Made For Each Other Thursday update 5 December 2019


Made For Each Other Thursday update 5 December 2019

nurse seeing Moloy moving his hand. She runs to call the doctor. Moloy recalls Komolika. Doctor checks Moloy and says it will take time for him to recover completely, he is making a movement in unconscious state, it means his mind is conscious, not his body,

this may affect his heart, keep a watch on him. Komolika recalls Anurag’s words. She comes to him. He comes from bath. She says clothes are kept here. Anurag gets a call from office. She thinks why isn’t my charm working on her. She makes him wear the shirt and tries to woo him. She says I m yours and you are mine, even then we couldn’t unite. He gets away and says I m sorry,
I have an imp meeting in office. She says you always run away from me, you had hidden in bathroom that day to get away from me, whenever I tried to get close, you ran away. She recalls Anurag making excuses and staying away from her. She says that’s it Prerna, your time is over, same thing will happen with you which happened with Moloy, Anurag will see me when he doesn’t see Prerna.

Prerna greets Vikrant. He says I have a good news for you, all the arrangements are done, contract is signed. Anurag looks on and asks Anupam to see Prerna, how she is laughing, why, she doesn’t laugh when she is with him. Anupam smiles and says I got to know your weakness, you are jealous. Prerna smiles and asks can we tell Anurag what we are going to do. Anurag asks what happened. Prerna gives a magazine. She asks Anurag to see it. She says its our fashion magazine. Anurag says none will see this, our magazine front page is also the same, you won’t be able to launch pictures before us, my magazine launch is close, right timing and chance is imp in business, I know you don’t value time, you will be ruined, think again. He leaves.

Vikrant says Anurag is right. Prerna says Anurag is just saying it, I know him well, he won’t having any launch so soon. He says if you are sure, then fine. He leaves. She thinks Anurag you can’t break my courage. Anurag stops the car. He says I m calling the magazine editor. He asks the man to change the cover page, change the fashion page and keep anything else like sports or news, change the topic. The man asks why, everything is ready. Anurag says our competitor has made better fashion page, so I m asking you to change it. The man agrees. Anupam says you confuse me, you said that you are afraid that Prerna’s magazine will be ruined.

Anurag says yes, but you know Prerna, she won’t listen to me, she is stubborn, she will do what she wants, I can’t see her trying, this is her first try against me, so I want her to win. Komolika calls a goon and asks do you want to earn money, you have to do my work. The man says I m Sanju’s brother, he is underground because of some accident, you called, it means there is some imp work, give me a chance, I will do anything. She says I have a work for you, you have to kill someone, tell the price. He says I will give you an option, if you want to keep enemy alive and prove him dead for the world, it will also happen. She says I want Prerna dead. He asks her to come to garage with the advance and with the person’s pic. She says fine, find out where is Anju.

Moloy opens his eyes. He recalls hearing Sanju informing Komolika about his accident. Mohini says I feel restless, spend time with me. Nivedita says of course, I will be with you. Mohini asks will you accompany me to hospital. Nivedita agrees. Prerna gets breakfast. Mohini refuses to have it. Prerna says you can’t have oily food since you are a heart patient. Komolika gets sweets and samosas for Mohini. Mohini says so sweet. Prerna says Mohini is a heart patient, you don’t get her between our fight. Komolika says you have fed halwa to Mohini and made her ill maybe you added something in it. Mohini says enough. She gets doctor’s call.

Doctor says there is a good news, Moloy is out of coma. Mohini asks can you say again. He says yes, he got conscious. She cries and says thanks, I was waiting for this news, I m just coming. She says Moloy got conscious. Komolika gets shocked. Mohini hugs Nivedita. Prerna smiles. Komolika recalls Moloy’s words. She acts and congratulates. Nivedita says Papa will come back home, everyone will stay happy, lets go, we will get him home. Mohini says he will be happy knowing Komolika is our bahu. Komolika says yes. She thinks what to do now, Moloy will tell them the truth.

Prerna thinking of Moloy. Mohini says I will go and change. She goes. Komolika says I will freshen up. Prerna congratulates Nivedita. Nivedita says dad will never want you as Anurag’s wife. Prerna says I called you to inform this. Veena says I will go and thank Lord for this miracle. Prerna says you can come to meet Moloy when he comes home. Veena says sure, if Rajesh was here, he would have been happy. Prerna says everyone is happy, I will call you later.

