Made For Each Other Monday Update 15 June 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 15 June 2020

Mr. Bajaj calling Mehra. He says why do I feel that you aren’t letting me work like before, I have much free time. Mehra says no, you are working hard. Mr. Bajaj says I have free time and thinking of things that doesn’t belong to me.

Made For Each Other Friday Update 12 June 2020

Mehra says then you will crack that deal. Mr. Bajaj says there is no deal at all, I m not talking about any property or business, I m talking about…., forget it, just come and meet me. Mehra says fine, I will come.

Prerna asks did you take dinner. Mr. Bajaj signs no. She says fine, I will serve it. Her saree pallu flies over his face. He stops her and says your…. actually I m not hungry, I was thinking, when I kept the marriage proposal, I was sure you will be faithful, this is getting difficult for me, how shall

I say, thanks for taking care of Anurag when his accident happened because of me. She says Anurag is in this state, why do people think I won’t stay with him, you told me that I can talk to you to lighten heart, I m saying, I care for Anurag. He says actually I have some work, I will go. He goes. Maasi asks why are you saying this.

Tanvi says I can’t do this. Maasi says Prerna had become faithful for Rishabh, she knows Anurag loves her, human has a nature to understand someone’s value when he goes away, when she sees Anurag with someone, she will try to get him back, Anurag and Prerna have to unite. Tanvi says I won’t flirt with him, he is mad about Prerna. Maasi says when he sees Prerna getting jealous, he will flirt. Tanvi says fine, I m ready to flirt with him. Maasi says Prerna will be out and then you will be Mrs. Tanvi Bajaj. Tanvi says I spoke to him and I don’t think he has feelings for me. Maasi says let Prerna leave him, he will need a shoulder to cry. Tanvi hugs her.

Mr. Bajaj thinks of Prerna. He thinks until she is keeping a good mum’s duty, I don’t care for whom she cares, Prerna is changing me. He lights another cigar and thinks maybe she knows hypnotism, that’s why I get stuck when I look in her eyes. Mehra comes. Mr. Bajaj says I had to talk something imp, do you think girls can hypnotize, do you believe in this. Mehra asks what. Mr. Bajaj says I m seeing our VP isn’t focussing on work, maybe he thinks about his wife. Mehra says don’t fire him, I will talk to him. Mr. Bajaj says I will talk to him, he was focussed and perfect businessman, now he has got a soft heart, its very disturbing, I have seen him, his wife stopped him and he heard her, does this happen, I m asking you as you are married.

Mehra says even you are married, sorry, you aren’t like this, do you want to fire me. Mr. Bajaj says no, tell me. Mehra says your heart isn’t like VP, you said VP just follows his wife’s words, its simple, he loves her. Prerna comes and gets coffee and snacks. She asks them to say if she needs anything else. Mr. Bajaj asks Mehra to have a seat. He goes after Prerna. He asks did I ask you to get coffee for me. She says I m part of this house, if you called someone at 12, I should treat him well, you want to know about Anurag. He says no, just stop behaving good with me, I feel guilty about the marriage deal.

She says no, I accepted the deal when I found it good. He says we married for my daughter’s sake, this extra niceness, I know you are tired. She says I did this for Mehra, my mum gave me these values, we have no relation like a husband and wife, I m part of this family, you called Mehra at this time, think about his family, I know you have a passion for work, but if I was in your place, I would have not disturbed anyone. She goes. He says her niceness is going to kill me. Mehra comes.

Mr. Bajaj asks why does people like each other, I don’t want to be good, sorry, forget it. Mehra says you are talking a lot, are you nervous, I didn’t see you smiling and expressive. I have just seen intense expressions on your face, I m feeling like meeting your twin brother. Mr. Bajaj says sorry to call you right now, don’t come for meeting if I call you at midnight. Mehra goes. Mr. Bajaj thinks I hope I get normal till morning.

Its morning, Maasi asks when did Prerna come at night. Mr. Bajaj says 12.30. Maasi says she didn’t come yet, I miss her. Mohini and Tapur come. Maasi taunts. Mr. Bajaj asks her to just ignore. He says once Anurag gets fine, I will oust them from the house. Police comes. Inspector says we have come to arrest Mr. Bajaj. Prerna says it wasn’t intentional, it was just an accident. Mr. Bajaj says I had come to you to file report, why did you come. Anurag says I have called them, Mr. Bajaj tried to kill me, he had made an attempt to murder.

Shivani hurries. Shekhar says I will drop you. Veena says I will come with you. Shivani worries. They ask what happened, Ronit…. Shivani says Anurag…. She tells everything. They get shocked. Shivani says Mohini took him home, even then his state isn’t good. Veena says we should see him. Mr. Bajaj says it was an accident, not intentional. Anurag says inspector didn’t have proof and didn’t arrest you. Mohini says don’t act innocent, no use. Anurag says you said that we just talk and not listen, you aren’t understanding now. Mr. Bajaj asks what do you want to say. Anurag says you have done this accident, I m saying this.

Mr. Bajaj says I have informed police about it. Anurag says you have done this accident intentionally. Mr. Bajaj says you think so, I didn’t do it intentionally. Anurag says you did it intentionally in anger, my lawyer will prove it in court, but for now, inspector please arrest Mr. Bajaj. Mohini asks Inspector will you not arrest him, Anurag said it clearly, Bajaj did the accident, arrest him. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna….. Anurag says when I was talking to you on call, he has seen me in the middle of the road, Mr. Bajaj had seen me and hit me. He says Mr. Bajaj intentionally tried to kill me.

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