Made For Each Other Thursday Update 13 February 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 13 February 2020

Anurag getting close to Prerna. He asks why. She says I m married, I m someone else’s wife. He says I don’t care, you aren’t bothered about me, then why should I care. Goon shouts to him. Anurag and Prerna run. Nivedita says give me my phone back.

Mr. Bajaj says next time answer my calls, get your phone from Swiss police, contact Anurag and ask him to get Prerna back in an hour, else it will be a big problem for you. He goes. Anupam says he is so dangerous, do you think that Anurag had kidnapped Prerna. Nivedita says he wasn’t lying, Prerna is with Anurag.

Prerna says I think we are safe here. Anurag says we will find some place here, wait. He knocks the door and asks is anyone there. He goes in from the window. He opens the door. Prerna gets in.

He asks is anyone there…. He sees Prerna and asks her to sit. He makes her sit. He looks around and finds some medical kit. Mr. Bajaj takes a jetboat and thinks I think Prerna, where Anurag has hidden you, I m coming to get you.
Dil tutta….plays…. Anurag asks Prerna to give her foot, he won’t hurt her. He applies the ointment to her foot. He says its done. She asks why are you doing this with you, you know I m already married, it would be better if you accept this. He says I won’t accept it, do what you want.

She says my marriage isn’t a game. He says I will take you with me, I become stubborn. She says I m married to Mr. Bajaj, I have moved on, you also move on. He says you think I did right, your stubbornness will break. She says I m married to Mr. Bajaj, accept it. He asks why, when I got married to Komolika, did you accept it, no, why shall I accept it now. Ronit says where are they hiding. Prerna says for the very last time. Anurag says maybe its the house owner, I will see. He opens the door and sees Mr. Bajaj.

Prerna asks who is it. Mr. Bajaj turns to them. Nivedita calls Anurag. Anupam says calm down, if Anurag is in some trouble, he knows how to come out of it. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj won’t leave him if Prerna is with him. He says Mr. Bajaj won’t find him. He says he can pay anyone and find out, I have a bad feeling that he will hurt Anurag this time. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna are you okay. He says I had called you many times, you didn’t answer and I had to track your phone, you wasted my precious time, you are stalking my wife, its better if you accept this truth soon, I had been patient, you set our room on fire, I didn’t give you to police, I saved you, you crossed all lines by kidnapping my wife.

Anurag says you forgot to keep her safe, someone took her and you are… Prerna stops Mr. Bajaj and says Anurag did nothing, h didn’t kidnap me, he saved me, you should be thanking him, you are accusing him, someone had hit on my head, I fell unconscious, Anurag saved me, he told me that you saw it all but didn’t do anything, as you were far in that restaurant, I also felt that Anurag kidnapped me, but it wasn’t like that, it was all done by Ronit, Anurag can never do this, he knows how to respect women. Mr. Bajaj says Ronit…..

She says he is around here. He says I will find him. He calls Ronit and says Anurag kidnapped Prerna, I offer you 5 crores, do anything with him, get Prerna to me and take the money, she has cheated on me and has to pay for that. Ronit says I will make sure that I find them. Mr. Bajaj says I have found them, I will send you the location. He ends call. Anurag says you like playing these mind games, right.

Mr. Bajaj says I even like forcing people to regret on their mistakes. Anupam says Anurag is smart, he handled Komolika’s father and Ronit well, don’t worry. Nivedita says you know everything. He says no, but Anurag isn’t like Ronit. She says we don’t know where they are. Ronit and goons come there. Ronit says they were trying to hide from me, I found them, come in when I call you, go. He says they forgot to lock the door, aw, today is the day I win, no one can save them now. He sees Mr. Bajaj and says you….

Mr. Bajaj says Mr. Basu…. Anurag and Prerna come. He says who told you that Prerna are I are here. Ronit says you, nice one, I should have known it that you need no help to save anyone, why did you call me here. Mr. Bajaj says you are very dumb, you didn’t think that I could save Prerna, I m glad that I didn’t accept your offer. Ronit says this would have not happened if you accepted my offer.

Prerna thinks Anurag may know that I was helpless to do this marriage. Anurag asks what is the proposal. Prerna says Mr. Bajaj you wanted to punish him, do it. Ronit says I will tell you why Mr. Bajaj stopped me from ruining you. Mr. Bajaj says I m a businessman, I have a weakness, anger, love, money you are the biggest idiot, I always give hints, if you are smart, you will win, you made a huge mistake by kidnapping my wife.

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