Made For Each Other Saturday update 14 December 2019


Made For Each Other Saturday update 14 December 2019

Prerna calling out Veena and Shivani. Veena knocks the door and asks her to open the door. Shivani calls for help. Anurag runs upstairs. Ronit catches Shivani. Veena says Rohit has taken Shivani upstairs. Anurag asks Ronit to open the door. Ronit asks her to go, its his personal matter, he will take Shivani with him. He hurts Shivani. Anurag kicks open the door. He kicks Ronit and beats him up. Veena and Prerna come. Anurag says I will send you to jail like I have sent Komolika, if you dare come here again. He throws out Ronit. Ronit says I m Siddhant Chobey’s son, you will know it now.

Anurag says if you come again, you won’t be able to go on your feet. He goes. Shivani thanks Anurag. Veena also thanks him. Prerna smiles.

Anurag says my relation is not just

with Prerna, but also with her family, you are my family, its since Rajesh and dad were together, you all are my responsibility now, I will always be with you, like Rajesh stood with Moloy. Veena blesses him. Prerna and Anurag proper the things and help Veena. They have a moment. Pal ek pal….plays…. They come home. Anupam teases them and says I didn’t see anything. He smiles and says he is mad in love. Mohini says Moloy will be better now. Prerna gets breakfast and serves them. Nivedita says its delicious. Mohini says I m not hungry. Tapur says Sahil called and said about his parents anniversary, sorry I said we kept a surprise part for them. Mohini says very good plan, tell Sahil we are ready. She sees Nivedita bonding with Prerna. Manager comes and says sorry to disturb, its something imp. Anupam asks Nivedita to help him in clothes selection. Nivedita says of course. She asks Prerna to take breakfast for Anurag. Anupam says take eggs for him, its his fav, you would be knowing.
Mohini says Nivedita, I need to talk. She takes her to room and asks how can you have much affection for Prerna. Nivedita says Prerna is Anurag’s wife, its a fact. Mohini asks what’s wrong with you. Nivedita says Prerna is a nice girl. Mohini says Komolika did wrong, she was bad, it doesn’t prove that Prerna is right, she is still a middle class girl for me, she is taking care of Moloy, she is a good nurse for him.


Nivedita says Prerna brought Komolika’s truth. Mohini says its not a big deal. Nivedita says its a big deal for me, I trusted Komolika. Mohini says Prerna had barged into our house, she is Rajesh’s daughter, she insulted me, I will not forget that. Nivedita says Prerna did what she should have done, any daughter would say that to defend her mother. Mohini says you are sounding like Anupam, he filled your mind.

Manager says we don’t know what he got against us, Komolika got this new problem for us. Prerna asks who is he. Anurag says Bajaj, many businessmen call him Mr. Bajaj. Prerna asks who is this Mr. Bajaj. Mohini says I know Anupam told this to you. Nivedita says he is my husband. Mohini says he is your mistake, you know why he married you. Nivedita says he supports me, I know he doesn’t earn money, he spends my money, don’t say anything against him. Mohini says you are totally brainwashed, its first time you went against me for Prerna, choose, either break relation with Prerna or lose relation with your mom. She goes.

Prerna asks why is he interested in our shares. Anurag says Komolika took lawyer’s help and got everything on her name. Manager says yes, we realized that some man is buying our shares at high rates, our company will have loss. Prerna says no, I want to know everything about him, we don’t know anything about him. Anupam comes to Nivedita. He says you look upset, do you want to share. She says yes, I would feel better, are you not irritated by me. He says I love you a lot. She says mum doesn’t like that I m taking Prerna’s side, I m able to understand Prerna now, I m not following mum, I m like her. He says you are right, you are better than mum. She says Mohini is your Sasuma. He says go and ask Moloy how he tolerates Mohini. He jokes and hugs her. She says its not time for romance, I m upset, mum asked me to choose Prerna or her, what shall I do. He says sit, we will think something. Anurag says we have to find what he wants.

Prerna says try to know about him. Anurag says its strange that none knows about him, whoever knows doesn’t want to say, none has his pic. Anupam says I have an idea, Mohini can accept Prerna. Nivedita says explain it. He asks are you sure that Anurag loves Prerna. She says yes. He says they got much formal, once they confess love, everything will get fine. She asks how can mum accept Prerna. He says Mohini’s happiness is in Anurag’s happiness, she should know that he loves Prerna, once Anurag confesses love to Prerna, everything will get fine. Tapur comes and says I understood, this plan will work. Nivedita says we will make Anurag confess love to Prerna tonight. Anurag says its like he is sitting in darkness and doesn’t want to come out. Prerna asks manager to find out his link with Komolika. Manager agrees and takes a leave.

