Made For Each Other Saturday update 7 December 2019


Made For Each Other Saturday update 7 December 2019

Mohini saying Nivedita, Moloy will be happy seeing Komolika as her bahu, and knowing about Sahil and Tapur’s marriage. Nivedita says you have been a perfect wife, where is Komolika.

Mohini calls Komolika and says she disconnected my call. Nivedita says she went to temple, maybe she is busy in puja. Komolika removes the doctor’s coat. Nurse comes to clean up the room. She opens the cupboard. Komolika comes out. Nurse asks did you come from inside the cupboard. Komolika asks her to get her check up done. She gets hurt in her foot and goes.

Moloy comes home with Anurag and Prerna. Everyone smiles and welcomes him. Mohini says Tapur is going to stay with us now. Tapur says yes. Nivedita says Tapur is getting engaged tomorrow. Mohini says Sahil’s dad asked us to

keep engagement tomorrow, you also wanted this right. Moloy looks on. Nurse says sorry, I think we should give him some rest. Everyone goes. Anurag asks Anupam to help Moloy lay on the bed, he will just come. He thanks Prerna. She says don’t treat me like a stranger, your dad has always been like a family for me. She goes.


Anurag gets a wheelchair and says how did you like the surprise, I thought you will get bored being here all day, you just sit on this and roam around, you will be able to watch Tapur’s engagement, you may bless her, it was your dream, you had dreams about us, its coming true. Moloy smiles. Anurag and Prerna make Moloy sit on the chair. Moloy keeps his hand over Prerna’s head. Anurag smiles and thinks dad has accepted her as bahu. Komolika comes home. Mohini says its time for surprise. Prerna says Moloy is like my dad, I won’t let anything happen to him.

Komolika meets Moloy and lies that she fell in the temple and got her foot twisted. He thinks I have to tell them how dangerous she is. Prerna comes. Mohini asks Moloy not to believe anyone. She says you wanted Anurag to marry the girl of your choice. Moloy recalls Anurag’s words. FB shows Anurag apologizing to Moloy. He says I didn’t marry Komolika, you wanted me to marry her. But I married Prerna in the temple and then Komolika, my second marriage isn’t valid, Prerna and I love each other but mom likes Komolika. Moloy thinks you married the right girl, Rajesh and I wanted Prerna and you to get married. FB ends. Mohini asks Komolika to take Moloy’s blessings. Komolika greets Moloy and hugs. She says I have to thank you, you helped me a lot, thanks Sasur ji. She makes faces. Mohini asks her to touch his feet. She does so. Moloy drops hot soup on her. Komolika shouts on the nurse. Anupam asks Anurag not to worry, she deserved it.

Komolika screams and says its burning. She goes to slap the nurse. Prerna stops her. Moloy and Tapur smile. Prerna says it was not a nurse’s fault, Moloy had movement in his hand, so this happened, he has blessed me. Anurag thinks dad maybe wishing to accept Prerna as his bahu. Mohini says not today Prerna. Prerna says you should say this to Komolika. Komolika goes. Anupam says I think Moloy liked Prerna Bahu. Komolika says she claimed herself as the bahu again. Mohini says you are my bahu, not Prerna, no need to take her words seriously, maybe Moloy is in shock. Komolika says I want to be alone for some time. Mohini goes. Komolika says Prerna won’t be spared, just I will be the bahu of this house. Prerna comes to Moloy’s room. She sees Anurag sleeping. He wakes up. She cares for Moloy and covers him with the quilt.

Its morning, Prerna says we have to decorate the house entrance. Anupam helps her. She climbs the ladder and asks him to give the basket. She slips down the ladder. Anurag comes there and holds her. Anupam smiles. Komolika comes and gets shocked.

Anurag asking Prerna to thank him. She shouts leave me. He asks don’t you have manners, talk to husband well. She says just leave me, my husband has no manners. He says fine, I will leave you. He drops her. She falls down. He says see… She says you made me fall. He says you asked me to leave you, Anupam tell me, didn’t she say this. Anupam says carry on until I think of it. Anupam asks servant to not go there, their romance is going on. Komolika gets angry. Anurag flirts with Prerna. She says don’t flirt with me, stop it.

He says I don’t know how to flirt, you will need me again. Tapur gets ready. Her ring falls. Prerna comes and picks it. She compliments Tapur. Tapur says mom and Nivedita don’t like you, you want to get my support right. Prerna says

no, you are like my younger sister, don’t think so. She goes. Tapur says what happened to me, I shouldn’t judge Prerna, I will give her a chance. Mohini welcomes everyone. Prerna comes when Sahil’s mum asks for Mohini’s Bahu. Prerna says we are going to become one family now. She does their aarti. Sahil’s mum praises her.
She says Tapur should spend time with Prerna, it will be good, I want her to get Sanskari bahu qualities. Komolika goes. Mohini says I will just come. Komolika asks why didn’t you say that I m your bahu. Mohini says I will clear this confusion, trust me. She goes. Komolika thinks Prerna is making her place in everyone’s hearts. Prerna collides with Anurag. She thinks enemy can’t look handsome. He stops her and says I m looking handsome right. She says no. Her bangle gets stuck to his coat sleeve. He asks her to come close. Main tenu samjhawan….plays…. He says I just wanted to say….. They have an eyelock. Prerna says Vikrant and goes to him. Komolika thinks I have to use Anurag’s jealousy. Prerna says don’t tell me, you came to talk about business. Vikrant asks why can’t I talk. Prerna says I feel I m meeting some other Vikrant now. Komolika says its Tapur’s engagement, don’t play business game today.

She asks Anurag to explain them, did they get desperate to meet. Sahil hugs Vikrant and says its been so long brother, party will start now. He says Vikrant is my cousin brother. Vikrant says I didn’t know Tapur is Anurag’s sister. Sahil says she studied in the hostel, now she decided to complete studies from her home. Vikrant says lucky boy. They go. Anurag says Vikrant is strange. Prerna says no, look at him, he looks good.

Anurag says he looks like a joker. She says you look like a joker to me. She goes. Vikrant comes to Komolika and says strange, we got related, you can’t make me away from this house, I know you think you are clever, I pity you, you can’t do anything. Komolika says I start thinking from where you stop thinking. He says you think, you can’t do anything, I will join Prerna and take revenge on you, for whatever you did with people in Meerut, stay alone, think why I m here. He goes.

Sahil compliments Tapur. They dance. Anupam goes to Nivedita. They say Tapur and Sahil look cute. Anupam takes selfie with Nivedita and compliments her. They also dance. Tune maari entriyaan….plays…. Anupam gets hurt. Nivedita takes him aside. Komolika asks shall we. Anurag says no, I just got hurt in my knee, sorry. Vikrant asks Prerna for dance. He says I m not asking for a date, just dance. Prerna smiles and holds his hand. Anurag looks on. Zehnaseeb…..plays.. Prerna imagines Anurag and smiles. Anurag gets angry. Prerna sees Vikrant. Everyone claps. Komolika smiles and thinks Prerna and Vikrant were making a trap for me, now I will trap them.

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