Made For Each Other Thursday Update 2 January 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 2 January 2020

Prerna seeing Anurag outside in the room balcony. She smiles and calls out Anurag. He says its raining, come out, its beautiful. She goes to him. Ye mausam ki baarish….plays…. They play with the rain. He holds her face. They get close to kiss. Shivika says I m not getting my bag. She sees Prerna day dreaming. She smiles and teases Prerna. Prerna says it was raining and now its not raining.

Prerna looks out. She thinks I m seeing things which isn’t here. Shivani asks her to come fast, mum is waiting. Prerna calls Anurag. Anupam answers. She says I thought I dailled wrong number. He says Anurag forgot the phone, I don’t know, he looked stressed, something happened that he went from the function, he shouted in his sleep.

She asks is this about Mr. Bajaj, who is he, what does he want. He says whatever, Anurag is much stressed out. She says I will call his manager and ask him. He says tell me if there is something.
Anurag says I told you before, company will bear the expenses, find out about Mr. Bajaj. Das says news is coming about Mr. Bajaj.

Gujral tells everyone about Mr. Bajaj and says its my request, don’t make Mr. Bajaj your business partner. Anurag looks on and says we are his next target, we know he will come here, we have to stop him. Suman gives the puja prasad to Veena. Veena recalls the fish she had seen in shagun. She feels bad. She goes. Shivani says we have to go to Prerna’s Sasural for rasam. Veena asks for Gangajal. She gets the Gangajal.

Shivani asks what happened, tell me. Veena shouts I won’t step in that house. Shekhar asks what happened. Veena asks him to get Gangajal kalash. She goes and pours the Gangajal on her head. She cries and says Gangajal is used to purify things, I m not able get of this bad feeling of touching the fish, I have to tell Prerna about Veena. Everyone looks on. Shivani asks her to listen. Prerna asks Das what’s troubling Anurag. He says sorry, I m going to his cabin.

Veena comes and thinks Prerna looks worried, its not right to talk to her. She asks what happened. Prerna asks what happened that Anurag is so worried, he is lying. Veena says you regard him as your husband, keep a wife’s Dharm, go and protect her, he needs you. Prerna hugs her and says you always show me the right way, I should go and ask Anurag why is he in tension. Veena says I was going to your Sasural, I wanted to tell you about gifts. Prerna says I m going to office, I will come from there. She goes. Veena says I m ready to tolerate Mohini.

Mohini instructs the servants. Anupam says mum has turned good. Nivedita says its a good thing. Anupam asks is there anything non veg in food. Mohini asks servant to keep just veg food. Nivedita asks did you hear this. Mohini asks Nivedita to come down and help. Anupam thinks Mohini is planning something. Mohini thinks I don’t want this alliance, Veena will refuse for it, I promise.

Anurag asks how can govt. File case against our case, how is our reporter arrested. Das says I don’t know. Prerna comes there. He asks you here. She says you weren’t answering calls. He says I was busy. She says I know what’s happening. He sees Das. Prerna asks Das to arrange CCTV footage of Gujral’s office, they want to know how Mr. Bajaj looks. Das goes.

Prerna says calm down Anurag. He says sorry, I could have handled this situation but this time…. She says you can handle this easily, I believe you, I m with you, you will know about Mr. Bajaj soon, we will fight them together. Window opens. Prerna and Anurag go to shut it.

A lady comes to Mr. Bajaj and lowers her shoulder strap. She tries to woo him and flirts with him. She says I m Shaina. Mr. Bajaj says I m Rishabh Bajaj. She says you took over the company, I m the wife of the company CEO, the way you took over the company, my husband is scared of job security, anyone would like to become your slave.

He says strange, women are talking of slavery, as far as I know, women are ruling the world. She says I can rule your world, I heard your status is single, you are all alone. He says and happy too. She says I can increase your happiness, more than your need. He says too much love and affection are dangerous, just money more than the need looks good, can you do me a favor. She asks the one I think?

He says go and tell your husband not to get scared, I fired him. She asks why. He says you are not so dumb, you can go and tell the reason, he will get an official mail, I hate disloyal wives, I don’t associate with the men who have disloyal wives, but the drink is on me, enjoy it. He leaves. Anurag sees Prerna and smiles. He thinks you have stood with me as a true friend and loyal partner, I will not let this togetherness break.

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