Made For Each Other Monday Update 10 August 2020


Made For Each Other Monday Update 10 August 2020

Komolika hearing Prerna. Prerna says open the door, Anurag Sir is locked here. He says you are also locked up here. She says no one will help me, they will come to help knowing company owner is locked up here. He scares her. She asks him to chant the mantra with her. She gets scared and goes towards him. Dil vich…..plays… She recalls their moments. He gets some flashes of Prerna and her locked in college library. She asks what happened, are you feeling suffocated. He holds his head. She knocks the door and says Anurag Sir is here, he is getting suffocated. Komolika asks who are you. Prerna says I m his secretary. Komolika says I will just come. She thinks I should have been there with him, everything got spoiled because of dust. She says where will I get the peon having master key. She goes to look for peon. Prerna pacifies Anurag. He says I m fine now. He asks do you like love stories, Prerna.

She says those love stories which are left incomplete. He says I had to tell a story, don’t know why I m sharing this, someone told me, I don’t read romantic novels, story of thorn bird. She looks at him. He says actually, when the bird is born, it finds a tree with thorns, they sing a love song all life, its lovely sweet song, everyone loves that song, then the big tragedy is that thorn hurts the bird, the bird sings its first and last song, the birds die for love. Kasauti….plays… She thinks of them. He says don’t know why I m sharing this with you. She says someone has come, I don’t have my phone, I will get it, I m not scared of Chudail now. He says welcome, I have diverted your mind. Peon opens the door. Komolika says I was worried for you. Anurag says I m fine. He calls Prerna. Komolika takes him. Prerna thinks did he remember something or just the thorn bird story, will he ever remember me.

Its night, Anurag says it wasn’t normal, I remembered thorn bird story, as if someone told this to me before, I was getting blurry images. Komolika thinks who is this girl, who evokes his memories. She asks who was that girl. He says I m telling the story and you are asking about her, that girl is my secretary. He gets Ashish’s call. She thinks how is she reminding him the past. Prerna thinks I should leave the office, doctor warned already. She says I have resigned, I should go. Ashish looks on.

She says people will call me unprofessional but I need to go. He says you are planning to quit, you aren’t perfect and happy in work, you should have told me to plan fresh interviews. Mala says Anurag is calling you. Komolika thinks of Prerna. Ashish comes. She asks where were you, tell me, who is Anurag’s secretary. He says Prerna. She asks Prerna Sharma. He says yes. She gets shocked. He says Anurag called her to cabin, she doesn’t work well, I don’t like her. Komolika thinks Anurag didn’t tell me about Prerna, did Prerna stop him from saying, Prerna I m going to kill you. Prerna gets papers and says sorry, I took time to arrange papers. She asks what happened, you look upset.

He says why do you think so, I feel you understand me and still hide things from me. She asks what did I hide. He says you know it. Komolika thinks Prerna should have gone to her village, if she tells the past to Anurag then… no, this can’t happen. He says Prerna, you told me that thorn bird story. She asks how do you know. He says answer me. Komolika comes and looks on. She thinks I have to make him believe that she is lying. Anurag asks why did you lie. Prerna asks how do you know. He says I checked college library register, it had your name, you took that thornbird story book. Prerna says I forgot, like you forgot your life’s two years.

He says do you think its funny. Prernba says sorry. He sees Komolika at the door. Komolika goes. Anurag gets up. He says sorry Prerna, I shouldn’t talk to you rudely, you understand me well. She goes. He thinks really, what will she think, she will feel I m flirting with her, I really feel she understands me, we aren’t even best friends. Komolika says Prerna cares for Anurag’s life, she won’t remind Anurag, maybe he gets feelings for Prerna again, I can’t let this again, I have to do something, I have to make Prerna fall in Anurag’s sight, how…. Ashish can help me. She calls Ashish. She sees Prerna going and gets angry.

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