Veena says everyone will be happy with Moloy’s return. Komolika says Moloy is back, I had many chances to kill him, like Sanju killed Rajesh, how could I do this, no, Moloy has to die like Rajesh. She calms down. Mohini asks Nivedita to help her, does the saree look good, jewellery isn’t matching. Nivedita

says you look good, dad always likes you. Mohini says I know, but I want him to feel that everything is fine, I didn’t break down. Nivedita makes her ready and hugs. She says we shall leave now.
Komolika is on the way. She thinks of Moloy. A man comes in front. She scolds the biker. She says I have to kill Moloy before family reaches, Moloy has to die, yes. She calls the goon and asks for his address. She leaves. Prerna is on the way. She calls Anurag. He smiles and thinks I love you Prerna. He answers the call. He asks how did you call. She says people, feelings and heart is imp to me. He asks what is your heart saying, are you missing me. She says maybe you don’t know, Moloy got conscious. He asks what, my wife gave me first good news after marriage, I mean you informed me and did a wife’s duty. She says I don’t want to become your wife, this was about Moloy, I know you love him like I love him. He says thanks a lot.

Komolika says your brother didn’t do the work well. The goon asks why did you call then. She says Sanju sent pic and said both the men died, but just one of them died, other one is in hospital, Moloy is my father in law, come with me, we will think on the way, you have to kill Moloy and then leave before anyone comes. The goon says I can’t do this worjk, doctors, patients and their families will be there. She says I can’t believe this, you have to do this, Sanju took money from me, I will go to tell the police. He says I don’t care for this. She asks him to understand, everything will be over. She says I need your help. He refuses. She angrily slaps him and goes.

Veena thanks Lord. Shivani says its good news, Prerna will get someone to take care of her, you always took care of us. Prerna goes inside the hospital. Komolika sees her and says I should have not wasted my time, I have to do this, I have no choice. Prerna says trust me, I want to meet Moloy, I won’t disturb him. Nurse says sorry. Prerna says I m like his daughter. Nurse says calm down, I will call the doctor. Doctor comes. Prerna says you know me, why can’t I meet Moloy. He says its Anurag’s instructions, he thinks Moloy’s accident was someone’s conspiracy. Komolika gets shocked. Anurag hugs Anupam and says dad got conscious. Anupam asks what are you saying, we should go to him. Prerna asks how, even dad was with Moloy, not possible, why will anyone do this. Komolika thinks yes, I didn’t wish to kill Rajesh, but he came there with Moloy.

Prerna says you never let me meet Moloy, please let me meet him. Doctor says he was in coma, now he has got conscious, if Anurag is right, then his life is in danger, I can’t take risk, I can’t permit anyone to meet him. Komolika thinks this doctor stopped me too, Anurag played this trick. Prerna says I have the right to know the truth, what happened. She cries. Doctor says come with me. Komolika says what’s the doctor telling her. Anurag is on the way with Anupam. He says I m very happy, Prerna called me and gave this news. Anupam removes cotton plugs from ear and asks what are you saying. Anurag says I was telling you and you didn’t hear. Anupam says you told me many times. Anurag says Prerna called me, she said dad got conscious.

Anupam jokes and laughs. Mohini calls Anurag. She says your dad got conscious. Anurag says I know. She asks did Komolika call you, she knows her priorities, she is perfect, I love that girl. Anurag says I m very happy. Tapur and Nivedita say we are also happy, where is Anupam. Anurag says he is with me. Doctor says Prerna I m not asked to tell this, maybe Anurag wants to save you from mental pain. She asks what did Anurag say, why does he think so, tell me. He says when Moloy was in coma, he was treated by London specialist, Anurag met me. FB shows Anurag asking doctor to have trustworthy people around Moloy. He says my men will also be here, the police officer told me that this accident was planned, if Moloy gets conscious, someone may attack him again. Doctor agrees. Anurag says even my family members shouldn’t know this, I know its difficult, make sure that none goes to Moloy, tell them anything that dad is in coma and he may catch an infection, they will listen to you, police has proof that this wasn’t an accident. FB ends. Doctor says the culprit will be caught soon, Anurag acted wise. Komolika gets worried.

