Made For Each Other Thursday Update 27 February 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 27 February 2020

Anurag asking Anupam to meet him in conference hall. Anupam thinks its better if he lives life well and focus on work, than thinking about Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj comes home and calls out Kuki. He asks her to see what he got for her. Maasi says you came early today, this is lovely. He says I got this for Kuki, where is she. He calls out Kuki.

Tanvi asks Prerna where is Kuki. Prerna says yes, we were playing hide and seek, she went to hide. He asks where is she now. Mohini says you made a big mistake by giving your daughter’s responsibility to her, I also gave my son’s happiness responsibility to her, result is in front of you. Prerna says she must be here. They all call out Kuki.

Nivedita says she can’t answer you, she can’t speak, you can’t handle kids, you can handle men, you are money minded. Prerna shouts Kuki. Mr. Bajaj says you couldn’t even take care of her, I have brought you here just to look after her. Maasi asks him not to shout, Prerna is the house bahu, please. He says just pray we find her. Tanvi shouts come fast, Kuki is here in storeroom. They all go. Nivedita thinks Mr. Bajaj got Prerna to take care of his daughter, what does this mean. Mr. Bajaj hugs Kuki and takes her to the room.

Maasi asks Kuki to get up. Prerna says sorry. He says you didn’t know about her, the servants take better care of her. He sprinkles water and wakes up Kuki. He asks them to call the doctor. Maasi says I will call the doctor. He says sorry, I have come to you. Prerna thinks I forgot about Kuki because of Shivani’s call, its all my fault. Maasi calls the doctor and says Sharda here, come fast, Kiku fainted, maybe her new mum was careless, anyone can make a mistake, just come, we don’t live there anymore, I will message the address. Tanvi says sent.

Maasi says thank God Kuki’s state is not so bad. Tanvi says don’t worry, Kuki was looking for Prerna, you were there. FB shows, Kuki looking for Prerna. Tanvi asks didn’t you hide, Prerna is finding you, go and hide in storeroom, let Prerna find you, it will be much fun. She asks Maasi to take Kuki to hide. Maasi takes her and smiles. Tanvi goes first and hides inside. Maasi says you won’t be scared here, there are lights, don’t shut the door, keep it open. She goes. Tanvi covers herself with a white cloth and scares Kuki. Kuki gets scared. FB ends. Tanvi says kids also tend to have phobia of ghosts, Kuki fainted and I came out, I fought with Mohini so that everyone knows we were in kitchen, I rescued Kuki in front of Rishabh.

Maasi says you and Rishabh should have got married, he did wrong by marrying Prerna, you did stupidity, you didn’t get close to Kuki, you could have married Rishabh, but Prerna did this, if you could do that, his money, his power would have been ours. Tanvi says now he is married. Maasi says there is still hope, I had gone to his room and pretended to be upset. FB shows Maasi saying I m upset, you decided to marry Prerna and didn’t tell me, why. He says we didn’t want to make it grand, I was in hurry, it was imp to marry her. She asks do you love her a lot. He says yes, I love Kuki a lot, I saw how Prerna saved Kuki many times, that’s when I decided that Kuki should stay with Prerna. Maasi says it means you married Prerna for Kuki’s sake. FB ends.

Maasi says Prerna is just a glorified nanny, he got her to take care of his daughter. Tanvi says we have to break this relation. Maasi says he has to believe that Prerna is harmful for Kuki. Tanvi says today he has seen how careless she is. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna not to do anything. Kuki hugs him. Prerna smiles. Tuta hua….plays…. She thinks Mr. Bajaj is a business machine for the world, he is the worst person in my life, but he is the best father in the world, he was so worried when his daughter fainted. Prerna hugs Kuki and says so sorry. He goes. Prerna says we were so scared, I promise you, I will never leave you alone, why did you go and hide there. Kuki signs her. Prerna asks what, the door got locked. Maasi and Tanvi worry.

Maasi says sorry Prerna from Rishabh’s side, I will go and talk to him. Tanvi signs Maasi. Maasi goes to Mr. Bajaj and says Kuki is fine, what about you? He says relieved. She says lets sit and talk, come. She says this girl Prerna, I like her a lot, she is good at heart, so Kuki got attached to her soon, but Prerna is too young to manage this responsibility, the way you shouted on her, I felt bad, it seemed like you got some nanny for Kuki, I know you married Prerna because of Kuki, but she is your wife, you must not behave like this, everyone heard it, don’t do this again. He says you are right, I m sorry. He goes to make a call. Tanvi hears them. She smiles and goes to hug Maasi.

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