Made For Each Other Monday Update 3 August 2020 Prerna takes a bold step


Made For Each Other Monday Update 3 August 2020 Prerna takes a bold step

Komolika coming home. She says where did Anurag go, I m going to kill Prerna if she has called him to meet. Anurag comes. She hugs him and asks where did you go. He says I just went for a walk. He makes her away. She recalls old moment. She asks did anything happen. He says everything is okay. He thinks mum is upset because I m not happy, I will make her happy. He goes to sleep. She thinks how long will you ignore me, very soon Prerna will be out of this city, its impossible that someone gets spared from me.

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Veena cries. Prerna comes to her. Veena gets sad and asks is there Lord in reality, this would have not happened with us. Komolika says Prerna has to leave this city. Veena says Lord has snatched everything from us, even our house got burnt, where is Lord, are we bad people that this is happening with us, we will go to village. Shekhar says you are right, we shall go. Veena says whatever that power was, good or evil, it has won. Komolik laughs and says how can Prerna live with broken dreams and hopes, she will die, your chapter is over Prerna. Prerna says things aren’t in our favor but we will fight, we can’t run away, house got burnt, we won’t go, what will we do going there, our relation with that house didn’t burn, we will make it our house again. Veena hugs her. Its morning, Anurag does aarti. Mohini smiles.

Anurag says you got old, you are late, be on time tomorrow. Moloy jokes. Komolika comes and takes aarti. She asks them to come for breakfast, she has tried something different today. Pandit says there is pleasure to do puja after long time in this house today. Anurag says I need to talk to dad and Nivedita in study. They go. Komolika serves breakfast. Mohini smiles. Komolika thinks if I wasn’t in love with Anurag, I would have made you cry, I m happy, he is mine. Prerna says we have two options, either crying or rebuild the house.

Veena says we need money for it. Prerna says Shekhar, Mahesh and we all can do it. She sees a job vacancy and says I will apply for it. Suman asks will you work. Prerna says of course. Veena says no. Prerna asks why not, I should work, I can’t stay at home, I want to be happy. Shekhar says you are right, but listen to mum.

Veena says Prerna should follow her heart, go and do some job. Prerna says you are world’s best mum. They hug. Anurag says I want to start work soon, its imp to move on in life. Nivedita says Anurag is still the same smart and intelligent. Moloy says you can handle our businesses. Anurag says I want to start something new. Moloy says its not going to be easy. Anurag says I know but trust me, I won’t let anything wrong happen to your name. Moloy says fine. They discuss…..

Veena, Prerna and Mahesh come home. They cry seeing it. Prerna says we will rebuild this house again. Veena says I m glad you loved on. Prerna thinks I don’t know to tell you or not, he will always be there in my heart. Mahesh says many things got saved, we can use it. Prerna says we will start tomorrow. Suman says we will start it today, you go for the job, we will clean the house. Nivedita says Anurag changed, just like old time. Mohini says Sonalika would have explained him. Komolika serves samosas. She thinks to make Mohini sick. Mohini hugs her. Nivedita says thanks for explaining Anurag, he is like before. Komolika thinks I didn’t had time yesterday, Anurag woke me up for this useless family. Anurag says I m thinking to go to office, I will feel better and start working together. Nivedita says he wants to give me a competition. She laughs. Mohini applies kajal dot to Anurag and asks him to go now. He hugs her and leaves. Mohini says thanks, happiness returned in this house because of you. Komolika thinks stupid people, its my magic that works on everyone.

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