Made For Each Other Monday Update 30 December 2019


Made For Each Other Monday Update 30 December 2019

Shekhar says dad would have been happy if he was here. Moloy smiles. The ladies ask Nivedita about Mohini. Veena says she is here. The ladies say we have looked for her, maybe she doesn’t want to come in the party. Veena says she has gone to talk to head chef. Nivedita says she must be busy, enjoy the party. She stops Veena and asks did you really see Mohini. Veena says sorry, I didn’t wish to lie but…

Nivedita hugs her and says thanks for saving our family respect, I will get mum. Veena thinks this has my daughter’s happiness, I wish no one’s bad sight catches her. Shivani asks Prerna how are you feeling, you are going to be of Anurag now. Prerna says I m not nervous today. Nivedita comes to look for Mohini. She says why is mum doing this, where is she.

Mohini cries and thinks of Anurag. She says he knows I don’t like that girl, even then he is getting engaged, why. Anupam says I will make a video and then give you a drink, I will prove it to Nivedita. Moloy smiles. Anupam says fine, you want to trap me, you won’t get any drink now. Moloy makes a sad face. Anupam drinks. He asks what’s your problem, you make a puppy face, fine I will give you a drink on my risk, I love you a lot. Moloy smiles happily. Anupam feeds him the drink. Moloy feels relieved.

Prerna looks for Anurag. Shivani says he is so cute. Prerna says not so much. Shivani says give him to me, if you don’t like him, he is so daring, caring and dashing, I made you realize love for him, I have hit my own foot. Prerna says don’t think so, Anurag can never love anyone else. Anurag comes and says I will be of someone, tell me, whom do I belong. Prerna says mine. They smile. Sahil and Tapur smile seeing them. They say the couple getting engaged should dance. Everyone claps. Anurag and Prerna dance on Ishq ibadat…..

Everyone smiles and claps. Suman sees Mahesh signing to Tapur and thinks Mahesh likes Tapur, but she likes someone else. Nivedita comes and asks Mohini what is she doing here. Mohini says I don’t like Prerna, Anurag is going against me. Nivedita says its a special day for us, you taught me that nothing is imp than our respect, what will people say if you don’t come.

Mohini says I will get ready and come, my family’s respect is imp, even if we don’t agree for same thing. Nivedita says its better to sort house’s problems, none should know it. Das says my doubts are the facts. Anurag says it means the shell company which bought our shares have sold the shares to Mr. Bajaj. Das says yes he has bought our shares through that shell company. Anurag asks what does he want, why is he after my company, what does he want.

Prerna comes and asks what happened. He says nothing. She says don’t hide anything from me. He says its Mr. Bajaj, he is the one after us, don’t know why and this isn’t professional. She says we haven’t see him, why does he have personal grudge against you. Moloy hears them and thinks Bajaj.

Das gets a call from Saurabh. He gets shocked and thinks what’s this new news. Nivedita takes Anurag and Prerna for a surprise. Mohni gets angry and calms down. The ladies ask if everything is okay. Mohini says you think Anurag will get Prerna here without my permission, choices keep changing. Suman comes to her and smiles, praising seeing her necklace.

Mohini asks do you want this, it means Prerna also wants this, you want money. Suman says no, everyone wants money, I liked your necklace a lot, I can never have it but I can praise it. Mohini goes. Lights get dim. Nivedita says surprise will be coming. Anupam says lights are switched off, I want to surprise my best buddy Anurag, I will tell you something which you all don’t know. He sits between Anurag and Prerna and says I want to tell how an arranged marriage turned into love marriage. Nivedita says we have to show this love story.

Nivedita and Anupam act as Prerna and Anurag, to show their college romance. Everyone laughs. Shivani says they were Anurag and Prerna, they couldn’t talk much, they are getting into a bond of seven births. Anupam vows to Nivedita in the play. Anurag and Prerna look on.

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