Made For Each Other Saturday Update 5 October 2019


Made For Each Other Saturday Update 5 October 2019

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Anurag hugging Mohini. Anurag bumps into a servant. Madhuri’s saree gets spoiled. Navin scolds him. Mohini says its okay, it happens. Navin says I mean this could have happen with any guest. Mohini asks Madhuri to go and wait in guest room, she will send a saree for her. Madhuri goes to guest room. Maid goes to get a new saree for her. Maid gets the saree and gives her. Madhuri says its really nice, thanks. Navin hides and goes to meet Madhuri. Anurag looks at him. Navin says everyone is busy in dance, who will come here. Anurag thinks he cares for Madhuri a lot. Navin asks what happened. Madhuri says I m not getting my mangalsutra. Anurag looks at them and thinks I knew it, they will talk openly here. She says you know I m serious about this, I m not hurt, I just

want my mangalsutra. Navin says I will help you. He gets it. She says give it to me. He says no, I will put it in your neck. She asks how dare you. He says just I can chain a lioness like you, I have all rights on you, you are my wife.
Anurag looks on. Madhuri asks then why are you taking my permission.

She runs away and says lets see how powerful is your love. Anurag thinks I was right, she is Navin’s wife, why is he marrying Prerna then, no…. this is a big conspiracy, something is wrong, I have to stop it. Prerna thinks of Anurag. He thinks where did she go. He calls her. She doesn’t answer. She thinks what’s happening, this isn’t possible, I can’t develop this feeling for Anurag. She goes out. He says I was looking for you, come with me. She says please stop it. He says I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, please come, Navin and Madhuri are together in a room. She says stop saying wrong about him.

He asks are you stupid, listen. She says I don’t want to talk about it. She goes. He says I will get proof and talk to her. The thieves are in the kitchen. The thief says Anurag is from this family. Another thief says we will kidnap him and demand ransom. Anurag looks for Navin and Madhuri. He doesn’t see them. He thinks how can I miss such a good opportunity, it was a good proof. He sees them running and romancing. Madhuri says fine, I m letting you put mangalsutra as you surrendered, hurry up now. Navin makes her wear mangalsutra. Anurag makes the video. Madhuri says I will leave now, you come after 5mins. Anurag hides. She leaves from the room. Anurag thinks how will Navin tell everyone that Madhuri is his Bhabhi, I have his pic now. Mohini compliments Madhuri.

She asks her to get return gifts from kitchen. Madhuri thinks Mohini is king hearted, that’s why she melted on her fake story, goodness is their problem, and middle class people have a problem like love, sacrifice…. I got saved. Thieves get alert hearing footsteps. They hide. Madhuri comes to take the gifts. She says wow, silver idol for guests, Mohini is indeed rich. She sees the thief hiding. He shows her a knife. She says do you think I m afraid of this. She takes a knife and asks her to leave. Another man hits on her head. She faints. The thief praises her courage. Anurag sees Prerna. Navin sees Anurag. He says the one you are looking at is mine, don’t think of her. Anurag says you can tell this after making her wear mangalsutra, forget her dreams. Navin says she is mine, we are engaged. Anurag says you think nobody knows about you.

He shows Prerna in the camera. He says look at this, her engagement ring is so loose, it can fall anywhere any time. Navin says I feel you are showing something and mean something else. Anurag says you behave the same way, I also learnt this art. Navin asks are you in love with my Prerna, you are jealous that I m marrying her. Anurag says if I fall in love with her, nothing would be able to stop me from making her mine, I don’t think you understood, your are scared these days that your secrets can get revealed, so yes, keep it in mind, I m watching you. He goes to Mohini. Mihini gets busy with guests. Anurag and Navin see Prerna. Mohini asks Anurag for his phone, she has to call Moloy. Anurag says there is something imp in this phone.

He recalls Mohini’s words. He says I have to show some photos. She says I will call Moloy first. She calls Moloy. Anurag thinks what is Navin talking to Prerna. He goes to talk to Prerna. Prerna says not now, I m a bit busy. Navin says I want to take you for shopping, mangalsutra is very imp. Anurag takes her. Navin thinks no Anurag….. I have to talk to Madhuri, he is crossing limits. Moloy answers Anurag’s call. Mohini says its me, I m looking for you. He says I m with friends, where are you. She says you are playing cards. He says no. Rajesh asks why did you lie to her. Moloy says you are my friend, you should be on my side. Anupam mutes the call and asks them to talk freely now, she can’t hear them now.

