Made For Each Other Thursday Update 25 June 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 25 June 2020

Prerna saying I want to help Anurag in moving on, I don’t regret that I m Kuki’s mom, but…. He looks at her. He says I also feel hurt when you feel so, you can talk to me about anything, just don’t talk about Anurag, actually I wanted to meet your family.

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 24 June 2020

She says I will call Veena. She goes. Anurag says Mr. Bajaj knew everything, he knew about accident and didn’t tell Prerna. Anupam asks why didn’t he say he doesn’t know. Anurag says he plays smart, he is a hunter, he will catch the prey at the right time, I got careless and emotional, he knew it, he is planning something big to make Prerna and me away.

Veena says it was Prerna’s call, she said Mr. Bajaj is coming here to meet us, maybe he is innocent. They discuss. Prerna comes to Kuki.

She sits and thinks what happened to you Anurag, you were a pure soul, you are going on a wrong path. She cares for Kuki. Kuki hugs her. Mr. Bajaj looks on. Kuki signs Prerna to sleep. Prerna hugs her and sleeps. He thinks she is very disturbed, even then she is fulfilling her responsibilities, she is giving love to Kuki, since she is also pregnant, it was tough to decide this, knowing Prerna is pregnant with Anurag’s child, it was just for Kuki, but now I have my own family.

He sees Prerna. Na sikha maine jeena….plays……. He thinks of her and goes. He thinks I won’t let anyone come between my family. Anurag sees the inspector and thinks he was handing Mr. Bajaj’s case. He runs to stop him. He thinks whom did he meet here. He sees Mr. Bajaj. He says so he came to meet you. Mr. Bajaj asks are you my dad, I don’t want to talk. Anurag says that’s your man. Mr. Bajaj asks so what.
Anurag says how can you be cold and calm. Mr. Bajaj says there is nothing wrong here, I called him to keep an eye on you, love makes a person crazy. Anurag says you didn’t see any craze, you don’t deserve her, I will win her. Mr. Bajaj says enough, she is my wife, I m hurt hearing this. Anurag asks why, you snatched Prerna from me. Mr. Bajaj drinks. Anurag says she still loves me, she forgot everything and came to me, I know what she feels for me, I will always support her until I m alive. Mr. Bajaj says then you die, the best plan is you die, I won’t let you talk about her, I feel bad that you are alive, you should have died in that accident. Anurag says so I was right, you did that accident. Mr. Bajaj says yes, I did that accident. He recalls intentionally hitting Anurag. Anurag says that’s why I was thinking how did the accident get serious, I will get a proof against you.

Mr. Bajaj says you are in anger, you were confident that she is your love, your life, she is my wife, you thought to get small injuries and go to her crying, but what happened, I was happy seeing you in the hospital, I saw you in ICU, it was delightful sight, winning is an addiction, I confess you, when I learnt you are planning accident to get sympathy, I thought why not make this real, choose your thoughts and words wisely, I had seen you and I could have spared you, I didn’t do that, I warned you, you were always around my wife and challenged me, she has become imp for me, a husband needs his wife, but there is someone else in her heart, I have to kill you, then I decided to bid you bye, then I left you. He slaps himself and says bad Rishabh.

Prerna wakes up. Mr. Bajaj says I didn’t wish to create this mess, you know I m a hunter, you became the prey, then I left you, you will be in problem now, you love your destruction, you followed me to Switzerland and spied on you, I kept patience, you snatched my house, I didn’t do anything, when you stared at my wife during Ganpati puja, I could have not tolerated, I m Rishabh Bajaj, I let those people come close whom I want, I didn’t tell you about my dad, he was the worst, he used to disrespect everyone, he used to blame me always, I was just 6 years old, I got 9 years old, my body was numb, dad died that year, he got electrocuted while taking a bath, so sorry, that cop is my man, I paid him, people get weak by money, he took it, I went to police station to buy that policeman, not to file FIR.

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