Made For Each Other Saturday Update 30 November 2019


Made For Each Other Saturday Update 30 November 2019

Prerna taken to the lockup. Anurag is on the way. She recalls his words. He thinks she is my love, my life and wife, I didn’t think this will get so complicated. He recalls Komolika’s words that Prerna will bear third degree tortures.

He says no, I have to stop the tortures on Prerna. Veena comes to Shivani and asks why are you crying. Shivani says I loved a wrong man, Ronit threatened us. Veena says you realized your mistake and I have forgiven you, I m not afraid of him, I m with you, I will always protect you, he won’t be able to harm you.

Nivedita says we are celebrating tonight. Mohini says look at the time, how can we invite all the guests. Komolika says just call them, don’t forget to invite your friends, they said Prerna is Anurag’s wife, I

want to prove that I m his wife, my real Grahpravesh will happen today. She recalls her friend’s words and says everyone should know I m your bahu, Anurag’s wife, all the doubts and rumors will end. Mohini says fine, go and get ready, we will handle the arrangements.

Komolika thinks today I will get Anurag and that room, which Prerna had claimed, I will decorate the room for suhaagraat. Veena says we will promise, we will get rid of Ronit, we will go to Aryan’s house and talk to them. Shivani gets Anupam’s call. Anupam says Prerna got arrested. Veena asks what happened. Shivani says Prerna has been arrested by police. Anupam says Shivani has heard it right, Prerna has been arrested. Veena shouts to Shekhar. Anupam sees Komolika doing arrangements. She asks Anupam to come in. She says you came to meet Anurag, you like to support Prerna. He says no, I m on your side. She gets taunting him. He says you would know whom I consider Anurag’s wife, the truth is always the truth. She asks him to get out. He leaves. She calms down.

Anurag comes to meet Prerna. He apologizes. She asks what are you planning now, I don’t even want to see your face, you are my big mistake, everything was a lie. She gets scolding him and asks him to think of Veena, her mum would die seeing her in jail. Anurag says I m really sorry for hurting you. Prerna says see where I have ended up for falling in love with you, you have turned my true love into hatred, why, is being in love a sin, I just got hatred, you cheated me, what did I do wrong, you always said you will support me and abandoned me, why did I feel that you will never leave me, why did I trust you more than myself, you broke my trust and heart, my confidence and everything, I can’t trust anyone.

Tere bin….plays…. He wipes her tears. He says I admit that I have hurt you, I made fun of you and your love, I never hated you, I don’t hate you, I was helpless, whatever I did, I had no choice. She says get out, I don’t want to listen. He says you listen to me once. She says leave me. He says listen to me, I love you very much, this is the truth, you told me about a kind of love, about thorn birds, I ended up with that love, I m ready to do anything and sacrifice everything for your sake, you don’t know my love, truth is I have only loved you.

Prerna says no, stop cooking more stories. He says I will tell you about this drama, why I married Komolika. Inspector asks what are you doing here. Anurag says I have come here to meet her, she is my wife. Inspector says you said your marriage wasn’t real. Anurag says I lied, truth is we are married, Prerna is my wife. He gets the pandit and says he witnessed the marriage, he blessed us, we love each other, Komolika came in between, make arrangements to leave Prerna. Inspector nods and asks pandit is this true. Pandit says yes. Inspector takes him along. Prerna asks who are you, you always break my heart and then you make me trust you.

He says I m your old Anurag, I m here, I will tell the truth, I was helpless, it was all a lie, I m sorry, I will announce to your family and media that you are my wife. She asks really. He says you have shed a lot of tears. He hugs Prerna and says I will tell you everything, it was all a lie. Komolika comes there and claps.

