Made For Each Other Thursday Update 26 December 2019


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 26 December 2019

Nivedita saying we have to go to Kuldevi temple for a rasam, what’s the matter. Prerna says nothing. Nivedita says we are friends, I can’t be Shivani for you, but I can be your elder sister. Prerna says you are my elder sister. Nivedita asks her to enjoy the moment.

She goes. Anurag comes home. He looks at himself in the mirror. He goes to Prerna. Lights go off. Prerna looks for the candles. She lights candles. Anurag comes. She gets scared. He holds her and asks her to be careful. Mahi….plays… He says I was so scared for you, I came running in a hurry, I hope you aren’t scared, were you missing me, what happened, do you want to say something, tell me, you didn’t say I love you and then you didn’t say you miss me when you called me, I hope you have

no intention to dump me. She says you say such nonsense.
He says its my mistake, you don’t want to talk to me, the lights went, I should check the problem but I m here, this makes me lazy, its all because of you, tell me what’s on your mind, come on. She says Anurag…. you have made me paranoid, I mean…. I get nervous. He takes candle from her hand. She says I want to tell a lot of things, but I couldn’t, I have seen happiness coming and then turning around, I get scared. He makes her keep hand on his heart and asks can you feel my heartbeat, no one will be able to snatch your happiness, don’t be scared I m with you. She says I trust you more than myself. He asks what now. She says I feel nervous. He says none can make us away, since we are made for each other. They smile and hug. Mr. Bajaj opens a door and gets in. Candle falls down. Anurag turns to see. Prerna and Anurag hold the diya in hand. They shut the window. Anurag says relax, as long as we are together, no storm can enter our house or life, I m with you. She smiles. They hug..

Its morning, Shivani gets surprised seeing Aryan. He says so much happened, I was thinking to meet you, how are you doing. She says I m good, how are you. He says I m not going great, but good, I have missed you a lot, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about you, so I came to meet you, I might have the answer now, you would have a question…., will you marry me, yes I will marry you, my answer will always be yes you can ask me this question any time, my parents will come here to talk to your mum, I m sorry, I really like you, if you accept me, I will consider myself lucky. He goes. She smiles.

Anurag meets Saurabh and says you said its imp to meet. Saurabh says Mr. Bajaj is going to come to Kolkata soon. Anurag asks is this confirmed. Saurabh says they can’t say this for sure. Anurag says it means its not confirmed, assign this task to more people, I m ready to pay money, I want to know everything about Bajaj, he is done hiding, he has to come out now, why is he hiding.

At the temple, Sneha stops Prerna by holding her saree. Prerna hugs her and asks how are you, so cute, I heard you are brave and helped them in finding me, thanks. Sneha gives the flower. Nivedita asks what about mine, we met that day. Tapur asks who is she. Nivedita says Prerna’s life got saved because of this girl. The old lady says Sneha likes you, she saw you and asked me to stop, she bought the flower for you. Prerna says I also like her a lot. The lady says maybe because you saved her, she thinks of you, see the fate, she met you here, she is so happy.

Prerna hugs Sneha. She says you are here and met me, can we go in now and thank God. Sneha nods. Kyu kehlaya hai…plays…. Prerna makes Sneha pray right. They smile and pray. The lady asks Sneha to come. They go. Prerna sits with Nivedita and Tapur. Sneha runs to Prerna and hugs. Everyone smiles.

Prerna kisses Sneha and hugs. Sneha goes. Prerna smiles. Das comes to Anurag. Anurag says the value of our shares is going up, did you see this. Das says its good, but something doesn’t seem right, the investors have sold all the shares. Anurag asks what, but this is… then the value should go on. Das says the three companies were bought. Anurag says what’s the problem. Das says the shares were bought by same company, we found something shocking, that company was a shell company. Anurag says a shell company, someone is after us, someone did this so that we don’t know the real buyer. Das says I doubt that Bajaj is after this. Anurag says I want proofs, I m getting engaged today, you are invited, I want you to give me info about Bajaj as a gift. Das says congrats, sure. He goes


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