Made For Each Other Monday Update 6 July 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 6 July 2020

Anurag taking a video of Prerna. Shivani asks him to go, she will record it. He goes. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna is my wife, I m your Jija. She says sorry…. Anurag plays the dhol. Prerna recalls the old moment. Mr. Bajaj gets a dhol and plays. He dances with Prerna.

Anurag too begin the Dhunuchi dance. They compete. Prerna looks on. The goons take Mr. Bajaj aside and throw the burning coal on him. His clothes catch fire. The goons runaway. Everyone gets shocked. Mr. Bajaj blows off the fire and goes out. Anupam and servant put water on the carpet and put off the fire. Mohini says nothing to panic, maybe their personal issues, continue. Anurag asks why did they do this with Mr. Bajaj.

Shivani says maybe Mr. Bajaj has harmed them also. Mr. Bajaj beats a goon. Maasi and Prerna come there. He asks why did you try to burn me, tell me, what’s your enmity, who sent you. The goon says I will tell you. Mohini asks pandit to come early tomorrow. She asks is Moloy sleeping. Anupam says yes. Tapur says this attack look intentional. Mohini says I know.

Kaka asks Anurag did you do this, anger can make anyone lose mind. Anurag says I won’t do this ever. He goes to attend a call. Mohini asks what was this. Kaka says Anurag planned his own accident, I thought he did this, else who can do this. Veena says we shall leave now. Anurag asks why.
Shivani says Dadi dislikes Mr. Bajaj and went in other pandal, we have to go. He insists them to come and have food. The goon says I was paid to do this, forgive me. Mr. Bajaj says you gave you money. The goon says Anurag. Mr. Bajaj asks him to go. Maasi asks why did you let him go. He says I don’t want to create any issue, I promised someone that I won’t trouble Anurag. He goes. Maasi says what happened to him, is there anything imp than life. Prerna looks on. She talks to Veena on call. She goes with Mr. Bajaj.

Maasi and Tanvi are with Mr. Bajaj. Maasi does the aid. He says let Prerna do it, she is good at it. Prerna does aid. Mai bhi hun….plays… He looks at Prerna. He tries to hold her hand. Anurag sees them. He gets upset. Mohini comes and says Anurag come with me, you know I don’t like Prerna. Kumud comes to talk. Mohini says let me talk to my son. Kumud says just answer one thing, how did Prerna marry in a rich household, I think that man married her for the sake of raising his daughter, Prerna would think she will enjoy there. Anurag thinks and says Mr. Bajaj married Prerna for Kuki. He goes. Mohini says listen to me. He says I can’t stop talking to Prerna, please, don’t expect this from me, sorry. He goes. Kumud says I thought he forgot her, he is still after Prerna. Mohini says I don’t know how, what’s special in that girl…

Prerna stops Mr. Bajaj and says you told me not to talk about Anurag, but what can I do, I left everything for this love, and this love snatched everything. Anurag comes. Mr. Bajaj sees him.

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