show you how Mohini takes a stand for me, she will get Anurag married to me. Mishka says you think she will make you bahu, Anurag is her life, when its about his happiness, she will do what he wants. Komolika says I know, but she hates Prerna, she will not let them marry. Mishka says don’t say this to me, I may hate you.
Moloy and Rajesh are on the way. Rajesh asks what’s the matter. Moloy says Komolika had tried to frame our Prerna, she is a creep. Rajesh asks really. Anurag follows Prerna and asks her to listen, he was just joking. Prerna asks auto driver to drive fast. Anurag sees her dupatta flying out of the auto and going in the tyre. He stops the auto and asks have you lost it, you know what would have happened if the dupatta went in tyre. She pays the fare and sends the auto driver. He apologizes to her. He says sorry, I care for you. He holds ears.

She says tell me how did you fall in love with me, and why. He holds her and says to be honest, I don’t know this, there is something special in you, I just look for you everywhere. She says even I find you everywhere. He says I don’t know how would I live without you, I care for you, there will be many problems coming our way, but I will always support you, I promise. They hug. Meri yaadon mein…..plays…. They see the bad weather. It starts raining. Moloy and Rajesh come to meet Komolika. She asks her guard to wait until she asks him to leave. Moloy goes in and slaps Komolika. Anurag and Prerna enjoy the rains and romance. They dance. He holds her close to kiss.

Veena arrives home. She sees them close and gets shocked. She goes to Prerna and slaps her. She scolds Prerna and takes her home. Komolika asks why did you slap me. Moloy says I have slapped two people in life, Navin and you. Komolika says you always stay calm, I know there would be a reason for this, what’s the reason. He says stop this drama, I have slapped you since you tried to play with Mohini’s life to frame Rajesh’s daughter. Komolika says Prerna is lying. Rajesh and Moloy scold her. Moloy says I have seen this myself, you had added the drugs in halwa, it was good that doctor was at home, else my Mohini… Komolika says there is a misunderstanding. He shows her the video. She gets shocked. He says its my house’s CCTV footage. He shows it to Rajesh too. Moloy asks will you deny it now.

Komolika says no, its not true. Rajesh says you think we are fools, its clearly seen that you are adding something in halwa intentionally, the day you came to my house, I understood this. Moloy asks why did you come to your house. Rajesh says she is Ronit’s sister, she threatened me and Prerna and wanted to free her brother, I think they all are the same, ill mannered. She asks shall we talk about this later. Komolika says yes, I have done all this. Moloy says don’t try to make excuses, I know why you have done this. He recalls Komolika intentionally trying to get close to Anurag. Moloy says you want Anurag, so you have targeted Prerna. Komolika says no, I did this to get Anurag.

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