Made For Each Other Thursday Update 16 July 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 16 July 2020

Anurag asking what’s this. He checks the papers and gets shocked. Mohini says I knew they will never let us stay in peace. Moloy asks Prerna what are these papers. Prerna says its divorce papers. Everyone gets shocked. Mr. Bajaj says I have signed it, you also sign, your heart, soul and everything is of Anurag, you should be with Anurag, not me, I didn’t see anyone loving someone so much, Anurag I m sorry to snatch your love, I didn’t know about the depth of your love. He says Prerna had sacrificed her happiness for protecting you, she was also going to risk her life for you today, I have no right to be called her husband, it will be big sin if I don’t unite you two, I understood what’s love, sacrificing everything for love is love, losing oneself in love,

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 15 July 2020

smiling after losing everything is love, we should respect love, else people will lose faith on it. He apologizes to Moloy.
He says when Anurag marries Prerna, I will believe that he has forgiven me, sorry to come in between and separate you, I will bring you two together, I m sorry. He unites their hands. They smile. Mohini goes angrily. Moloy says it was my dream that Prerna becomes my bahu, Rajesh didn’t wish this, he thought they both are opposite, Prerna is talkative, Anurag is so calm, I feel opposites attract, they love each other a lot. Mohini asks him not to take stress. He says they love each other. She says you didn’t try to know what I want, I don’t want their marriage, that girl isn’t right one for Anurag. Moloy says I have blessed Prerna, my son loves her and will marry her, choice is yours, either accept this marriage or be ready to lose Anurag, I will get them married.Prerna puts Kuki to sleep. Mr. Bajaj comes. He says I have to give a good news, your marriage with Anurag is fixed tomorrow, I don’t want you to get tears in eyes, I have never lied to you, I didn’t share few things with you. He holds her and says I…. He gets back and says I want to…. you are Kuki’s mom, you will always be her mom, we will leave after your marriage, talk to her, she will miss you. Prerna says I will always be Kuki’s mom. She cries. He signs her to wipe tears. She wipes her tears. He stops her and says why don’t you tell Anurag that he is going to become a father. She says I know, thanks for letting me go to Anurag again. She holds him and thanks. She goes. He cries.

He thinks if I tell you that I love you, I learnt how to sacrifice happiness for the sake of love, I freed you and made you unite with your love, I love you, I hope no one’s bad sight catches your love. Komolika says a scar needs time to get erased, our distance is also ending with this scar, Anurag I m going to see you soon.

Prerna comes to Anurag. Kasauti….plays… They hold each other and cry happily. He says you know you are so lucky, not because I love you so much, you are lucky because I never left hope and knew that you will return in my life. Komolika says you will know Prerna loves money, so she left you and married Mr. Bajaj, you will go crazy seeing me, you will think I have come back, as my love is true, none would love you like I love you. Anurag says I came to shout on you knowing you married Bajaj as you love me, your conversation with him got recorded in my phone accidentally, I got to know your big sacrifice, can I kiss you. She asks in front of Maa. He says its my mistake, I should have not asked you. He kisses her forehead. He hugs her. Lag jaa gale….plays…. They think of their moments. She says I m sorry. He says promise me, whatever happens now, you will tell everything to me, we will face every problem together. She promises. She says I need to tell you something. He says let me talk today, I will tell you a secret, a person marries once and then they unite forever, we also got married, then I annulled it, but we have the union for seven births, I want to fill sindoor in your maang in front of Durga Maa and make you mine.

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