Made For Each Other Monday Update 22 June 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 22 June 2020

Monday Update 22 June 2020 on Made For Each Other : Prerna thinking of Mr. Bajaj and Anurag. She thinks he is breaking the deal, that’s Anurag’s safety, he is harming Anurag. Mr. Bajaj thinks of her. He thinks she is a nice person, I didn’t take revenge on Basus because of her, I didn’t break my promise, I didn’t hurt him.

Made For Each Other Friday Update 19 June 2020

She thinks you broke your promise, I will tell the court that you threatened Anurag and did his accident. Anurag says Mr. Bajaj is the reason for my accident, though he didn’t do it. He recalls seeing his car and going in front of his car. Anupam says stop, anyone can hear it. He shuts the door. Anurag asks what would you do being in my place, I hate no other way to get Prerna. He cries and says I lost hopes.

Anupam says you want to put life in danger to prove Prerna’s love.

Anurag says I want to prove it to Prerna, her denial is a lie, she loves me the same way, she loves me and came to me, I can see this in her eyes. Anupam asks how would we live if anything happened to you, I knew everything about your plan, our plan was that you would just be injured, your state was critical. Anurag says Bajaj is white collar criminal, he does crimes for which he isn’t punished, I did this, he had to break rules and now he is in the jail, I m standing alive in front of you, he should be in jail before, he isn’t here, very soon he won’t be there in Prerna’s life, sorry, I just this way. Prerna hears him and cries.
Tanvi comes to meet Mr. Bajaj. He asks what are you doing here. She says I don’t like seeing you here. He says its okay, few things are missing, no AC and bed, but its fine, Maasi has sent you. She says she wants you home, she cares for you. He says I know, please focus on your studies, not me, I m noticing you, I understand what’s going on in your mind. Prerna opens the door. She asks why, you asked me if I m happy with the marriage, I felt someone from Basus care for my happiness, you supported Anurag. Anurag says I will explain.

Prerna asks him to shut up. She says Anupam, you knew he wanted to come in front of Mr. Bajaj’s car, you supported him, he was nearly dying, you knew it could be dangerous, even then you supported him, you have seen it, you did a big mistake. Anurag says its not his mistake. She says Mr. Bajaj is in jail, he doesn’t know it was your plan, he is innocent, I trusted you, what about Kuki, how will this affect her, did you think, no…. how shall I face myself, he got himself arrested on my saying. Anurag says no. Prerna says you supported Anurag, Mr. Bajaj could have come home but I didn’t believe him, I believed you all. She goes.

Mr. Bajaj says you blamed Prerna, I didn’t say anything, I value your emotions, I won’t tolerate it now, you don’t like Prerna, its not possible you both stay together, I will send you away for completing studies. Tanvi says wow, you loved us right, Prerna just came, she made a place in your heart soon, it seems you love her.

Anurag asks Prerna to listen. She says you came to say sorry, you didn’t know this would happen, you can’t be so selfish. He says I did this for you, to make you realize that you love me, my life is useless without you, Anurag is incomplete without you, you are my need, I need you, I don’t regret it, I will not apologize, Bajaj is a white collar criminal, its true, he didn’t kill anyone but he left people to die, he snatched their lives, he deserves the place where he is today,

I did what Bajaj did with others, first planning, plotting, staging, he deserves the punishment, I planned the attack on myself that night so that I can tell police that he did this. She asks aren’t you guilty. He says no, why, should I feel guilty to love you, I can’t live without you, no Prerna, I want to get you back, I fell in love, I can’t forget love. She says I have gone too far, I won’t come back. He says its wrong, you are mine, we are of each other. She says I m married to Mr. Bajaj, and you can’t talk to me like this. He says so what, relations break, you can get divorced.

She says I will get Mr. Bajaj back. Anurag says you won’t do this, his place is there, just we know this, I won’t confess this, sorry. Prerna goes. Mr. Bajaj says she is my wife, I won’t hear anything against her. Tanvi asks do you love her. He says go home Tanvi. She says mom said you married Prerna for Kuki’s sake, Prerna is responsible for this, you surrendered for her. He says shut up, you don’t know Prerna, she is very loving and caring, its natural that I like her, she is selfless, its not easy, I know you worry for me, its not needed, she will get me out of here when she knows I m innocent, trust me, go home. She thinks he trusts Prerna a lot.

Shivani looks on and says Anurag did this for love. Prerna asks did you know this. Shivani says no, I heard it, Anurag came in front of Bajaj’s car, you are lucky to get a lover like him. Prerna says you got mad. Anurag asks Prerna why do you hate me so much, you worry for Bajaj, not me. Prerna says I don’t hate you, I can’t, my life is such because of you, you were the beautiful turn in my life, you are my past, Mr. Bajaj and his family are my present. He says one last time, answer me the truth, what do you feel for me.

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