Made For Each Other Monday update 13 January 2020


Made For Each Other Monday update 13 January 2020

Mohini asking Prerna to see her face, how could Veena think this alliance can happen, the ritual with the fish, it was first lesson for your mum, she challenged to defeat me, so I had sent her to jail, you are Rajesh’s daughter, Rajesh was our employee, you think I will allow my son to marry you, no way.

Prerna says if you didn’t like me, why did you accept me. Mohini says Anurag didn’t ask my permission, he is blinded by your love. Prerna says I haven’t done anything. Mohini says amazing, you entrap rich boys, I know your motives behind this wedding. Prerna says you make a mistake in knowing person’s true nature, you made a mistake by making Komolika your bahu, you are making a mistake to make Anurag and me away, I love Anurag, not your money, keep my mum away

from this. Mohini says she is the mastermind, she has taught this to you, I have taken my decision, you won’t become my bahu, Anurag has to choose either his mum or the one he thinks he loves. She angrily goes and opens the door. Prerna leaves and cries.
Anurag is on call with Shivani. He asks will she like the surprise. She says yes, she is very lucky. He says I m the lucky one, Prerna is with me. He sees Prerna and stops her. He says I wanted to talk to you, I have hidden something from you, I felt like telling you, there is a surprise, after our wedding, we will go to Switzerland after our marriage, its beautiful plan right, I have a business conference too, then I will be free, are you listening to me. ..

Mohini looks on. Prerna recalls Mohini’s words and goes. Anurag says maybe Prerna didn’t like the surprise. Shivani says Prerna has come, I will call back. She asks Prerna why did you worry hearing about Switzerland plan. Prerna cries and runs upstairs. Shivani asks her what happened, tell me.

Anurag calls Prerna. He is on the way. He asks why are you upset Prerna, come on pick up. Ronit comes in front of his car. Anurag applies the brakes. He sees Ronit. He thinks I have to find out who is Mr. Bajaj connected to Chobey family. Ronit runs. Anurag runs after him and shouts stop, else I will kill you. Ronit opens the gate and goes inside Mr. Bajaj’s godown. Anurag comes there and thinks this is Mr. Bajaj’s factory. Guard sees them. Prerna recalls Anurag saying this anklet is my heart, I m tying you with my love, think I m missing you when this sounds. She says it will always sound. He says that’s why, all your time should be mine. She says you are crazy. He says I know. He rests in her lap. She asks what happened. He says I don’t know why, you are going away from me for few days, I feel you won’t come back. She says I will never leave you and go, none can make us apart. FB ends.

Guard shouts to Anurag. He goes to call. Anurag pushes Ronit. He asks what is it, why are you running, what’s going on between you and Bajaj. Ronit says I won’t answer you. Anurag says you don’t want to reform, I won’t let anything happen to my family and Prerna. Ronit says kill Anurag and Prerna will die on her own, one soul and two bodies, right, I will let my actions speak. Anurag says enough of this, do whatever you want, I just want to talk what’s happening between you and Bajaj, I know you are like Komolika. Ronit says what was her fault, she loved you and married you, you both will live a bad life, just wait and watch. Anurag slaps him and says stay away from us, I m warning you for the last time. He goes. Ronit gets a rod and says before I kill Prerna, I will kill Anurag. Anurag bends down. Ronit hits him. Anurag stops him and they fight. Ronit hits a barrel. It bursts. Fuel falls down. Anurag and Ronit fight and get hurt. Anurag hits the power box. The sparks fly and light up the place. Anurag says Ronit, this is a chemical factory, come with me, blast will happen. Ronit hits on his head and runs. Anurag sees the blood on his hand. He falls down holding his head.

Prerna says Anurag’s missed calls, what shall I do now, he will worry seeing me like this on video call. She calls him. Anurag gets up and answers. She sees him and gets shocked. He coughs. She asks what’s happening, why are you surrounded by fire, where are you. He says there is fire in Bajaj’s factory. She says calm down, find a safe place and stay there, I m coming. Shivani says I will come with you. Prerna and Shivani run. Prerna asks Shivani to go to mum, she will take Mahesh along. She comes to the factory and shouts Anurag. Mahesh asks her to stop. She runs inside. Mahesh goes after her. Anurag is fallen unconscious. She shouts to him. He hears her and extends his hand. She sees him and gets shocked…

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