Prerna saying Anurag should have told this to me. Anurag says Moloy wanted me to marry Komolika, Prerna will tell him that she married me, how will dad react, maybe he feels cheated, he maybe shocked. Komolika thinks Anurag played a smart game, he didn’t tell me, I m badly caught today, how shall I reach there.

She sees Prerna and thinks how will Moloy react seeing her. Prerna goes to Moloy and cries. He wakes up and sees her. He asks why are you crying. She holds his hand.

Komolika says I did a big mistake, I forgot this man didn’t die. She looks on. Moloy consoles Prerna. He gets up and asks where is everyone. Prerna says they will come, everyone is fine. He says forgive me, Rajesh and I wanted you and Anurag to get married, I couldn’t come to bless.

you, forgive me, my wish is fulfilled. Prerna says you wanted Anurag and my marriage to happen. He says of course, Rajesh wasn’t listening to me, I have no complains, he fulfilled my dream, where is Rajesh, you remember Mohini got ill by eating halwa, Komolika added something in it, I had proof, CCTV footage, we went to her house, Komolika said she did this as she wanted to marry Anurag, I told her that she can never become my bahu, just Prerna will become my bahu. Prerna cries. He asks what happened.
She says Komolika lied to everyone, she said you wanted Anurag and her to marry, marriage happened and she came as bahu, but Anurag and I married in temple before, but legally she is living as his wife. He says just you can become my bahu, I will go home and tell everyone. He shouts doctor. He sees Komolika and asks her to come in.

He gets up and goes out to Komolika. Prerna asks him to rest. Moloy says you lied and did such a bad thing, you didn’t listen to me, I will get Anurag and Prerna married, society will accept that marriage, I will get Prerna her rights.

Komolika says truth is, Anurag and I got married. He says Prerna, call the family, I will tell the truth. Komolika says I will get you all behind bars for misbehavior and harassment. He says I will get you arrested for the fraud. Komolika catches Prerna’s neck and says I will kill her like I killed her dad by failing the car brakes. He slaps her. Komolika’s dream ends. She sees Prerna at the door. She signs relief. Prerna wishes Moloy sees her. Komolika thinks how to manage the situation. She asks Prerna to let doctor go. Anurag and Anupam are on the way.

Anupam says Prerna is also close to Moloy, I have hidden this from everyone, Moloy wanted Prerna and you to marry. Anurag stops the car and asks what. Anupam says Moloy and I used to drink and talk, he told me that he will announce your and Prerna’s marriage, he saw Navin and Prerna’s marriage rituals that time. Anurag says I don’t understand, why did he talk to Komolika’s dad for our marriage, I feel we should stop Prerna, I have to take Komolika’s help. Anurag calls Komolika and asks her to be with Moloy, keep Prerna away, Moloy shouldn’t know about their marriage. Komolika gets happy and thinks we have same motive but different reasons. She says fine, I will not let Prerna meet him, I m at the temple to thank Lord. Anurag says Komolika isn’t at the hospital, she is at the temple. Anupam jokes. Anurag says we have to go and talk to dad.

Nurse asks Prerna to go and sit, there is no use to stand there. Nurse thinks I didn’t see any bahu loving Sasur like her own dad. Moloy wakes up. Nurse asks how are you now. Komolika is also there. Anurag thinks everyone would be excited to meet dad. He says Anupam, I have hidden something, dad’s accident was planned by someone, the car brakes wire were cut by someone. Anupam gets shocked.

Prerna thinks I won’t forgive Anurag for hiding this. Mohini, Tapur and Nivedita come there. Tapur says Prerna loves Moloy, he also regards her a daughter. Nivedita says just we are his daughters. Prerna says its better if we don’t fight today. Mohini says you aren’t our family, Moloy wanted Komolika to become our bahu, please stop wasting my time. Prerna says doctors asked us not to meet Moloy. Mohini says none can stop me from meeting Moloy. Prerna says Anurag feels someone is after Moloy’s life, that accident was done deliberately, someone tried to kill Moloy.

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