Made For Each Other Monday Update 10 February 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 10 February 2020

Prerna saying stop it Anurag, truth is eternal, it would be better if you accept this, I know what you are doing. He asks do you know the pain I m going through, does this hurt you, no, you are uncomfortable seeing me here. She says leave from here please. He asks will you be happy if I leave. She nods. He says I will keep my work and take you with me. She says this can’t happen now.

He asks did Bajaj say that, no, I will keep my promise, I will never leave you alone. Mr. Bajaj comes. Anurag says this feeling never changes. Mr. Bajaj says if you are going to take long, I will go and have a coffee. She says no, I m done. He says those delegates will take some days time to decide which publication they will choose, have a good day. He goes. Anurag stops Prerna and holds

her hand. She gets away and runs. Anurag cries.
Anurag goes somewhere. Khwab faroshi….plays…. He imagines Prerna. He then sees her with Mr. Bajaj. He gets shocked. He shouts Prerna. He sees her everywhere he goes. He sees her with Mr. Bajaj always. He gets sad. He thinks Prerna and Mr. Bajaj can never unite, I will be with her like a shadow, she has to come back.

Suman says I can’t see Veena like this. Shekhar says she is upset. She says I have an eye, why don’t we take her for the movie. He says your idea looks good, I will book the tickets. Anurag thinks Prerna is close, but why can’t I see her. He turns and smiles seeing her. He sits on the seat facing her and Mr. Bajaj. He thinks you will find me near you, we both will return together. She thinks I don’t want to encourage you, you aren’t ready to go. Mr. Bajaj looks on. Prerna changes her seat. Anurag goes to her. Mr. Bajaj gets in between and says behave, sit back. Anurag says I have a ticket.

Mr. Bajaj says I can throw you and your ticket out of this train, but I don’t want to stoop to your level, Prerna won’t like me, it would be better that you stay away from Prerna and me. He asks Prerna to come. They leave. Anupam dances with some girls. Nivedita hides and looks on. He thinks my formula is working, she will follow me to know what I m going. He goes.

Nivedita follows her. Mr. Bajaj says I had a special reason to bring you here, see the Zurich lake, its beautiful. He asks would you like to have. Prerna says I m not hungry. He says it means you will eat anything I order. Anurag comes. She sees Anurag and worries. He thinks how long will you ignore me Prerna. Anurag sees someone. The person hides and goes. Anurag goes to see. He thinks I felt someone is spying on me. Anupam thinks Nivedita is seeing what I want to show her. He talks to a girl and says I know you don’t know Hindi, there is a girl who loves me, I also love her, we indians are strange, when we are in love, when we meet beautiful girls like you, we regard them as sisters. The girl says I don’t understand anything. Nivedia looks on and scolds him. She says you are flirting with any girl. She asks the girl to stay away from her husband. Anupam takes her aside. She says I can travel alone, get lost. He says my formula worked.

Mr. Bajaj says I m tolerating Anurag because of you, I never thought such a successful businessman would come to this level. Prerna says people make mistakes in love. Mr. Bajaj says you mean you did right and he is doing wrong. She says maybe he is right and I m doing wrong. She drops the food on her saree and goes to clean it up. He thinks its strange, your words and Anurag’s love for you, I should be upset but I m impressed, there is something special in you, I think I have taken the right step by marrying you.

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