Made For Each Other Sunday Update 17 November 2019


Made For Each Other Sunday Update 17 November 2019

Pandit saying just Prerna has the right to be called Anurag’s wife, you may discuss the matter and call me if you need help. Mohini gets angry. Prerna says we will resolve the matter. Mohini says shut up, don’t you dare call me mummy ji, you and I can never share any bond, you trapped my son to live a good life, my son can’t marry you, you are just a servant.

She faints down. Anurag holds her. Komolika asks Prerna not to touch Mohini. They rush Mohini to room. Nivedita says it all happened because of Prerna. Anurag asks her to calm down. She asks him to oust Prerna if he wants to see their mum fine. Komolika and Prerna argue.

Mishka looks on. Komolika says I will show you what I can do, this is my Sasural, I can’t show them my real avatar, they will be

scared, I will not be quiet, I can deal with you in seconds, I was helpless, if you think what I can do, you will be startled. Prerna asks are you threatening me. Komolika says you can ask Mishka, she will tell you about me, I m beautiful but my heart is black, remember this well, I don’t spare who comes in my way, I will ruin your face, if you learn living, I will send you to a place which you never imagined, mental asylum, you will never get out of here, just imagine.

Anurag looks on and thinks that guy told me about Komolika. He recalls his reception party, where a guy met Anurag. The guy hugs him and says if you wish to be safe, come with me before Komolika sees me, if you wish good for yourself, family and Prerna, come with me. Anurag agrees. The guy gets scared of Komolika. Anurag goes to him and asks what do you want to say. The guy says I m Aryan, I used to handle her dad’s rallies, I loved a girl Sanchi, Komolika is very pretty, I didn’t wish to make her my GF, her friend challenged her that she can’t win me, she proposed me and I refused to her since I already had a GF, my GF met with an accident and her face was ruined, Komolika came into my life and I made a mistake to fall for her, then she left me. Anurag says sorry for whatever you said, now it doesn’t matter, its your and Komolika’s past, now she is married, we shouldn’t talk about it.

Aryan says it was Komolika who ruined my GF’s face. Anurag asks what. Aryan says yes, she did this to get me, she will harm anyone, she can go to any extent, when I fell in love with her, she changed and thought I m cheating her, she placed Sanchi in a mental asylum, my dad is in jail, Komolika is very dangerous, she has even troubled my mum, she can’t handle rejections and betrayals. Anurag says this doesn’t make any sense. Aryan says she takes love as a challenge, she dumps the person who loves her, I know her very well, she enjoys doing this, she will try to control you by her beauty and magic, she told me that she ruined my GF’s face so that I hate her and leave me, Prerna can be her target. Anurag says shut up, I won’t let anything happen to Prerna. Aryan says you can’t be with Prerna all the time, you will be ruined, her dad is a big politician, no one will listen to you, please think, your company was in loss, her dad saved your company, I know the pain of losing someone, you won’t be able to bear this, if you really love Prerna, keep her away from Komolika. FB ends. Anurag thinks Komolika is saying the same things which she did with that girl.

Prerna says I m really scared, shall I go home. Komolika says you should go. Mishka looks on. Prerna says you are a selfish person, you troubled my sister and now me, you like to play with people’s lives, smart people find some people who can outsmart them, its your turn to get troubled now, I m here now, you haven’t confronted me before, I will change your entire life, I fight for truth, self respect and rights, I will fight you, its going to be very dirty, I will get what I want. Komolika says Anurag. Prerna says he will get this answer. She taunts Komolika and goes. Komolika gets angry. Mohini takes Anurag’s room. Nivedita attends her. Mohini asks didn’t Prerna leave. Nivedita says no, she will leave, relax, you can’t take stress. Mohini asks her for phone. Mohini calls Veena. Veena says sorry we couldn’t attend Anurag’s marriage. Mohini says come here and take your daughter.

Veena asks is Prerna there. Mohini scolds her. Veena asks her not to say anything against Prerna. Mohini says you could have at least given good values to Prerna, else I will throw her on the roads. Veena cries and says Prerna shouldn’t have gone there. Shivani asks what happened. Veena scolds her in anger. Shivani asks what did Prerna do. Veena says don’t follow me, stay at home. Shivani says don’t know what Prerna did, it means she has gone to Anurag’s house, but why. Anurag sees Prerna holding the spiritual thread. He also gets the thread from his neck. He recalls their moment and thinks this holds a special place in my life, my heart, my everything, I have to make Prerna end ties with me and move on in her life with someone else, I don’t care if she hates me, I want to stop Komolika from harming Prerna.