Mohini sees the thieves. She asks what are you dancers doing in my kitchen. Moloy says I think she will vent anger on them. She scolds the thieves and asks them to get out. Moloy says I think we should go now. Thief points a gun at Mohini. He says we are not here to dance. Nivedita comes. Mohini asks her to run. Thief catches her and asks her not to act smart. Thief asks them to come along. Mohini asks what do you want. Anurag gets Prerna to room. She says I will not listen to anything, you will talk about Navin. He says Navin is not a good human being, he is a bad person, I can’t let you ruin your life. She says nobody is perfect. He says no, he is an unethical man, don’t marry him, else…. I will kidnap you from the mandap.

Anurag asking you are scared of me, you are my friend, I m really concerned for you, please understand, what happened to you. She says just let me go. He asks why are you behaving such, I observed you are avoiding me, why. She thinks how to tell you that its me, I don’t know what I m feeling for you. He asks what are you thinking, tell me, did you decide you won’t talk to me, why are you so quiet. She goes out. Moloy and Anupam get scared of their wives. Rajesh jokes on Moloy. Veena sees the goons and runs to shout. The thieves come after her and point guns at everyone. Everyone gets shocked. Moloy says take away anything but leave us. Prerna thinks why am I running away from Anurag. He comes to her. Goon shoots in air. Goon threatens them. Anurag asks what happened to you, I want to know.

Prerna cries. Goon says we won’t kill anyone, just give us what we want and get free of us. Veena signs Mohini and goes. Goons get everyone’s phones. Mohini worries. Veena tries to call police. She gets caught. The goon says we just came to steal Laxmi ji idol, but we have seen many rich people clad with gold jewellery. He asks them to give away the gold. Navin says you won’t do anything, I promise you will be get caught if police comes, just leave, how did you come when security is there. Goon says we have made your security sleep. Veena asks where is Prerna. Navin says she went upstairs with Anurag. Veena thinks thank God she isn’t here. Navin thinks I hope Prerna is fine, where is Madhuri, it means she would be around, I m sure she will call police. Madhuri gets conscious and tries to struggle. Mohini thinks thank God Anurag isn’t here, just be safe. Anurag asks what happened, why are you running away.

Prerna says because you and your words affect my heart a lot, I really like what you say, but my mind doesn’t want to listen to this, I m fighting with myself, you made me weak. He says its good thing. She says no, we know each other since 10 years, you were just my dad’s friend’s son and now….. Ye kya hua….plays… He wipes her tears. He says tell me what’s your helplessness, you think I m enemy of your relation, its true, I m against your marriage with Navin, I won’t let this marriage. She goes. Mohini sees the thieves taking away everything. The goon says we will lock them up, we will be away soon, where is that guy. Mohini says there is no one missing. Nivedita stops the goons. Anupam says don’t get angry. He takes Nivedita aside. Suman refuses to give her jewellery. Veena and Rajesh ask her to give it. Goons take Suman to lock her. Anurag and Prerna look downstairs and get shocked.

Anurag stops Prerna from calling Veena. Vase falls down. Goon asks who’s upstairs. He goes to check. Anurag and Prerna hide inside the room. Prerna asks what are you doing. He says even phone is dead. She says we can’t hide here. He asks for her phone. She says I don’t have it. He says what will you do, where is your gun, we will save them. She asks what nonsense. He says you are saying nonsense, I know you are worried for your family, but my mum is at gun point, I m also emotional, I can’t take stupid decisions, let me think please. He sees her purse. Goon asks where is your son. Mohini says there is no one here. Prerna looks out. Anurag gets Prerna’s phone. She asks how did you know the bag contains phone. He signs his smartness. He says I m calling police.

Inspector is busy with staff’s welcome. Goon says if your son tries to call police, this router will catch the signal. Mohini says enough, nothing should happen to Anurag. Goon says you can’t save him. She wishes Anurag doesn’t make any call. Inspector says its my first day in this police station, I will answer the call. Anurag says there are goons in Basu villa, we need help, send someone immediately. Goon gets the green signal. Goon asks Mohini to call her son. Anurag sees the goons coming. Prerna asks what will we do now. Police comes there. Goon sees this and informs other goons. Moloy opens the door and asks inspector to come in. Inspector says party is going on here, I got a call about the thieves. The goons take everyone at gunpoint. Moloy says maybe someone played a prank. Inspector asks if there is any problem, just blink and I will understand. Moloy thinks if I blink, they will shoot Mohini, I have to do something else to explain this ACP that we are in danger.

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