Made For Each Other Thursday Update 6 August 2020 Prerna is asked to resign


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 6 August 2020 Prerna is asked to resign

Anurag saying Sonalika, you here… Komolika says I thought to get your file. He says that’s so sweet, thank you so much. She says you wanted the file so I got it, I wanted to surprise you, I was missing you. He says that’s sweet, actually why don’t you wait at my cabin, I will meet you later, Ashish take care of her. She says come soon, I will wait. She says show me the entire office. Prerna gets some files on her desk. Ashish shows the office. She picks some files. Komolika comes there. She gets Anurag’s call. She says I m coming. She goes. Ashish taunts Prerna and goes. Mala calls Prerna and says Anurag went to his cabin, take the file there. Prerna goes. Anurag drinks water. He sees the pic.

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 5 August 2020

Komolika comes. She asks surprised? He says you like to give surprises, right. She says yes, you started understanding me. He says yes, but sorry I don’t like to keep family pic and show relations to everyone, its office space. She says its okay, I will take it back with me. He says relax, I m sorry, I didn’t know it matters so much for you, I will keep it here. She thinks its easy to fool delicate hearted people, its easy for me to shed tears. He asks happy. She says very…. you kept my heart, this matters to me. She holds him. He says its okay, you didn’t wish to come here. She says I was missing you a lot. He asks what will you have, tea or coffee. She says I will have black coffee. She stares at Anurag and gets close to him. Nika….plays….

He moves back. Prerna comes and knocks. He thinks thank God, whoever it is has come at the right time. Komolika thinks whoever it is has come at the wrong time. He says yes, come in. Prerna sees file number and recalls his words. She thinks Anurag will call me strange, what did I get, I made three mistakes, no. Komolika says I will see. Prerna goes. Komolika looks out and says there is no one. Anurag says maybe someone knocked by mistake. He orders coffee for her. She thinks if I know who was that idiot to spoil my romantic moment, I swear I won’t leave him.

Ashish comes to taunt Prerna again. He says you have no focus in your work. Prerna says I have to find the file. He says you mean I m wasting your precious time. She says no. He says you have attitude problem, I m talking to you. She says we will discuss it later, I m already late. She goes. He says she is just a secretary. Anurag says go home, I will be late. Komolika says as you say, my purse…. She holds Anurag’s hand. She says okay bye, I will wait for you. He says don’t wait for dinner. She says okay, I will wait. Mala says Prerna wait, Sir was asking did you take an off. Prerna goes. Komolika says lunch timings will change tomorrow. Mala says I m just a receptionist here. Komolika says I know, tell these exact words to Anurag’s secretary. Anurag says Prerna, you are still here, I thought you took an off and went home. She says no, you are my boss, I would have told you. He says you knocked the door some time back, right. She says sorry. He says no, its good you knocked the door. She says I know, I understood. He asks really.

Ishq ka gallan….plays… She recalls their moments. They have an eyelock. She says my extension wasn’t working, I will go and check. She goes. Mala asks where is your house. Prerna says we shifted to kalighat temporarily. Mala says I also live there. Prerna says I will drop you. Anurag asks shall I drop you. Mala says you are sweet, Prerna is dropping me today. He says I can drop you too. Prerna thinks if he drops me, he will know about the house fire incident. She says thanks, I will manage. He goes. Mala says I wish we could go home in handsome boss’ car. Anurag comes home. Anurag comes home. Komolika serves dinner. He says so much food, wow, this is dad’s fav sweet, I also like it. She says we will start dinner with sweet so that we always remember it. She thinks to take a bite from his hand. He says dad… Moloy smiles. Anurag says come, look what’s prepared. Moloy asks how was your day. Anurag says it was great, look its your fav, I will serve you, just one bite. Moloy says this isn’t fair. Anurag feeds him sweets. Komolika thinks I had first right on this bite. She holds the fork tightly. She screams and drops the fork. She says fork fell down, I will get another one. She goes.

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