Made For Each Other Thursday Update 12 March 2020


Made For Each Other Thursday Update 12 March 2020

Anurag saying I will wait, I have arranged a lawyer for backup, I care for you and your family, just like I care for my family, I want you and your family to remain safe, I have a solution, I can help you, I want to hear you say, I need you Anurag, be around and guard me…. if you don’t say this, I will think you have no emotions for your family. She cries. He goes. Nivedita looks on.

Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 11 March 2020

Anurag asks servant to make tea, he has a headache. Prerna says you need not tell me about my feelings. Anurag asks servant to go, Prerna knows what kind of tea he likes, she will make it. He asks what did you say. She says you can’t tell me about me. He adds many spoons of tea powder in the pain. Prerna says everything should be in limits, else it will get spoiled. She dumps

the tea and makes fresh one for him. She asks were you making tea of kada, my family matters to me, I don’t need to tell you, we were good friends, its all over now. He says maybe for you, not for me. She asks am I any toy that you will fight for me, I have married Mr. Bajaj by my wish.

Tanvi calls Maasi. Maasi asks is everything fine. Tanvi says doctor is saying he can give an injection to Rishabh for speedy recovery. Maasi says fine, get it done, no wait, let me speak to the doctor. Tanvi asks doctor to talk to Maasi, she is on the line. Maasi says doctor, Mr. Bajaj isn’t an ordinary perosn, no need to give him special injection, its not good to force his body, let him get to senses on his own. Doctor says fine, I have no problem with it.

Prerna says if life starts again, I will choose Mr. Bajaj again for marriage. Anurag asks do you love him, you married him, I m sure there has to be a strong reason. Prerna says it was a choice, I married him willingly, he proposed me and gave me time, he didn’t force me like you, so enough. He says this time I won’t hold your hand, you have to hold my hand, trust me, I will get you out of the problem, I promise. She says I don’t need your help, I have moved on, its better you forget me and don’t wait for me. He holds the tea pan and gets a burn. She asks what are you doing, and pours water on his hand.

He says you still have feelings for me, so you held my hand. She says I would have done the same for Debu da. He says no, you are concerned for me. She says this is how you feel, it maybe misleading. He says truth remains unchanged. She asks why are you desperate to prove what’s between us. He asks why are you desperate that nothing is between us, there is one difference, you listen to your heart, I follow the time, its late, you should go to the court, nice tea, thanks. He goes. She says Maasi gave me lawyer’s number, I know Veena will get free, I won’t need help. Tanvi asks why did you refuse. Maasi says if Rishabh gets conscious, his heart may melt for Prerna and Veena. Tanvi says you are so smart, wow. Maasi says you will also become smart.

Nivedita says I know why you are helping Veena, so that Prerna comes back to you. Anurag says no, Prerna loves me, I know that, you all think I have changed, I can’t ignore Veena’s problems, I did this to be ready with backup. Nivedita says how can you be so sure, we know she doesn’t like Mr. Bajaj. He says she would never do this, its good that she doesn’t like Bajaj, I don’t want to lose the case because of Prerna’s ego.

Shekhar, Suman and everyone are outside the court. Prerna comes and says don’t worry, I have hired a lawyer. They ask Prerna why didn’t she talk to Maasi. Prerna says she had a reason to do this. Shivani scolds her. Nivedita says this is madness. Anurag says there is madness in toy. She says Prerna isn’t a toy or property, she is with Mr. Bajaj with her willingness. He says she said the same that she is happy, I want her who loves me, who came to meet me in the jail, the one who promised me that she will always be with me. She says she is the same, Mr. Bajaj has taken your place. He says Prerna doesn’t have feelings for anyone else, like I don’t have feelings for anyone, not even Komolika and Mishka, Prerna and I are soul mates.

Prerna says Maasi said its legal formalities, mom will be proved guilty. Veena is brought there. Shekhar says we hired a lawyer, you will be freed. Maasi says Veena shouldn’t get saved. Lawyer says it will happen, we have an eye witness. Anurag says I told her that I love her, she didn’t tell this to Bajaj. Nivedita says she acts sweet, she is a cheater, she thinks she can handle you, she will never come back in your life, get rid of your thoughts. He says she ran away from the wedding, she moved on, what about love, love doesn’t die like this, feelings don’t disappear. She says there is nothing like love. He says its there, you won’t understand.

Lawyer Sanjay fights the case from Mr. Bajaj’s side. Lawyer Ajit takes the case ahead from Veena’s side. Sanjay says this case is of attempt to murder, Veena has conspired to kill Mr. Bajaj. Ajit says judge is here to pass the verdict, I want to put some light on this case, Veena works in an event company, they got a contract from Mr. Bajaj, an accident happened because of a hanging’s fall, Veena was fixing that rope, Mr. Bajaj was already standing there so the hanging fell over him. Sanjay says that hanging was dropped to kill him, it was Veena’s intention. Maasi makes a face when Prerna looks on. Anupam thinks why isn’t Veena’s lawyer fighting for her. Prerna thinks Maasi said both the lawyer are from our side and will save Veena.

Maasi says maybe he got greedy to fight the case and get famous. Sanjay calls Vyas in the witness box. He asks since when do you know Veena. Vyas says I know her since long, she recently joined us, she is a honest lady and works well, I can’t tell about Veena and Bajaj’s relations, it was Mr. Bajaj’s daughter’s birthday party, she didn’t know that Mr. Bajaj shifted to that house. Sanjay says Veena didn’t know where Mr. Bajaj stays, it means they weren’t on talking terms, I would like to call Sharda in the witness box. Prerna folds hands and cries. She thinks mom will be proved innocent now by Maasi’s statement.

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