Prerna looking for her dress. Anurag comes and says even I wanted my clothes to wear in the party. He just finds her clothes and asks can you say its your wardrobe. She says yes, your clothes are in the suitcase. He asks what, are you serious. She says that suitcase isn’t so small. She climbs on the stool to get the suitcase. She loses balance. He holds her. She looks at him. Mohini makes Moloy ready and says you look very handsome today, you know I m waiting for the day when you comment on my make up, I won’t laugh when you crack stupid jokes. They smile. She says get fine soon, I m waiting, I m not pressurizing you, it will suit you. She sees Nivedita and Anupam. She thinks she has come in Anupam’s influence, what does she have to give her except his false talks.

Prerna drops the bag on Anurag’s foot. She asks him to go to gym. He calls her shameless to say such. She says you are shameless, I told you not to help, you held my waist. He says you should have stopped me. She sees a cockroach coming and shouts. He asks who is scared of a cockroach. He asks cockroach to come out. He says maybe cockroach is scared of me, come out. Mohini hears him. Prerna shouts seeing the cockroach on her saree. Anurag asks where is it. They fall on the bed. Mohini looks on shocked. They see Mohini and get up. Mohini goes. He asks why did mum react… Prerna says we fell on the bed, she thought… She gives the bag to Anurag and asks them to get out. She smiles. He says I can see you smiling. He goes. She shuts the door. Inspector says you are going to jail, its really strict. Komolika argues with the lady. Inspector says you will get a good welcome there, everyone watching you getting thrashed will have fun..

Everyone smiles seeing Moloy coming in the party. Tapur says you are the best dad. Mohini asks when are Sahil’s parents coming, I will tell them that you did a lot of hard work. Prerna comes downstairs. Nivedita says she is looking beautiful. Anupam smiles seeing Prerna. Tapur says everyone is seeing you stare Prerna. Prerna says gift is ready, I have packed your surprise. Tapur says thanks and hugs her. She says Prerna said she will help me. Mohini looks on.

Lady inspector’s gun falls down. Komolika picks it and asks the inspector to throw his gun away. Inspector asks her not to do this. Manager comes. Anurag says take the men to study room, I will come. He says nothing, the men came from office, I will finish a meeting and come, Prerna get water for them. He goes. Manager says these men are finding about Mr. Bajaj. The man says Mr. Bajja overtakes any business, else he ruins that business. Anurag asks how does he look. The man says he never came to India, we had got this pic from London. Anurag says this pic is blur, how can I identify him. The man says we will give this pic to experts, they will clear this pic and then you will see his face. Anurag says I get bad vibes seeing him like…

Prerna says like a bad shadow in darkness. Mohini comes and asks Anurag isn’t the meeting over, come soon. Anurag asks the men to get back to work. He says its strange, we don’t know that person. Prerna says we have to go and welcome Sahil’s parents. Komolika scolds the inspector and says ask your constable to open my handcuffs. Inspector says surrender now. She shoots a constable. The lady inspector opens her handcuffs. Komolika asks them to move away. She leaves in the van. Sahil’s parents arrive and see the darkness. Sahil’s mum asks doesn’t Basus pay the electricity bill, there isn’t power even today.

Sahil’s parents get surprised seeing everyone and the party arrangements. Sahil’s dad thanks Moloy. Mohini says Tapur wanted your special day to become more special. She jokes. Prerna asks them to come in. Anurag says everything feels positive after Komolika went, I just hope that everything stays the same. Anupam says Komolika will always be in jail. Anurag says there is no chance that she escapes. Komolika says I m coming to keep my promise to you, what did you think, you will live in peace, no, I will take revenge on you, the police would be finding this jeep.

Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. She says leave my hand. Anupam looks on. Anurag leaves her hand and says fine now. Anupam asks Nivedita to see them. Nivedita pushes Prerna over Anurag and says sorry. She smiles. Anurag holds Prerna. Komolika comes there and gets angry seeing them. She wears a mask. Prerna says everyone is seeing us, leave me. Anurag says let them see, everyone knows that you are my wife. Nivedita and Anupam look on. Anurag asks Prerna for dance. She refuses. They argue. He says match up and show, lets see who is better dance. She agrees. Anupam says they are challenging each other for dance. Komolika takes a knife…


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