Made For Each Other Thursday Update 18 June 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 18 June 2020

Constable saying someone came to meet you. Mr. Bajaj is freed to go and meet. He sees Prerna and says this isn’t a good place. She says I don’t care about the place, I heard Mehra came here. He says I don’t want to talk. He says constable, our meeting is over.

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 17 June 2020

She says I m not done yet. He says you want to know why I refused for the bail. She says Maasi is worried, Kuki will be asking for you. He says tell Kuki that I went for a business trip. She says its happening because of me, you did that accident and didn’t accept the mistake, you kept looking at me, I understood that you got yourself arrested to show off, I wanted you to get arrested, you are doing this drama to prove yourself innocent, you want to prove that I misunderstood you.

Mohini asks

Anurag to sit. Anupam says I explained him, he doesn’t listen. Anurag asks don’t you want me to roam around and get fine. She says you need to rest. He says I m feeling good. She says yes, because our house’s bad shadow is in police station. Anurag smiles and says you look cute, Anupam was saying, you would get angry if I go out, but you are smiling, look. She hugs him.

Prerna says I know you are angry with me and everyone, you can vent anger out, don’t trouble anyone. Mr. Bajaj says I m not venting anger. She says you let me stay with Anurag, now you are upset. He says don’t accuse me for what I didn’t do, I m here as you wanted, I will not come out until I m proved innocent, I don’t want you to believe that I m an evil man, I can’t tolerate this, your opinion about me matters, its strange actually, I didn’t care for it before, I wanted to believe that I m a ruthless machine, business shark, something wrong is happening with me, I have a heart, it hurts when its misunderstood. She says I didn’t misunderstand you, you think so. She goes. Mohini’s friends come and ask Anurag what happened. Anupam says he slipped in bathroom. Anurag says Maa, I have imp work, I will come soon. Mohini asks Anupam to go along. Mohini attends the guests. Anupam asks Anurag to go later. Anurag says its imp, if I come in, I will disappear again, let me go. Anupam says do what you want, I know you are going to meet Mr. Bajaj.

Mr. Bajaj thinks I should have not spoken to Prerna like this, what happened to me. Mohini talks to the ladies. Paulmi says I m a matchmaker. I unite people, sometimes we feel something is bad, it has hidden happiness, I got a heartbroken guy married, he is happy now. The lady says I told Paulmi about Anurag. Anupam gets the envelope for Mohini. He says Anurag won’t be marrying anyone. He goes. Mohini says I want such a girl who accepts Anurag with his past, I will accept her even if she is poor.

Shivani calls Anurag and asks how are you. He says I m fine, don’t worry, nothing will happen to me, Prerna is there. She says you are mad, are you going somewhere. He says yes, I m on the way, near your house. She says I will come to meet you. He asks what, don’t you have any work. She says mum was so worried. She hurriedly leaves. He says many people have problems with me. She says everyone loves you. She comes to him. He asks her to sit. She asks are you really mad, you are driving. He asks her do you know driving, sit now. She says you look happy. He says I m really happy.

Maasi says Prerna, how did you come, I came by the car, did you come by taxi, explain him to accept the bail. Prerna says I have to take my phone. Constable says someone came to meet you. He thinks did Prerna come back. Maasi comes and hugs him. She asks why did you do this. Prerna comes and says I came to take my phone. She argues with him. Maasi says just sign the bail papers and come. He says please I can’t do this, I m fine, there is no problem, this place is better than home for me, trust me, I m sorry. Masi cries and goes.

Prerna says you are a selfish man, you made Maasi cry because of your ego. He says you won’t understand. Shivani asks why did you leave from the house. Anurag reaches the police station. He says Bajaj….. I have to meet him, do you want to meet him. She gets angry. He says I will just come. Mr. Bajaj holds Prerna’s hands and says no one knows about me, I maintain safe distance with everyone, I know you hate me. Prerna says I don’t hate anyone except Navin, love and hate are strong emotions. He says I told you that I won’t explain myself, I think this is happening because I want you to know me.

Prerna sees Anurag coming and recalls his words. She thinks Anurag will move on when he thinks I have moved on. She holds Mr. Bajaj’s hand and says don’t worry, Mehra will get you home soon, everyone is worried for you. Anurag looks on shocked. Mr. Bajaj sees Anurag. He thanks Prerna for coming to meet him. She goes. Anurag says Prerna…. Mr. Bajaj says what are you doing, running behind my wife. Anurag says I came to meet you, I didn’t know Prerna will be here, I need to talk to her. He goes.

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