Made For Each Other Thursday Update 30 July 2020 Anurag connects with Prerna


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 30 July 2020 Anurag connects with Prerna

Kumud saying Anurag and Sonalika didn’t come back yet. Mohini says they would be in puja. Kumud praises Sonalika. Mohini says she is sweet and obedient, she said Maa is always right when Anurag refused to go for puja. She calls Anurag and asks how long will you take now. Anurag says guess what, we met Prerna, Rajesh’s daughter, she was going to the temple and got hit by our car, we got her to her home, we are coming. She says come soon. She ends call. He says I will get Sonalika and leave.

Kumud says its either fate or intentional. Mohini says Prerna was there by her conspiracy. Prerna thanks Sonalika for doing all this for Anurag and saving his life. She goes out and sees Anurag. He asks what happened to her. Sonalika says nothing. She thinks even I m getting tears but of happiness. He asks are you fine, Maa has called, we should go, I will say bye to Prerna and come. He goes to Prerna and asks her may I come in. She asks him to come. He says we were leaving now, I have just come to say bye. She says okay bye. He asks did anything happen between us in last two years, I feel you don’t want to talk to me, you are upset, is there anything you are hiding, tell me, you used to cheat a lot in childhood. She asks do you remember. He says I remember everything, except these two years, why are you upset. She says I m tired, you should go.

Chahat ke safar…..plays… He asks for band aid for Sonalika. He takes the first aid kit and goes. She cries. He says why is she so sad. He goes back to her. He says you are sad, you are missing Rajesh, right, I m sorry. He wipes her tears. Naina….plays.. He recalls a moment and feels tensed .She asks him to leave, there is nothing to say. He goes. She thinks this shouldn’t happen Anurag, doctor has already warned about it. She cries. Anurag and Komolika leave. Prerna waves to them. Anurag asks whom were you waving to. Komolika asks who, Veena aunty…

Anurag and Komolika come home. Komolika thinks its drama time. She asks Kumud shall I help you. Kumud says no, you won’t be habitual. Komolika says I will also feel like part of family if I do something for them. Everyone smiles.

 Komolika serves food to everyone. Anurag comes. Mohini feeds him food. Moloy says Anurag is so lucky to get Mohini’s love. Mohini says bahu is here, Moloy. Komolika says not bahu, daughter…. Anupam thinks Sonalika is really good, but how can anyone be so good. Mohini and Moloy ask did you go to Rajesh’s house. Anurag says yes, Prerna got hit by the car, she is fine, she got foot sprain, I dropped her home. Mohini asks did you inform at office that you are going to temple. Nivedita says I had informed Rahil. Anurag says I got an odd feeling that I have gone there many times, like I connect with them, did I go to their house often in these two years. Mohini says no, there was no connection.

Mohini thinks and says why did Anurag say this. Moloy says maybe he has some memories and wants to know about it, its natural, Prerna isn’t such a girl to get help, she messaged me and asked me to call her when Anurag remembers everything. She says just block her, Prerna found out about Anurag from Rahil and came there. He says this can’t happen. Anurag comes and asks how was our relation with Sharmas. Komolika gets angry. Anurag asks how was our relation with Sharmas. Mohini says I already told you. Anurag says I can feel it, I don’t remember something imp. Mohini recalls his marriage and says nothing happened, I have already told you everything, I have some work. She collides with Komolika and goes. Komolika thinks she is getting fat by eating Rasogullas. Veena cries. Shivani asks why didn’t you sleep, everything will be fine, don’t worry. Veena says Prerna isn’t at fault, she is helpless, Anurag has left her, look at her state, I can’t do anything for her. Prerna looks on.

Mohini asks Nivedita to keep Anurag busy, else he will he asking for more answers. Nivedita says think positive, we won’t tell him about his past, whatever we say will be truth for him. Mohini says right. Moloy asks Anupam to take Anurag out. Anurag says its not needed and goes. Komolika thinks I will make sure that Anurag doesn’t remember anything.

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