Made For Each Other Monday Update 9 March 2020

Mohini asking Maasi to answer some questions. She goes. Tanvi asks what does she wanted to say. Maasi says she is upto something, but what, I will go to her room and talk to her. Inspector says judge will decide if he will release Veena or not.

Prerna says I was there, she didn’t do anything, it was just an accident. Inspector says she has been charged with attempt to murder. Shekhar asks what, she is our mum, she can’t do this, listen to me. Inspector says if you want answers, go and ask Mr. Bajaj’s family.

Prerna says I m Mr. Bajaj’s wife, it was an accused. Inspector asks who is Sharda. Prerna says Mr. Bajaj’s Maasi. Inspector says she has filed this attempt to murder case. Prerna gets shocked. Mohini asks Maasi to knock and come in her room. Maasi

does so and says I have already told you, I have no interest in meeting you, Rishabh will take over this property soon, then I won’t need your advice. Mohini asks why do you hate Rishabh. Maasi says he is like a son for me, how could you think so. Mohini says I thought we will have a common thing. Maasi asks how could you think such a thing. Mohini says I m getting to see a person who is trying to kill someone and claiming to live, be it anyone, that person trusts us more than you. She shows the pics and smiles.

Maasi gets shocked. She is seen cutting the hanging rope in the pic. Mohini says you framed Veena. FB shows Mohini hearing the photographer saying I know who has done this, that poor woman got blamed. Mohini goes to him and says show me the pics, you are always the photographer in all our functions. He says yes. She gets shocked seeing the pics. She asks him to give pics and take money, none should find out about it, its a high profile case. He agrees. FB ends. Maasi asks how did you get this. Mohini says that’s not imp, why do you want this, you accused Veena, you are hurting Rishabh, you can keep the pics, I have copies. Maasi says I know. Anupam comes. Mohini asks why do you want to harm Rishabh, no one suspects you, what’s your motive. Maasi says I wanted Veena to get arrested for attacking Rishabh, police has arrested her, Rishabh is lying unconscious in the hospital. Mohini sees Anupam. He asks about Nivedita. Maasi goes. Mohini says don’t disturb me next time, go now Anupam, I don’t know where is Nivedita. He goes.

Anurag calls Anupam and asks when were you going to tell you. Anupam asks who told you about this, Prerna? Anurag says Rahil, why would Prerna call me, is everything fine. Anupam asks why did Rahil call you. Anurag says for board meeting, is everything fine there, tell me, I m not a kid that you can divert the topic. Anupam says police arrested Veena, Mr. Bajaj met an accident, his Maasi handed over Veena to police, Bajaj is lying unconscious in the hospital.

Anurag asks is Veena in jail, Prerna is alone, she needs me, don’t know who will Bajaj blame, I m coming, I have to support Prerna. Anupam says this is why I wasn’t telling you, try and understand, be there. Anurag says no, its imp, I m coming. He thinks Bajaj and I have no different, Mr. Bajaj doesn’t hate you, but I dislike you Prerna, you mocked my love and hurt me a lot. He calls and books a ticket. He says I have always supported you, I will support you even this time, I m coming Prerna.

Prerna says Maasi can’t do this. Inspector says she gave a statement that your mum doesn’t like Mr. Bajaj and did this. Prerna says I will withdraw this complaint. Inspector says no, only the one who filed this can withdraw it, get Sharda here, I will release your mum if she takes back her complain. Shivani says I hate your new family. Prerna says your words don’t hurt me anymore, your anger is justified, I will set everything right. Shivani asks what. Suman consoles Shivani.

She scolds Prerna. Shekhar says so sorry, I stopped you from meeting mum, thanks for helping mum. Prerna says I won’t let anything happen to mom, I will talk to Maasi and bring her. She leaves. She thinks of Veena on the way. She sees Vyas with someone and goes to him. She says you know I m Mr. Bajaj’s wife and your employee’s daughter. He says yes, you are Veena’s daughter. She says Mr. Bajaj knew my mum works in your company and did this. He says he said we won’t get this contract if we don’t employ Veena.

She says he did this to insult mum at home, how could he do this. He says Mrs. Bajaj, I know Mr. Bajaj is hospitalized, I don’t want to lie to you or carry any secret ahead, I don’t want a good person to be proved guilty, Mr. Bajaj warned me not to tell anyone, Mr. Bajaj didn’t force Veena by this contract, he paid me extra to overpay Veena, he wanted to financially help Veena, the intention was to help Veena somehow, I became the medium of his good deeds, why would anyone help someone without taking credit,

Mr. Bajaj is a nice man, I have a request, don’t tell this to him. She thinks he did this so that mum earns money and feels proud, he was trying to help my family without letting me know his favor, I only kept accusing him, he cared for my mum, I hope Maasi will understand me. Nurse calls her and asks her to reach hospital soon. Prerna leaves. Tanvi asks what, Mohini has our pics, if Rishabh knows you had cut the rope, he will get us arrested, he hates disloyal people, lets just leave, I don’t want to go to jail, Mohini hates us, she will expose us. Maasi says she will just expose me.

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