Made For Each Other Thursday update 23 January 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday update 23 January 2020

Anurag and Mohini praising Prerna. Everyone smiles. Prerna comes home. Anurag shouts stop. She stops at the door.

Mohini does Prerna’s aarti and tilak. She welcomes Prerna. She says I m waiting for tomorrow, when you come here as Anurag’s wife and my bahu. Anurag says I realized we should unite soon, so I spoke to mum and preponed the marriage. Veena asks how will we manage preparations so soon. Prerna thinks Mr. Bajaj and my marriage is tomorrow. Mr. Bajaj selects red saree and bangles and asks the lady to make that reach Prerna’s house. Mehra says manager has done all arrangements and booked the hotel. Ronit comes and says I didn’t imagine you can do this with me, I need to talk about the case, you played bad game with me, you told them that I m alive, did you

forget our deal.
Mr. Bajaj asks do you know playing chess, its a very fascinating game, this is king and this is queen, everyone else is a pawn, their work is to sacrifice. Ronit says but king is you. Mr. Bajaj says king is king because of the queen, I m marrying Prerna tomorrow. Ronit says she is getting married to Anurag. Mr. Bajaj gives him visa and lots of money. He says go to any corner of the world and settle. Ronit says I want to see Anurag getting ruined, you take over his properties. Mr. Bajaj says fine if you don’t want this chance. Ronit takes the envelope and says I will come back to take revenge on you all.

Pandit checks kundlis. Prerna asks what’s going on. Nivedita says he is checking kundlis to give perfect time for marriage. Veena says if this was the matter, you should have told us before. Anupam says pandit didn’t check kundli before. Anurag asks if I do this way, will there be any problem. Pandit says everything will get fine after a puja and havan. Anurag takes Prerna with him. She asks what are we going to do. He says pandit ji has much knowledge, we faced troubles as our marriage was incomplete, its called one and a half marriage, we didn’t take rounds, you didn’t wear mangalsutra, pandit ji said its a marriage, we will complete our marriage tomorrow, I want a full clean and clear marriage with all the rituals like we are marrying for the first time. He gets sindoor and says I want to fill this in your maang. She says tomorrow. He says today.

Everyone sits in the havan. Prerna says I will apply it. Baahon me teri….plays….. She applies some. He wipes it. She asks what are you doing. He says I m wiping our half marriage, its imp, let havan end. He breaks the thread as well. She gets worried. He says our half incomplete marriage ended today, we have to trust pandit ji. She cries. He says now you are free completely. She says I don’t want to lose you. He says don’t cry. He hugs her and says we will marry tomorrow. Naina …..plays…. She recalls her word to Mr. Bajaj. He asks why do you love me so much. She says because I love you. Nivedita comes and says sorry. He says you should knock and come, Prerna will be becoming my wife tomorrow. Nivedita shows the card. She asks Prerna not to cry. Prerna thanks her for everything.

Nivedita says no, thanks to you, you returned our Anurag. Anurag asks Prerna to see the card, how is it, is she happy. Prerna says its really good. He asks her to smile. She says I m very happy seeing you all so happy. He asks her to stop crying, she is his happiness. He says I promise I will always keep you happy, I have to give this to a special guest. Nivedita asks who. Anurag comes to meet Mr. Bajaj and says you got the news of my release, I had to share big good news, I m going to get married, have this invitation card, my family values relations, unlike you. Mr. Bajaj says congrats, I will surely come if your marriage happens. Anurag says my wife wanted the marriage to happen with all rituals. Mr. Bajaj says I m also getting married, my would be wife wants it to be a private one, sorry I can’t invite you.

Anurag says its okay, congrats, I will come to wish you and your wife. Mr. Bajaj says you have to come, its a must. Anurag says I shall leave. They wish all the best to each other. Anurag goes. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna…. Prerna thinks of Anurag and cries. She gets the anklet. Ishq di….plays…. Anurag calls her. He asks are you missing me, I m missing you, lets talk something better, I love you Prerna, just say this thrice. She cries. He says please…. She says Anurag, please don’t misunderstand me, maybe you feel it wrong, whatever I did, it was for you.

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