Made For Each Other Thursday Update 19 March 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 19 March 2020

Anurag saying you broke all relations and ended everything, despite that, can we become friends, can’t I wipe your tears as a friend. Prerna says I know, you were studious and were always in book, did you see that movie, there is a dialogue, a guy and a girl can never be friends. Mr. Bajaj wakes up. He looks for Prerna and goes out. Prerna says I can’t give you anything.

Anurag asks when did I ask for something, I know, I will make sure I get what’s mine. Ishq di baaziyaan….plays… She recalls their moments. She says you will find a better girl than me. He smiles. He says my heart is very stubborn, I love you a lot, my mind wants to hate you and tells me to move on, but my heart just wants you, my heart and my mind are always at loggerheads, say whom

shall I follow. She says erase all my memories, forget me. He says you asked me to forget you so easily, the moments we spent together, you called them memories, I will try my best, I will forget you, but… will you return me those moments, please.

Mr. Bajaj comes that way. Prerna says I know you, you are not bad, you are a good hearted person. Anurag says then come back to me, my heart still loves you a lot, please. He holds her hand. She says you can’t force me. She gets shocked seeing Mr. Bajaj. She says I….. I came here to knead the dough. Mr. Bajaj says I didn’t ask you anything, I just came to get water. She goes. Anurag says don’t question Prerna, I had asked her to stay back, I wanted to talk, you may doubt seeing us together.

Mr. Bajaj says I don’t doubt her, if I was insecure, I would have not got her in this house, I trust her, actions speak louder than words, I notice what you are doing and her reaction on it, she is my wife, she wears mangalsutra and sindoor of my name, she knows how to respect relations. Anurag says yes, but her soul is covered with my colour. Mr. Bajaj says mend your ways, its my final warning, I won’t spare you.

Anurag says you want to restrain her by the excuse of relations, I will tell you, ask her what she wants, what she wishes. Mr. Bajaj says when I say serious, I mean it. Anurag says some people love Prerna and me unconditionally, they want us to be together. Mr. Bajaj says Mrs. Bajaj and my story won’t be separated now, I m her husband and you are her ex lover, you were my business rival, I know how to handle you.

Anurag says lets see who wins, I know what Prerna feels for me, she will come back to me, she is my soul mate. Mr. Bajaj says try and see. Prerna comes and asks Mr. Bajaj to come. She goes. Anurag says true emotions are strong, you can’t suppress it, it will break relations some day. Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna and says careful, you won’t like it if I touch you, its late, switch off the lights. Prerna thinks why is he upset with me. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Mr. Bajaj thinks marriage, my foot, its an overrated relation, if Kuki’s health didn’t improve because of Prerna, I would have not married her, I don’t remember where are my things, my head is spinning. Prerna asks do you want something. He goes. She says why is he behaving so odd, does he doubt me, no, he doesn’t care unless its about Kuki.

Tanvi talks to her friend. She sees Mr. Bajaj shouting Chandu. She goes to him and asks do you need anything. He says nothing, the workers will get it. She says I m free, you may tell me. He says I wanted to have a cup of coffee. She says I will make it for you. She goes. Maasi says I know I did a big mistake, are you angry on me. He says you need not apologize for that, I know you had no wrong intentions, Prerna’s mom is a nice lady. She says yes, I wanted to ask you, shall I go and apologize to Veena.

He says she isn’t comfortable, we shall give her some more time. Suman asks Shivani where are you going. Shivani says I m going for a job interview. Suman says great, you, Shekhar and mum should work. Shivani says I don’t want Veena to work, I have a problem with Mr. Bajaj, he came between Prerna and Anurag, I don’t speak to Prerna now, I feel she isn’t my sister, Mr. Bajaj can act good, I can never respect him as I respected Anurag, I m getting late. She goes.

Mr. Bajaj sees his medicines. He says stay away, it will be a problem if my hand touches you. She asks why are you behaving strange. He says I know our relation, don’t remind me. She asks why this attitude, you are ignoring me. He says I m not doing this, would you mind it, we don’t react on own behavior, we react on other’s behavior, you aren’t seeing how you treat me, I don’t like it. She asks do I ill treat you, how, tell me. Tanvi gets coffee for him. She says I couldn’t find your headache medicine. He thanks Tanvi. Tanvi goes. Prerna gives him medicines. Mr. Bajaj says please don’t touch me again. She asks when did I touch you. He gets a call and asks what….

He shouts Mr. Anurag Basu. Anurag smiles. Anupam asks why is he shouting. Anurag says nothing, his plan failed because of me, come and see, how a man reacts to his failure. Maasi asks what happened. Prerna says I don’t know. Mohini shouts Rishabh Bajaj, no one yells in this house. Mr. Bajaj says Rajeev… Anurag says I m Anurag, take my name right. Mr. Bajaj says Rajeev works for me, you tried to bribe him so that he tells you the tender quotes, you want to take away the deals. Anurag asks why this anger, didn’t he do what you wanted.

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