Made For Each Other March Teasers 2020


Made For Each Other March Teasers 2020

Mohini learns an unexpected truth about Mausi and Tanvi hatching a plan to target Prerna, Read Made For Each Other March Teasers 2020 below.

Starlife Made For Each Other March Teasers 2020

Monday  2  March  2020 

Episode 234

A concerned Anurag rushes to meet Prerna, however, she pushes him away. Later, he gets into another heated argument with Mr Bajaj.

Tuesday 3  March  2020 

Episode 235

Prerna learns about Veena’s new job while Nivedita and Tapur celebrate Rakhi with Anurag. Later, Mausi and Tanvi plan to foil Cookie’s birthday party.

Wednesday 4 March  2020

Episode 236

An infuriated Mohini insults Veena while Prerna spots Mr Bajaj handing over money to the latter. Later, Mausi and Tanvi hatch a plan to target Prerna.

Thursday 5 March  2020 

Episode 237

Prerna and Mr Bajaj dance together on Cookie’s birthday. While Mohini learns an unexpected truth, Mausi and Tanvi plan an accident.

Friday 6 March  2020

Episode 238

Mausi executes her sinister plan and injures Mr Bajaj during the celebrations. Later, the Sharmas are startled to see the police at their doorstep.

Monday  9  March  2020 

Episode 239

Despite the accusations hurled by her family, Prerna vows to get Veena released from jail. Meanwhile, Mohini uses her trump card against Sharda Mausi.

Tuesday 10  March  2020 

Episode 240

Prerna is baffled upon learning about Sharda’s move against Veena. Elsewhere, Mohini manages to find evidence against Sharda.

Wednesday 11 March  2020

Episode 241

Tanvi is shocked to see Prerna caressing Mr Bajaj’s hand. Later, Anurag decides to come back to India, while Sharda puts up an act to provoke Prerna.

Thursday 12 March  2020 

Episode 242

Anurag assures Veena that he will resolve everything while Nivedita overhears a shocking truth. Later, Anurag asks Prerna to help him save Veena.

Friday 13 March  2020

Episode 243

Sharda instructs Tanvi to delay Mr Bajaj’s recovery as she desperately wants to prove Veena guilty. Later, Prerna refuses to take Anurag’s help.

Monday  16  March  2020 


Prerna is dumbstruck when Sharda tries to frame Veena in the courtroom. Later, everyone is baffled by a surprise entry while an outrageous shock awaits Anurag.

Tuesday 17  March  2020 


Nivedita is shocked to spot a dejected Anurag while Prerna tends to Mr Bajaj. Later, Tanvi concocts a plan to separate them.

Wednesday 18 March  2020


A dejected Anurag decides to commit suicide while Mr Bajaj throws a party after receiving a good news. Later, Nivedita feels insulted by Prerna’s action.

Thursday 19 March  2020 


Anurag witnesses Prerna’s unexpected move when Mr Bajaj tries to get close to her. Later, Anurag decides not to forgive her.

Friday 20 March  2020


Anurag offends Mr Bajaj by making a shocking statement about Prerna. Later, they get into a fierce tussle after he tries to bribe Mr Bajaj’s employee.

Monday  23  March  2020 


Anurag makes some shocking revelations regarding Mr Bajaj while the latter befriends Prerna. Later, Sharda makes an unexpected entry during Anurag and Prerna’s meeting on the terrace.

Tuesday 24  March  2020 


Anurag accuses Mr Bajaj of planning his murder after getting attacked by an intruder. Later, Mr Bajaj is mesmerised by Prerna’s beauty.

Wednesday 25 March  2020


Anurag is hell-bent on performing the Chaturthi puja with Prerna while Mr Bajaj develops feelings for her. Later, Mr Bajaj warns Anurag not to interfere in his personal matters.

Thursday 26 March  2020 


The Basus and the Bajajs celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi together. Later, Prerna confronts Mr Bajaj about his threats while Anurag meets with an accident.

Friday 27 March  2020 


Shivani spots something odd at the accident scene. Later, Prerna signs some papers in the hospital as Anurag’s wife while his condition drastically deteriorates.

Monday  30  March  2020 


Shivani discloses the truth about Anurag’s accident. While Prerna confronts Mr Bajaj, Ayushmann Khurrana and Nushrat Bharucha visit Basu Mansion.

Tuesday 31  March  2020 


Mr Bajaj tells Prerna the truth about the accident. Mohini is reduced to tears after seeing Anurag’s condition while Sharda plans her next move.


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