Made For Each Other Monday Update 29 June 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 29 June 2020

“29 June 2020 Monday Update on Made for each other update”Anurag warning and challenging Anurag. He says trust me, you will regret and apologize to me. Anurag says now your real face has come out, angered person, this is real Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj says people like you are made for this, you will be heartbroken agin, Prerna will be going abroad with me.

Anurag says Maa Durga comes on the earth to end evil, you are the most evil. Prerna comes and says we shall leave now. They come home. Mr. Bajaj thinks I should have not told that to Anurag, I had a motive to go there and Anurag spoiled it. Prerna comes. He asks did Kuki sleep. She says yes, whatever Anurag did… He says its okay, your family loves him since a long time. She says I feel they love him more than they love me. He says you sleep, I have some work.

Shivani says Bajaj took advantage by showing video to Prerna, I hate him, but he is smart, you are also smart. Anurag says he knows when to show his cards. She says you will prove that he is wrong, then Prerna will leave everything and come to you forever, I m confident. He says I m lucky to get you good sister-in-law, you always help me.

He asks Veena and everyone to come home tomorrow for puja. He goes. Mr. Bajaj says I started feeling for Prerna and want to tell her, I want to make Anurag out of Prerna’s life, I want that love and care for me. He sits drinking. Anurag comes and sits. He asks what happened, you always offer me a drink, won’t you offer today, its fine, I thought to give you a company, cheers for knowing each other way.

Mr. Bajaj says person makes his own destiny, I get what I want, you are doing kiddish things, I didn’t like what you did at Prerna’s home, I m saying for the last time, she is mine, back off, the way you look at her, I don’t like that. Anurag says I like the fear and insecurity on your face, you think I create issues in your life, then let me tell you, I will always interfere until you get out of Prerna’s life. Mr. Bajaj says you will be out, I love my life which has my wife now, I want to show what I can do. Anurag says of course, you can do anything except love, love isn’t a race or competition, love can’t be won like that. Mr. Bajaj says I learnt to get anything I like by hook or crook. He goes.

Mohini greets pandit. Pandit says we just want chunri for Mata. Kumud comes and meets Mohini. Moloy’s brother’s family comes. Mohini says Moloy will be glad meeting you. Kumud says forgive us for the past. Mohini says I have forgiven it, Moloy needs you, come. Maasi asks who are they. Anurag sees Prerna and smiles. He says sorry, I didn’t see, will you come along. She says where, no. He says we are going to get Maa Durga. She says you go, I will stay here to welcome. He jokes. She says I have work and tries to go. Her saree pallu gets stuck in his watch. He says I will remove it. Main jitna tumhe ….plays…Mr. Bajaj sees her and says this saree suits you, nice color. She thanks him. He thinks what am I saying, nice saree, nice color, really. Prerna does arrangements. Maasi says I think Mohini’s relatives don’t like Prerna. Mohini says Prosenjit you know Moloy well. Kumud says I didn’t like Sharma family. Anurag gets the idol. Anupam stumbles. Prerna holds the idol. Everyone prays. Mohini comes to Moloy and makes him wear the watch.

She says get fine well, I have no strength to handle this alone. She cries. Moloy wipes her tears and thinks its good you kept puja at home today. She says you look handsome, don’t see anyone else. He signs no. Anurag says Mata brought us together again. Anupam smiles. Prerna recalls their moments.

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