Anurag watching Komolika and Prerna’s fight. He thinks Komolika’s madness will harm Prerna, this marriage was her conspiracy, but this will backfire now, Prerna I have to make you hate me that you leave this house. Anurag asks Komolika not to shout, its not good for her health, go to mum. Mishka thinks did Komolika really work her charm on Anurag. Komolika refuses to go. He holds her and says I will handle this mess, Mishka even you go to mum. They go. Anurag thinks I will become bad so that you oust me from your heart. He asks Prerna to go, she won’t get him or any rights. Prerna says I m not here to get anything, I have come here to return everything with interest, its your turn to lose now.

He asks will you fight with me now, it will end in a bad way,

just leave. She says you should be scared now, you are going to suffer. Mohini says we are not going to fulfill Prerna’s demands, Anurag didn’t know of Grah nakshatra, he loves you. Mishka thinks he would have not agreed if Komolika didn’t blackmail him. Komolika says I love you and all the members of this family, I want to be your Bahu, but Prerna, I don’t know what she wants, she is claiming that she is Bahu of Basu family, who am I. Mohini says you are our bahu, I have called someone, when she comes here, Prerna can’t stay here. Veena comes. Komolika asks who. Mohini says Prerna’s mom Veena will drag her from here.

Komolika thinks its a master stroke. Mohini says I want to witness this. Prerna says I m not here to obey you, I will do the opposite of what you say, I m here to take revenge, you have hurt me, you have to feel the pain and I will get the peace. Veena shouts Prerna. Prerna says I should have told this before. Mohini asks Veena to take her daughter away, Prerna ruined the engagement and reception and today the rasam, she is trying her best to ruin Anurag and Komolika’s marriage, its good Rajesh isn’t alive today, else he would have died seeing this. Nivedita says its our mistake that we allowed her to come here. Prerna asks Nivedita to stop. Veena asks Prerna to see if Anurag is speaking anything in her favor. She says I won’t let you stay in this family, these people are stone hearted, what you are doing isn’t good for Komolika. Mohini says take your shameless daughter from here. Anurag says mum please…. why are you wasting your time and energy on such people. Veena takes Prerna. Prerna asks her to listen. Veena asks what’s this sindoor.

Prerna says I know its wrong, I should have told you before, Anurag and I are married. She tells everything. Mohini says I don’t believe this marriage. Veena says when Anurag requested me, I blessed this relation and gave consent to this relation, how low will you stoop, we are poor, we don’t care what you think. She asks Nivedita not to talk in between. Veena says if you want to stay here, I have no objection, I m with you in this decision. Prerna says you gave me strength when you told me to fight for my rights. Veena says I have to do your bidaai, don’t shed any tears now, I will pray that you get strength that you face all of them. Mohini gets angry. Suman talks to her mum and complains about Prerna and Shivani. She sees Shivani and ends call. Shivani asks her not to say anything against Prerna. Suman curses them to get worst Sasurals.

Komolika says I m bahu of this house, how can you leave Prerna here. Veena asks her to stop this drama. She says Mohini doesn’t consider Prerna as Anurag’s wife, I don’t consider you as his wife, Prerna is his first wife. Mohini says get out Veena. Veena says I m your Samdhan, not your employee’s wife, I have met my daughter and I will take your leave now. Anupam says I will drop you. Veena blesses Prerna. Anupam says Prerna has done a big thing, few mums support daughters in such times. She says its Prerna’s life’s test, I m just standing by her. She goes.

Anupam says Prerna’s new side will make everyone’s life difficult. Mohini asks Anurag to say something to Prerna. Prerna asks her not to create misunderstandings between them. Mohini says get out else I will call police. Nivedita says I will throw you out. Prerna says I will call the police. She calls police and says I m Prerna Sharma Basu, Anurag Basu’s wife, my mum in law is forcing me to leave the house, she is threatening to beat me up, come here soon, I m scared, don’t you know Basu house, talk to my mum in law. Mohini disconnects the call. Prerna says I m this house’s Bahu, I did my homework and came here, none can make me out of my husband’s house and life.

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