Made For Each Other Sunday Update 6 October 2019


Made For Each Other Sunday Update 6 October 2019

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Moloy acting and shouting on the inspector. Inspector says sorry Sir, I should have not come this way. Moloy tries to sign him. He says there is no thief here, can you see someone. Inspector says sorry, I shall leave. Police leaves. Moloy worries. Thief shuts the door. He says you were trying to tell police about us, that fool didn’t understand and left, see what I do now. Nivedita asks them not to harm anyone. Thief says we have no time, just put everything in this box. Anurag sees the police leaving. He shouts to police. Prerna shouts help. She says why aren’t they seeing us. Anurag says maybe they can’t hear us. Prerna asks Anurag to go and get something. Anurag gets some ball and throws it on the jeep. Inspector gets the ball and looks around. Anurag shouts to him.

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Everyone hears their voices. Thief says I thought I have to work hard to find your son, but see he has come out on his own. He asks his men to tie up everyone except Mohini. Inspector says we are getting sound from inside. Constable says party is going on, let it be, Moloy is a big man, why to get in trouble. Inspector says I know this family well. Thief meets policeman and says Anurag is joking today, he has played a prank and fooled police. Inspector says yes. Thieves catch Anurag and Prerna. Anurag sees police leaving. Thief threatens to shoot. Thief gets angry on Mohini and says you love your son a lot, I will shoot him down. Mohini scolds him. She says I will kill you if anything happens to him, he is my son, he isn’t one to get scared, he can do anything for his mum and family, his mind works sharper when it comes to his family, you think you can catch him and bring him here, no way.

Anurag gets thinking. Mohini says he knows that he can help all of us, police had come here, unfortunately, police didn’t understand his signal else…. Anurag signs Prerna. He pushes the goons and runs with her. Police is on the way. Inspector recalls Anurag’s words. He realizes mistake and asks driver to take u turn. Constable says I think someone has made a mistake, Anurag wasn’t there in the hall, it means he got hidden and asked for help, he wanted to stop us from throwing the ball, maybe he smartly tried to save his family and called us. Thief says you were enjoying the party, you were saying a lot about your son. Mohini says Anurag is a football player, his strategy never fails, I know he will fulfill my expectations. Anurag and Prerna hide. They try to get saved. Anurag hits a goon. He says its time to fight for the family. Thief gets angry.

Mohini asks what happened, did my son do something, which you didn’t like. are brought downstairs. Thief gets another call. He angrily ruins the decorations. He shouts Anurag where are you, come out. He threatens about Mohini. Anurag gets shocked and runs. Mohini thinks don’t come Anurag, I know you love me a lot. Anurag and Prerna face a goon. Inspector asks about the traffic jam. He gets stuck. Moloy says take everything, leave them. Thief says Mohini talks a lot and your son has hurt my brother. Anurag runs to Mohini. Thief counts down. Anurag stops him. Veena sees Prerna.

Thief stops Anurag. He says we just came to rob the jewellery from Laxmi idol, when we came here, we have seen your mum serving guests, we were also guests, but your mum has created a mess, we will settle scores, someone has to die today, either you or your mum. Thief thinks Navin is Prerna’s dad. Navin asks thief to leave Prerna. He says she is my would be wife. Thief threatens Anurag. Prerna says don’t do this, please stop. The goon shoots at Anurag. Mohini shouts. Anurag closes his eyes. The gun has no bullet. Prerna checks Anurag. Goon says now its fun, its your mum’s turn now. Prerna throws the current wires in the fallen water. The goons get electrocuted. Anurag says you are very dangerous. She says I can do anything for my family. Anurag says its enough. He pulls off the wires. He hugs his family. Prerna rushes to her family. Mohini says I had sent Madhuri to kitchen. Everyone praises Prerna for her smartness. Thieves pull Prerna and catch her.

Thieves pull Prerna and say no one will move. Anurag goes to help her, but other thief holds him. The thief says to take Prerna with them and leave now. Navin finds Madhuri and wakes her up. He says these people are very dangerous. He asks whether she’s okay. She says he’s her hero and she is fine.

Thieves are busy gathering jewelries. Family fight with thieves, starting with Prerna and Anurag. Police come and take them away. Prerna had used her dupatta. Anurag puts dupatta back on her. Moloy thanks police. Navin asks Madhuri what she thinks whether Anurag and Prerna have anything going on. She doesn’t respond and thanks Prerna for saving her. Prerna says there is no need for it. Moloy says there is.. Mohini won’t say it, so from Madhuri at least.

Later, Anurag is annoyed as his phone broke which had proofs against Navin and Madhuri. He sees Navin hugging someone. He checks to confirm and it was Madhuri. To show Navin that he has his eyes on him, he turns on/off his room lights. Navin says oh God he saw him with Madhuri again. When Navin comes to the house, Anurag confronts him saying he saw everything. Navin says he too saw him getting his attention. Anurag says this much ego is not good that he forgets respecting him. Navin says he too is forgetting that Anurag is Mohini’s son. He reminds him about warning him not to come in his way. Anurag says he’s already in his way and he will stand as a wall which he won’t be able to break. He further says he saw Navin tying mangalsutra to Madhuri saying she’s his wife. Navin says yes he is bad, but Anurag won’t be able to do anything. He gets furious and accepts the truth that Madhuri is his wife. He can gather all proofs he wants, but he won’t be able to prove anything. Many have tried in past and failed. Anurag says he won’t fail. Navin hasn’t seen real Anurag yet. He challenges Navin that he will expose him, that too before marriage. Navin accepts the challenge.
Prerna comes to her room. She sees her dress and thinks Anurag could have hurt while trying to save her. Her sister comes and says her and Anurag’s pair looks great. She saved everyone, but it must be Anurag who saved her. She wishes Prerna gets married to Anurag instead Navin. Prerna stays quiet.

A lady is standing at a bus stop. A thief snatches her purse and runs. Anurag stops him and takes the purse. The thief manages to run away. Lady tells Anurag that she came to town after long time. She tries to stop an auto, but none stops. Anurag asks where she wants to go. He says he’s going to same place and takes her in car. They come to Rahul/Sid’s house. Prerna is taking haldi/yellow powder. She comes near fan and all that go on Anurag and his clothes get dirty. Prerna helps him clean. She asks why he got late. That lady comes and thanks Anurag. Lady introduces herself as Ronita. Prerna thinks so he was with her. Anurag thinks it feels good when she gets jealous. She leaves. Rahul comes. Ronita says her case is very important. Rahul says he knows and he won’t leave her case. Sid comes and reveals it’s a divorce case. Prerna joins them and asks what’s the matter. Sid says Ronita married someone and he took her to London. Rahul says not to discuss case like this. Ronita says it’s okay and says someone married her and took to London to sell her. She somehow managed to run away from London and now she wants to start her life from scratch and for that she wants that person to be punished. Rahul assures her that she will get justice. He asks whether she brought papers he asked to fill. She goes to get it. Rahul tells Anurag and Prerna that such cases are increasing and usually middle class women are targeted. He tells Prerna that Sid was saying after marriage, she too is going to London. He hopes her and her family did good research about the guy. Prerna says Anurag’s family knows him. Anurag says he doesn’t think his family knows as much as he knows about him, but soon everyone will come to know.

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