Made For Each Other Thursday update 16 January 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday update 16 January 2020

Mr. Bajaj saying I will do what I want. Prerna says you didn’t pay any price for Basu house. He says Komolika and I had a deal, it wasn’t for money, it was for something special, why do you think that I will help you.

Prerna thinks of Anupam and Nivedita’s words. She says I know you are a big businessman, you never came in front of media, but finally people have seen you. He says I can help you in freeing Anurag. She says fine, I won’t waste your time, what price do you want in giving property papers and Anurag’s bail papers. He says I have a proposal. She says I m ready to do anything, Anurag is everything for me. He says I m going to ask you for a sacrifice. She says whatever, I m ready to do anything.

Anurag recalls Prerna. FB shows Anurag says we

are almost here. He gets Prerna to some place and shows her the surprise. She smiles seeing the decorations. She asks did you do this, what was the need. He says I did this for your smile, this brings a smile on my face as well. He holds her and kisses her forehead. Mahi….plays….. He hugs her. She says I never felt night is so bright. FB ends. Anurag smiles.

Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to think again. She says I m ready to make any sacrifice, I will take Anurag with me. He says that’s not the signs of good business. She says this isn’t a deal for me, its my love for Anurag, I have everything till I have Anurag. He says then you have to lose everything, my demand is you have to leave Anurag to free him. She asks what do you mean. He says the deal is you have to leave Anurag and marry me. She asks what…..

Shivani asks when are we keeping Prerna’s haldi. Veena says don’t know, I feel tensed hearing about the marriage. Shivani asks what are you saying. Veena says truth won’t change if you say, none can kill in front of fate, I know Anurag and Prerna love each other, last time Komolika came in their lives as storm, even this time fate is playing with them, they aren’t destined to be together. Shivani says trust them, none can come between their love.

Prerna asks what are you saying. He says its just a proposal, no one is forcing you. She says I will never agree for this. He says I know you love Anurag a lot and can make any sacrifice for him. She says you did this intentionally, so that you can insult Anurag, this isn’t business. He says Ms Prerna, a successful businessman isn’t one who just knows to earn money, but one who cracks the best deal, I m doing the same, this is the best deal of your life, I know you have faced many storms, but just I can help you in saving Anurag, I didn’t plant Ronit against Anurag, Ronit felt Anurag is wrong, he asked me to join, but I didn’t, Anurag has done this with Ronit, I refused to help Ronit, so be careful, think twice before blaming me, Anurag doesn’t know how much shares I hold of Basu publications, if you accept the proposal, Anurag will be out of the jail. She says not accepted, I will never agree. She gets leaving. He says you will need my help to get Anurag out of the jail.

Its morning, Mohini and everyone is outside the court. Prerna talks to lawyer. Anurag comes there with the police. Mohini says promise me, you will come home. He promises. Lawyer goes. Prerna sees Anurag. Anurag rests his head in Moloy’s lap. Moloy thinks my son needs me but I m helpless, I can’t even keep my hand on his head. Prerna keeps Moloy’s hand on Anurag’s head. Anurag says I know you are with me. Prerna asks him not to worry. Mohini says we will surely win, you will come home, Prerna is saying so, nothing will happen to you.

Anurag smiles. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. He is taken inside the court. Manager says you took over Basu publications, its perfect time to announce this. Mr. Bajaj gets Ronit’s call. Ronit asks did you think about my offer. Mr. Bajaj says I accept your offer, I will give you money so that you settle somewhere, I need time to rethink, give me your number, I will call you back. Ronit says sorry, I can’t give my number. Mr. Bajaj says sorry, I can’t do this deal with you. He asks his man to keep an eye on Anurag’s case. Manager asks what did you think then. Mr. Bajaj says I will back out if Basu publications’ well wisher accepts my proposal. Ronit, dressed in a burqa, enters the court. Anurag sees his family. The court proceedings begin. The lawyer Sushil seeks permission to defend Anurag’s case. Joshi says Anurag murdered Ronit and tried to dispose the body, he has broke out the fire in Mr. Bajaj’s factory, he is a criminal, Ronit is Komolika’s younger brother, he felt Anurag murdered Komolika. Sushil asks Joshi not to mix two cases.

Joshi says I will tell the connection between Ronit and Komolika’s murder, Anurag was there when she got drowned, he couldn’t save her, Ronit felt her accident was a murder, he used to threaten Anurag, Anurag got scared and killed Ronit. Prerna shouts this is a lie, you are framing Anurag. Judge asks Sushil to make Prerna quiet. Sushil asks his permission to call Prerna in witness box. Prerna swears to tell the truth. She says I knew Ronit well, he felt Komolika was murdered, and we were behind that, he wanted to take revenge, he kidnapped me, Anurag saved me. Joshi says Ronit was angry as he had no proof, Anurag had lit the factory. Prerna says I had filed FIR against Ronit, he tried to kill me, there is all proofs, I don’t think you have any proof, show it if you have, police arrested just on suspicion, Anurag can’t kill Ronit, Ronit is alive. Ronit gets shocked. Everyone looks on.

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