Made For Each Other Monday update 20 January 2020


Made For Each Other Monday update 20 January 2020

Prerna saying Rohit is alive, don’t know whose body is it, forensic reports didn’t come, how can you say that Anurag killed him, Mr. Bajaj told me that Ronit called him, Shivani has called Ronit, he disconnected, if he is dead, who will use his phone, he did this to frame Anurag.

Everyone looks on. Sushil says I request you to investigate well and bail out my client. Judge asks police to find out DNA details of the body, Anurag can’t get bail. Ronit leaves. He says how did Prerna know that I m alive, I was framing Anurag, why, did Mr. Bajaj tell this to Prerna, no…

Veena and everyone talk that Anurag will get free. Mohini says Prerna has come in my life as Devi, its result of Veena’s upbringing, I m happy that she is becoming my bahu. Prerna says

Anurag’s case is on fast track. Sushil says you helped a lot and got the case in Anurag’s favor, once its proved that body isn’t of Ronit, Anurag will get free, you had made this possible, else it was an open and shut case. Anurag is brought by police. Mohini and Veena ask can we meet. Inspector refuses. Prerna asks him to let them meet. She says I will sign imp papers and come. Mohini says don’t hate me for this, Nivedita said that I don’t wish for Anurag and Prerna’s marriage. Nivedita says we understand that you are trying to accept Prerna. Mohini says I didn’t do that, I lied. Anurag says its okay, I know. Mohini says you know, its not okay, I knew Veena is vegetarian, I gave a fish in her hand to insult her, I didn’t accept this relation and prayed that this relation breaks, but you loved Prerna a lot, I humiliated Veena, I wanted her to break this relation.

Mohini says I don’t know when I got so selfish, I blamed Veena for stealing the ancestral necklace, I sent her to jail, the necklace was never stolen, I did this intentionally. They get shocked. She says forgive me and cries. She says I m very happy that Prerna is going to become my bahu, I will never get a girl like her, she truly loves you, I thought she and her family love our money, I have seen true love in her eyes. Moloy gets surprised. Mohini says I m very happy, forgive me. Nivedita says please mum….

Anurag hugs Mohini. She says I was in anger. He says we all are humans, its okay, humans make mistake. Nivedita says the problems bring us together, we are becoming a stronger family. Mohini says because of Prerna. Anurag smiles and hugs her.

Prerna collides with Ronit and says so sorry. Ronit says it was my mistake. She sees his sports shoes. He gives her file and goes. She says sports shoes under the burqa, maybe its Ronit. She goes and lifts the woman’s veil. The woman asks what happened. Prerna says sorry. She goes. Ronit goes to the woman and pays money. He asks her to keep the shoes. Anurag says I love you and mum the most, you both like each other, I feel I m the luckiest one here, I m so happy, this marriage… saree shopping, honeymoon…. Switzerland is your fav spot right, didn’t you like the place, sorry I booked that without asking you. She says its sorted now, I will come wherever you take me.

He says I planned paragliding, we will talk to each other and shout. She says no, I can’t take risk for us. He says I want to spend my entire life with you. Chahat ke safar….plays… He goes with the police. Mohini stops Veena and holds her hand. She apologizes and cries. She says you came to meet Anurag, you loved him as your son since childhood, you all stood by us when I insulted you so much. She says you are our real family, who care for us, I want to apologize. Moloy looks on and smiles. Veena says no need to apologize, its a big thing that you realized this, we accepted Moloy and Rajesh’s friendship, its relation of two families. Mohini hugs Veena. Everyone smiles.

Moloy thinks I wish Rajesh could see this, our family united and become strong one, none can harm it. Manager talks to Mr. Bajaj. The man comes to inform. Mr. Bajaj says let her come in, meeting dismissed, thanks. The men leave. Prerna says I had to come to tell you, you tried well to blackmail me. He says I m glad to see you again. She says I hate to see you, you are going to lose, Anurag is going to win, I have defeated you. He says I m surprised, how did you think I m such a bad player, that I will show my cards, you really think I gave the clue by mistake, I wanted you to feel the happiness when you win, so I told you about Ronit.

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