Made For Each Other Thursday Update 5 March 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 5 March 2020

Maasi saying you both make a lovely pair. She asks someone to get the cake. Veena says I will get it. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna argue. He says I want to clarify few things after this party. Veena gets the cake and lights the candle. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna take the knife and get back.

Maasi says Rishabh has been doing this alone, why don’t Kuki’s mum and dad cut the cake together this time. Tanvi says Prerna could have cut the cake with Kuki. Maasi says the focus will be on them, I m going upstairs to weaken the hanging rope, we have to take Rishabh that side, I will call Veena and ask her to tight the rope, the hanging will fall. Tanvi asks what if anything happens to him, its risky. Maasi says it will be little injury, don’t worry. Maasi goes upstairs. Mr. Bajaj and

Prerna cut the cake. Maasi cuts the rope. She thinks the rope will break. Mr. Bajaj asks where is Maasi. She says I m here. Prerna sends Kuki to Veena. Kuki takes cake for Veena.
Veena feeds it to Kuki. Prerna smiles. Maasi says you have to see the arrangements here, I feel you aren’t doing it well, the hanging has come down, get it tightened. Veena says I will see. Prerna says Veena is my mum. Maasi asks really. Mr. Bajaj says you should have introduced her before. Maasi says sorry, I didn’t know Veena is Prerna’s mom. Tanvi says mom didn’t know and argued with your mom, your mom was saying wrong about Rishabh. Maasi says I will apologize to Veena. They go. Veena goes to check the rope. It gets breaking. She shouts Mr. Bajaj. He looks on. The floral hanging falls over him. Everyone gets shocked. Everyone rushes to him. The men take Mr. Bajaj. Veena says I didn’t do anything. Prerna says I know, Kuki I will go to your dad, don’t cry. Prerna goes. Veena says I don’t know how it fell.

Maasi says you did this intentionally, you don’t like Rishabh. Mohini says why is Maasi blaming Veena, I don’t think Veena will harm her son-in-law. Prerna and Tanvi ask for doctor. Prerna asks Tanvi to calm down. Doctor says I will examine him, fill the form. Prerna sees Tanvi in tension. Tanvi says please help, save Rishabh, I love him so much, I really want to marry him, mom thinks its for money, but no, I will be proved a good wife for him, I love him. Nurse says he is okay. Prerna says he is okay, doctors are with him.

Maasi says Prerna will come back soon, your dad is hurt so she is there, they will come back. She hugs Kuki. She thinks Prerna has to become bad in Kiku’s sight. She asks Kuki to listen to her. She says Chandu will be here, you don’t get scared. She goes. She thinks its time to teach a lesson to Veena.

Suman checks the door. Police comes and asks for Veena Sharma. Veena says I m Veena Sharma. Inspector says you have to come with us, we have to present her before the magistrate. Suman, Shekhar and everyone ask what did Veena do. Veena says I m ready to come with you. Dadi asks what happened. Inspector says she knows what wrong happened, maintain peace, Veena has made a fatal attack on Mr. Bajaj, he is injured, there is a complaint lodged against her. Veena goes. Dadi asks why isn’t Veena saying anything. Shekhar, Suman and Shivani leave. Maasi calls Tanvi. She asks how is Rishabh. Tanvi says he is serious. Maasi asks is Prerna there, tell her I m crying a lot and come here. Tanvi and Maasi act. Prerna asks is Maasi fine. Tanvi says she is crying a lot, be with Rishabh, I have to go home. Prerna asks her to go. Tanvi goes.

Maasi asks Nivedita why did she go upstairs. Nivedita says I respect you as you are elder, don’t talk to me. Prerna asks how is Mr. Bajaj. Doctor says he is fine, he had internal bleeding, we have stopped the bleeding, you can meet him. Prerna sees Mr. Bajaj and says get well soon.

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