Made For Each Other Monday Update 23 March 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 23 March 2020

Prerna saying I wish I never met you. Anurag says I think we are like birds who get separated in the morning and come back together at the time of dusk. Prerna sees someone and says I think there is someone. He says you know how to change the topic. Kuki comes. Prerna asks why did you come, I just came to take water, come. Kuki calls Anurag to her and kisses him. Prerna smiles and takes Kuki. Anurag thinks I hate Mr. Bajaj, but I like Kuki, she is sweet, she likes me too. He goes to sleep. The man looks on. He follows Anurag. Anurag lies to sleep. Two men enter his room to attack. One of them checks cupboard. The other man takes a pillow to suffocate him. Anurag hits him with a vase. He fights the man and beats him with a bat.

The man tries to catch him. Anurag pushes her. The man runs out. Anurag shouts stop. Everyone comes out hearing him. Anurag catches the man and asks who are you. He removes the mask and asks why did you come, to rob. The man says I had come to kill you. Anurag asks who had sent you.

Mr. Bajaj is on the way. He thinks I didn’t like Anurag coming between Prerna and me, I m fixing everything. Anurag says he had come to kill me. Everyone gets shocked. Anurag asks him to say the truth, who had sent him. The man runs out. Mr. Bajaj comes there. Anurag shouts Mr. Bajaj catch him. Mr. Bajaj looks on. Anurag says this man had come to kill me on Mr. Bajaj’s saying. They get shocked. Mr. Bajaj asks what nonsense. Anurag asks am I saying nonsense, the man took your name when he went, he said he came to kill me, he tried to suffocate me, when I attacked, they ran, I caught one of them and he took your name. Mohini asks how dare you, I will not spare you. Maasi says we believe in our talent than our power, we don’t kill to win, Rishabh has earned everything by his talents, he doesn’t need to do such things, we don’t cheat. Prerna says Mr. Bajaj can never do this, there would be some misunderstanding. Anurag asks her to get the CCTV footage. He says two goons entered my room to kill me, when one of them was caught, he named Mr. Bajaj, your husband.

Nivedita says its disgusting, we won’t tolerate this, we will file a complaint against Mr. Bajaj. Maasi says I won’t bear this blame. Mr. Bajaj says its baseless lie. Anurag asks am I lying, you did this for baseless contract, you sent those goons to kill me, they tried to show that its a robbery, not a murder, I m your rival, your problems will get solved, I know to which level you will fall, you can’t do anything, Ganesh ji is coming our home tomorrow and he will make us away from all the problems. He says Prerna, your husband Mr. Bajaj did all this. He goes. Mohini and everyone stay with Anurag. He says I m fine.

Nivedita asks Moloy to look at him. Anurag says don’t give tension to dad, don’t worry for me, there is much work to do. Nivedita says we didn’t forget our relations, dad you should explain her. She cries. Anurag apologizes to her. Anupam says listen to me, I agree with her, we shall file a complaint. Anurag says not now. Moloy worries. Anurag says I know its right, but not right now, I have to give something to Prerna, she should realize Mr. Bajaj isn’t a right man. Mohini says he doesn’t understand anything than Prerna. Anurag comes to Prerna and asks do you trust me, I know you married that man, he isn’t right, he is playing the game well. He asks her to see the proof. She says I don’t want to see anything. He asks do you want to trust Mr. Bajaj by ignoring the truth, you trusted me before, just see this. He keeps the pendrive and goes.

He thinks I didn’t wish you to suffer, I don’t want any doubt between us, you should know Mr. Bajaj’s truth. She takes the pendrive and checks the CCTV footage. Mr. Bajaj comes there. He says Anurag has sent CCTV footage, I m talking to you. She says the attacker attacked the same way as Anurag said. Mr. Bajaj checks the footage. He says so I had sent them, why, he said, to scare him and kill him, and you believed him. Prerna says if you are trying this, then please don’t try to ruin his life and business. He says I m not doing this, I m not going to back off. He lights a cigar. He says I never thought I will explain myself, I don’t want you to think that you married a bad person, I m not saying I m a good person, but I m not so bad, you are Kuki’s mom, Kuki isn’t a bad person’s daughter, I don’t want you to think such about me, we will talk tomorrow. She says we can still talk. He says no, I can sleep with this thought that you think I m bad, we will talk tomorrow, I want to tell you about myself. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Anupam comes to room and sees Nivedita sleeping. He wakes her up. She says let me sleep, you also sleep. He says fine. Mr. Bajaj greets Maasi. She says Ganpati has come, we will do aarti soon. Mr. Bajaj asks servant to get black coffee. Prerna comes. Mr. Bajaj looks at her. Music plays….. He thinks why am I feeling this attraction towards Mrs. Bajaj, why.

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