Made For Each Other Monday Update 6 January 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 6 January 2020

Mohini saying I will see which is my smallest set and give you. He sees heavy jewellery. She asks Veena to keep the set. She says don’t get confused, you also know what’s going to happen. She thinks Prerna won’t become my bahu.

Made For Each Other Friday Update 3 January 2020

She taunts Veena. Veena asks shall we leave. Mohini says don’t forget to take gifts, please keep the ancestral necklace in the cupboard, I have to use the washroom. She goes. Veena says its tough to understand Mohini, don’t know what does she want. Veena picks all the jewellery sets and keeps the boxes in the cupboard. Mohini looks on and hides.

Anurag comes to Bajaj’s house. Watchman says I will call Bajaj sir, if he agrees to meet, you can go. Anurag barges in. Watchman shouts to stop him. Veena asks Prerna and everyone to

come. Mohini stops her and asks her to take saree. Veena says we have to do many rituals. She takes Prerna with her. Anurag gets inside the house and says I have to meet Mr. Bajaj. The man says you can’t meet him. He asks watchman to ring alarm bell. Anurag hears the siren and enters some room. Mr. Bajaj pushes him on the bed and points gun. He asks who are you, what do you want. Anurag sees him.

Mr. Bajaj says Mr. Anurag Basu…. sorry I didn’t identify, I didn’t think our first meet will happen this way. He gives his hand. Anurag gets up from the bed. Watchman asks are you fine, this man. Mr. Bajaj stops him and says shut the alarm. He says I m glad to see you, you are my guest, what will you like to drink. Anurag says nothing. Mr. Bajaj says I have a rare collection, hope you like it.

Anurag looks at the room. He sees a file with Moloy’s pic. He checks and thinks why is he trying to know about me and my family. He sees the documents and pics. He sees his burnt pic and thinks what is he up to. Shivani asks what happened there. Veena says I think Mohini is playing games with me, so that I lose and call off this alliance.

Shivani says show your presence of mind, we can’t match her level. Veena says she is provoking me. Nivedita asks why did you treat Veena that she belongs to rich family, I know you have something on your mind. Mohini asks her to guess it. Veena says Mohini knows our family customs, even then she did this to insult us by keeping a fish in shagun. Nivedita says you targeted Veena to anger her.

Mohini says I almost lost Moloy, he wanted Prerna to become his bahu, if this doubt and fear are in my heart, what’s wrong, I hate Prerna and Veena, but I m ready to accept them, for Anurag’s sake, I know I have made a lot of mistakes, I m sure people will doubt me and my intentions. Nivedita feels sorry. Shivani says I didn’t know this, I m with you and Prerna. Veena says okay, we won’t tolerate more insults.

Nivedita says sorry, I will never misunderstand you, stop crying. Mohini thinks Nivedita is on my side now, Prerna wanted to snatch my son, I have full chance to get my son back. Mr. Bajaj comes back. Anurag asks what’s this file. Mr. Bajaj dictionary, docs, you can say anything, I wanted to know everything about you. He gives a drink. Anurag asks but why this research. Mr. Bajaj says I have interest in your business, you can call this business rivalry. Anurag says this is not a way.

Mr. Bajaj says everyone has own ways, mine is bit unique and I like it. Anurag says its called cheat, people hate you and are scared of you, they call you business shark. Mr. Bajaj says even bad publicity is a joy unto its own, please drink it. Anurag asks what do you want from me. Mr Bajaj says I m impressed with Basu publications since the times your dad used to run it, your dad is legendary. Anurag asks what do you want. Mr. Bajaj says I want to ruin it.

Anurag says enough, don’t you dare say that, you have to face me first. Mr. Bajaj says try seeing business as business, apart from business, you have nothing which I can snatch from you. Prerna thinks of new problem of Mr. Bajaj. Anurag says you won’t do this now, you have come across me, try all you can but I promise you, I will never let you win and enjoy.

Mr. Bajaj says I didn’t think to do anything yet, one can meet me if I want, you are meeting me as I wanted this, you got all my info because I sent it to you, you wasted time with that useless detective, its my game, I write the rules and I win. Anurag says so its a game for you, fine then, the rules will change now, and winner will change too. Mr. Bajaj says I didn’t learn anything except winning. Anurag says I didn’t lose ever, I got what I wanted.

Mr. Bajaj says our first meet is interesting. Anurag says I won’t lose, I promise. Mr. Bajaj says lets see who wins and who loses. Anurag leaves. Anurag gets Prerna’s call and says I didn’t go to meet reporter, but to meet Mr. Bajaj, I didn’t wish you to worry, he is creating many issues, I wanted to know who is he. She asks who is he. He says he is a disgusting man, he is overconfident and thinks he is charming, I observed him, I think matter is something personal too.

She says he has ruined Gujral’s company market value and bought it, I felt its professional, do not forget who you are, you are Anurag Basu, Moloy Basu’s son, you can handle anything, even if its Mr. Bajaj. He says thanks, I will talk later. Anurag thinks did Mr. Bajaj burn this pic or anyone else, his eyes had anger, I could see his restlessness, it seems like he has worn some mask and sat in front of me, he is pretending, the person is hiding behind that mask, I will unmask him, he won’t succeed, there is one way to defeat him, to ruin his business. He says Mr. Bajaj isn’t like one he appears.

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