She asks how dare you ditch me, none can cheat me, you can’t be with someone else. Anurag says its enough, you won’t do anything with Prerna. Komolika says I m your wife, enough. He says no, Prerna is my wife. She asks him did he forget their deal. She says I knew it and I played the safe game, your families will watch now, I will even get Moloy thrown out of the hospital. He says you won’t do anything. She says you know the doctors and nurses are my people, if I call them to give deadly injection to Moloy, he will die, I can do anything, you will never be able to prove that your dad is murdered, how long can you save Prerna, I guarantee that she will be dead. He says enough, I swear I will kill you.

Anurag choking Komolika and threatening to kill her. Prerna asks him to leave Komolika. Komolika says you know I will kill your family, they all will die. Inspector stops Anurag. Komolika laughs. Anurag’s imagination ends. He is in his car. Constable asks him to drive the car ahead, he can’t park the car near the police station. Anurag says fine. He thinks Komolika already doubts me, if I make any mistake, Prerna will bear consequences, I can’t take risk, Prerna have to hate me beyond limits, I have to do this. The ladies ask Mohini about her bahu. Mohini says I wanted to do Komolika’s grahpravesh. Nivedita says everything will get clear today, Prerna forced entry in our house and spread rumors, thank God she is in jail now. Komolika comes there and gets compliments.

Anupam looks on. Komolika thanks her friend for coming. She says I wanted you to meet my in laws, Anurag is my husband. Mohini says Anurag is lucky that you are his wife, Komolika is my bahu. The ladies laugh that Anurag is with his other bride. Komolika says he is on the way, maybe you can’t meet him.
Mohini takes Komolika with her. Anupam thinks truth can’t be hidden. Komolika says see that lady is spoiling my mood, she is right, its human nature, we get angry, where is Anurag, if he is with Prerna, then she will come here. Anurag meets Prerna and says I understand you aren’t comfortable here, but this had to happen, you troubled everyone, why did you take that marriage seriously, I m bored with you, I can help you, you can take Komolika’s help, promise that you won’t enter my life, go with your family, be happy with them, prison isn’t a right place for women, just think about it. He thinks she might accept my proposal to come out of prison. She asks how did I fall in love with you. He says fate. She says ill fate. He says I have not come here to hear your taunts, I came to help because of Rajesh, do you want my help, stay away from Komolika and my life. She says I fell in love and now I will keep it, this sindoor is my destiny, our fate is connected, no one can separate us.

She shows her mangalsutra and asks him why is he wearing that thread, he can remove it. He says this means only one thing, Komolika. She says I do believe this marriage, so I m fighting for my rights, I have rights on you, I won’t let Komolika have rights on you, do anything, I will do everything what a wife should, I will stay with you even if you hate me, you can’t separate me from you. He asks why are you risking your life, Komolika can kill you, your life is in danger, why don’t you get this. Veena and Shivani come. Veena slaps him. Prerna shouts Maa. Shivani says we want an answer. Veena cries and scolds Anurag. She says Moloy used to send you to us to learn lessons, we used to teach you values, I taught you to respect relations, you turned out to be ungrateful Anurag, people do a lot to save their love, you cheated Prerna, she is in prison because of you. He thinks I love Prerna, I have to save you all from Komolika, I promised my dad.

He says Prerna has to get out of here, I came here to help her with an offer, he has to take help from Komolika and me, I want her to not come to my house and life, be happy with the family. Veena says shut up, I m there for my children, get out. He goes and says sorry, I had to talk to you impolitely. He leaves. Kuch bhi nai hai…plays… He drives and thinks of Prerna. He stops the car and gets down. He cries. Komolika calls him. He throws the phone. Komolika says its switched off. Anurag says now Prerna is away from me, I will separate you from me. Komolika says where are you now. Mishka comes. Komolika says I thought you are upset with me, knowing Prerna got arrested. Veena says I should have not send you there. Prerna pacifies her. Veena says you are here because of someone’s cheat. Prerna says I m enduring this to become strong, they are helping me, I m getting ready for the future. Shivani says we will talk to inspector for releasing Prerna.

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