Made For Each Other Thursday Update 20 August 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 20 August 2020

Prerna saying I told Anurag that my husband isn’t here, but I m sure that he will come back soon. Anurag says good night and leaves. Veena sees Prerna. Prerna says I m fine. Veena hugs her. Komolika thinks of Prerna.

She says Anurag saved you, but you won’t get saved from me forever, why didn’t Anurag come back, I m not liking this, he is getting attracted to Prerna, no, this can’t happen, he should be close to me, but he is with Prerna. She says Prerna don’t get me so annoyed that you lose your life and Anurag, both.

Prerna gets up and drinks water. Shivani asks what happened. Prerna says I m not able to forget Sonalika. Shivani says yes, what proof do you want now, why don’t you listen. Prerna says we have to gather proof, if we proof that Ronit and Sonalika are siblings.. Shivani says I know Ronit’s house. Prerna says we will go there and get proof to expose Sonalika. Its morning, they come to Ronit’s house. They see Ronit locking the door and going. Prerna asks do you have his landline number. Shivani asks why. Prerna calls on the landline. He goes back and unlocks the door. He goes in. Prerna says I knew he will answer the landline, come with me. They go inside the house. He sits and answers the call. Prerna disconnects. He says would dad, Mishka call on landline, anyway I m getting late. Prerna and Shivani get inside while he picks the keys. He leaves his phone there. He goes. They see Sonalika’s call. Shivani says its password protected. Shivani says I will try Sonalika’s birthdate. Prerna says no, put your birthdate. She takes the phone and enters the pin. Ronit says I forgot my phone. Prerna unlocks the phone and says check it fast. They hear Ronit coming. Ronit unlocks the door. Prerna and Shivani hide. He looks for his phone. His phone rings. Prerna and Shivani worry. Shivani drops a vase. He goes other side. They keep the phone there and rush upstairs. He gets his phone. He gets scared when the phone rings again. He answers the call.

Prerna says we just have 5 mins, hurry up. They check Ronit’s room. They get Ronit and Shanaya’s engagement card. Prerna says his engagement is tomorrow. Shivani says throw it, its not imp. Prerna says he is getting married, if Sonalika is Komolika then she will come, she loves her brother a lot, we will click pics and then game over.

Komolika comes to Anurag and asks are you finding something. He says yes, some file, its okay, I will find it. She says I have done business, tell me, I will find it. He says I want a blue colour file, confidential is written over it. She says don’t worry, I m your wife, I will find it. He goes. She says he left, I m not interested in finding the file, I should go and shop for my Ronit’s fiancee. Ronit welcomes his in-laws. Prerna and Shivani look on. His in-laws ask him to call his sister, they want to talk to her. He says fine, I will call her. Komolika says I have to find the file if Anurag said. She calls Prerna. She asks where is Anurag’s confidential file. Prerna says third drawer. Komolika gets it and ends the call. Prerna says selfish. Ronit says her phone is busy, you are right, I will call you back and make you meet her. The lady says perfect, call us when you are comfortable. Ronit goes out with them. Shivani says we will go by the window, don’t worry.

Komolika says I will come for rasam, your inlaws think I m your cousin, not Komolika, this marriage will support us when dad isn’t with us. Ronit says you are saying you will come for Kajal ritual, I will just do the ritual in front of pandit, just go before anyone sees you. He goes. Shivani says when you were talking to Sonalika, Ronit couldn’t connect the call to her. Prerna says we have to be sure. Shivani gets a call from some landline. Prerna answers. Anurag hears her and thinks I shouldn’t have called at night. He ends call. Prerna thinks Anurag.

He says what will she think. Prerna says it was Anurag’s call. Shivani asks how do you know this. Prerna says like we know Sonalika is Komolika. Anurag says I will talk to her. He calls again. She asks why didn’t you talk when you called before. He says I couldn’t get your voice because of network issue, I had to ask, are you fine. She asks why do you care for me and baby, who am I to you.